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I’m actually embarrassed that I fit the brunette-to-blonde-and-back-again stereotype.

Legend has it (hairdressers, this comes from hairdressers) that once a woman even touches a hint of hair dye she will be forever bouncing from her natural locks and back again for as long as she shall live.

That isn’t a verbatim quote but the message is as strong as ever.

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As soon as I started to put highlights into my naturally light brown hair aged 17 I began a rollercoaster of hair treatments, breakage and near-cyclical mind changes that have seen me yo-yo between colours for the last 10 years.

At this present moment I have been a solid brunette for eight months or so. Naturally this is far too long and I’m on my way back to blonde again.

This is my current hair on the journey. Credit: Rogue Beauty
The products I’m using. Credit: Rogue Beauty

But with every blonde change comes a whole new wave of hair hurt and I’m determined to keep as many hairs attached to my scalp this time as possible.

Rogue Beauty Product Knowledge Specialist Britt Hortsen heard my cries for help and has devised a schedule of washing and treatments that should prevent too much damage.

Let’s start with what we’re using in the shower.

Britt recommends using IGK’s Pay Day Shampoo and Conditioner ($45 each) for its bonding and repairing properties as it’s “a great foundation for the lightening journey and process”, she says.

The products are powered by clinically proven vegan silk and biomimetic bond-building technology, as well as baobab and amla oil for added moisture and repair.

To tone and balance the pH level of the hair we’re turning to Maria Nila’s Silver Shot ($15) which is a great addition to the regimen to maintain a healthy blonde whilst removing brassiness.

I’ve been very blonde in the past. Credit: Rogue Beauty

It’s also in a tiny bottle so it’s super portable, particularly when you love weekend trips and camping the same way I do.

In the mask department, and for another pint-sized tube, Britt claims the $16.99 Maria Nila Luminous Colour Booster Masque is perfect for intensely nourishing and hydrating.

“The Colour Guard Complex protects colour from fading due to washing, UV exposure and heat styling,” she said.

What’s more, it has a delicious apple and peach scent to it, so I have been applying it post-conditioner for three minutes before rinsing it off at the end of my shower.

On days when I need a heavy duty product, I’m turning to IGK’s Antisocial Overnight Bond-Building Dry Hair Mask ($52).

This is such a unique buy because its slow release technology makes it perfect to apply to dry hair before bedtime, thereby allowing it to absorb overnight.

You don’t need to rinse it out the following day so it’s great for people like me that need to get out of the front door fast.

Instead of being a cream consistency it’s a simple spray so it doesn’t weigh down the hair – especially for those of us who are practically oily by the end of the day.

I’ve also been very dark. Credit: Rogue Beauty

To brush through my hair gently I’m using the Oribe Resin Detangling Comb which I know is eye-wateringly expensive at $70 a pop but I find it pulls out way less hair post-shower than my traditional Tangle Teezer does.

It’s weighty so you know it’s a comb you’ll have forever.

Britt acknowledges that blondes need to be careful when heat styling their hair too.

“Often we find when heat-styling blondes the hair can become brassy,” she said.

“But the R+Co Sunset Boulevard Blonde Toning Styling Crème ($49) will nourish and maintain blonde tones whilst styling.”

It’s a lightweight leave-in with a violet pigment so it will counteract the brassiness.

Now the only other thing left to do is wait patiently for my eight week appointments as I hope (and pray) that I can get back to my beloved blonde again.

To shop all of these products, head to Rogue Beauty’s website.

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