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Irwin Gotlieb on Evolving Media Markets

Irwin Gotlieb on Evolving Media Markets

Serving Buyers of Ads and Sellers of Audience Cohorts Attracted to Content Across Streamed and non-Streamed Media

Futures markets will always exist in some form in the media world. Will they exist in the present form? I’m not certain.”

— Irwin Gotlieb, former CEO and Chairman of GroupM

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 21, 2023 / — Griffin Capital Partners have been appointed exclusive project finance advisor to Siena Holdings, LLC (“Siena”), a development stage enterprise.

Siena develops advanced electronic markets that enable market participants to trade non-fungible assets in a formal exchange setting.

Guided by the principles that underlie the trading of financial assets, Siena’s founders have established an algorithm-assisted trading system serving buyers and sellers of audiences attracted to content delivered by broadcast and radio stations. They are in the process of applying Siena’s proprietary technology to the formal trading of audiences attracted to connected TV, Internet-based Over-the-Top streaming service providers and other electronic media.

This new market assigns the burden of price discovery equally to both sides of the market – both advertisers/agencies and publishers. Shared the burden of price discover will enable participants to engage in new buying/selling paradigms. This in turn will result in fundamental changes in the advertising, content distribution, and program production industries.

Griffin will perform a strategic assessment of Siena’s business plan and develop and qualify various capitalization strategies to implement the plan. For further information, principals may contact Robert Jutson, Managing Director, Griffin Capital Partners.

Robert Jutson
Griffin Capital Partners

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