Bank al Etihad wins two titles for innovative mobile bankin…


Best Mobile Banking App Jordan 2023

The Bank al Etihad mobile banking app makes financial management easy and always accessible

Most Innovative Digital Bank in Jordan 2023

Bank al Etihad has incorporated world class innovation to make its entire digital transaction and management seamless and secure.

Bank al Etihad mobile app screenshot

Through the new advanced mobile app, users can manage their finances, send money easily across the globe, analyse the account and spendings, and even pay bills on time

Bank al Etihad Best Mobile Banking App Jordan 2023 new

Bank al Etihad has AI-based online fraud prevention features across its digital payment features

Bank al Etihad Most innovative Digital Bank Jordan Award logo 2023 new

Bank al Etihad has a customer-friendly policy for all its operations making it one of the most digitally-accessible banking organizations in Jordan

With these two distinguished awards, Bank al Etihad has proved its mettle again, demonstrating its ability to stand out as a top performer in the industry.

Receiving the ‘Best Mobile Banking App Jordan 2023’ and ‘Most Innovative Digital Bank Jordan 2023’ awards from International Business Magazine reflects our deep dedication to enhancing CX experience.”

— Nadia Al Saeed, CEO of Bank al Etihad

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, September 20, 2023/ — Bank al Etihad, a Jordan-Based Bank, has won two awards from International Business Magazine for its mobile banking and digital payments services. The two titles received are ‘Best Mobile Banking App Jordan 2023’ and ‘Most Innovative Digital Bank Jordan 2023’. This award also appreciates some of the biggest disruptions and contributions made by the bank in the Jordanian banking sector as a public shareholding company since 1978.

In recent times, it has become mandatory for every bank across the globe to include latest security features when it comes to digital transactions. Customers are eager to use advanced features in their mobile apps as well as digital payment features of their banks not only to save time but for numerous reasons. It has become a challenge for every bank to satisfy their expectations for customer retention. 

The main reasons, as per the Jury at International Business Magazine, for bestowing the two awards are the outstanding online accessibility features, enhanced security features, and trending technology in the mobile app. Considered as one of the most comprehensive as well as efficient banking apps in the Jordanian Banking industry, the application has been specially designed based on the customer’s digital transaction needs and satisfaction.

In addition to being a leading Bank, the Top Management at the bank swears by its unwavering commitment to an environmentally friendly economy and making a positive change in the way people use banking applications for money management. 

Madhusmitha V Patil, Chief Editor at International Business Magazine said, “The team at Bank al Etihad firmly believes that they can make a positive difference in the lives of their customers. They are committed to holistically aligning their operations with regards to their customer expectations.”

Expressing gratefulness for the honor of winning two awards, Nadia Al Saeed, the CEO of Bank al Etihad said, “Receiving the ‘Best Mobile Banking App Jordan 2023’ and ‘Most Innovative Digital Bank Jordan 2023′ awards from International Business Magazine, reflects our deep dedication to enhancing customer experiences through technology. We believe in crafting innovative solutions that not only meet but exceed customer expectations, ensuring their financial journey is secure, seamless, and truly exceptional. Our commitment to delivering unparalleled customer experiences remains at the core of our mission and we are honored to be able to contribute positively to our customers’ lives.”

About Bank al Eithad:

Bank al Etihad is a banking and financial institution that has been serving customers since 1978. Since its establishment, Bank al Etihad has emerged as one of Jordan’s premier financial institutions. Guided by its unwavering commitment to digital transformation, the bank has placed technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation at the forefront, shaping its strategic approach towards instant and improved access to its comprehensive range of products and services. The Bank al Etihad group comprises several entities, including a financial brokerage company (Etihad Financial Brokerage Company), and a financial leasing company (Etihad Leasing Company). Furthermore, Bank al Etihad holds a 10% ownership stake in the National Bank of Palestine and actively participates on its board of directors. In 2017, Bank al Etihad acquired a stake in Safwa Islamic Bank, solidifying its position in the Islamic banking sector.

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