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Festivecore reflects a desire for a complete festive experience.
(Image courtesy: Nestasia)

Festivecore reflects a desire for a complete festive experience.
(Image courtesy: Nestasia)

Indian festivecore digs deeper by aiming to curate a festive-specific ambiance and not just visual aesthetics

The days of trends being fleeting fads have evolved. Today, trends have a captivating journey that often starts in the world of fashion. Emerging clothing styles, color palettes, and patterns catch the attention of individuals who want to express their unique aesthetic. As these trends gain momentum, they not only influence wardrobes but also impact the way people perceive design and beauty. The transition from fashion to home décor is a testament to this interconnectedness. One prominent example is the rise of Barbiecore, which gained popularity as people embraced Barbie-inspired clothing. It also made its way into home décor with pink dinnerware, glassware, and decorative items.

Similarly, Festivecore reflects a desire for a complete festive experience. It’s about creating an immersive environment that embodies the festive spirit. In today’s digital age, social media and influencer marketing play a significant role in enhancing the festive season. With upcoming festivals approaching, people are preparing to express their festive spirit not only through traditional clothing but also by decorating their homes to match the festivities.

Aditi Murarka Agrawal, Co-Founder, Nestasia says, “Making your home festive season-appropriate is a cherished tradition that involves a creative and heartwarming process. The journey of getting a home “festive ready” begins with a sense of anticipation and excitement. Colors, themes, and cultural influences greatly shape people’s choices. Indian festivecore digs deeper by aiming to curate a festive-specific ambiance and not just visual aesthetics. Essential elements like lighting, scent, and texture play a pivotal role in enhancing the celebratory spirit.”

Agrawal shares a few key design considerations for those contemplating sprucing up their spaces:

  1. Design-led decorations
    Incorporating contemporary designs into your home interiors brings excitement and charm. This approach lets you personalize your living space to match your preferences while honouring cultural elements. Opting for Mandala patterned ceramic trivets to serve sweets is just one of the many examples of adding a perfect modern twist to the festivities.
  1. Colour Palette-focussed
    Festivecore is characterized by a rich and diverse colour palette that reflects the vibrant nature of celebrations. Bold and standout-ish colours like yellow, red, green, blue, and pink dominate this aesthetic. Tea light holders with handcrafted flowers on the metal surface can uplift the festive interiors. Selecting cushions that feature intricate embroidery or mirror work, both are characteristics of traditional festive decorations. One can never go wrong when playing with depth and texture to accentuate their surroundings. Mixing and matching cushions in various patterns and colours can also create an eclectic yet cohesive look.
  1. Gold & Crystal Accents
    Incorporating gold and crystal accents can add an extra layer of elegance and pizzazz to your festive decorations. The combination of these luxurious elements with the vibrant and joyful aesthetic of Indian festivities creates a stunning contrast of celebration and opulence. Whilst combining the traditional elegance of Urli bowls with the vibrancy of fresh flowers, one can create a stunning entryway setup that encapsulates the essence of elegance and extravagance. Opting for candle holders with crystal accents, whether they’re embedded crystals, crystal beads, or crystal-like finishes can amplify the play of light, adding a hint of sparkle that grabs attention.
  1. Incorporating Traditional Symbols
    Integrating traditional symbols tied to a selected festival hold great importance. For instance, during Diwali, incorporating rangoli patterns or diya (oil lamp) decorations sets the tone. Opting for a golden leaf-shaped platter adds both elegance and functionality to your space. Elephant-shaped decor accents or tea lights can also be introduced, as they symbolise wisdom and good luck across various cultures.
  1. The Art of Repurposing
    Transforming items, such as a centre table showpiece, can lend a unique and exciting look to your space, allowing you to elevate your home’s interiors. You can also experiment with different styles and colours to give these pieces a fresh appearance. Silver finish Urli bowls with less depth can be perfect additions as puja essentials or simply as trays to serve fruits or arrange flowers.
  1. Embrace Sustainability
    Making environmentally conscious choices and favouring eco-friendly options is an excellent approach when choosing festive decor. Potpourri crafted from a blend of various dried flowers, pods, and charming sola balls, all exquisitely preserved through natural drying methods, not only empowers customers to align their choices with their values but also infuses the space with captivating natural fragrances.
  1. Minimalistic Fresh Elements
    One essential method to free up mental space involves decluttering your physical environment and removing unused items. To facilitate this decluttering process, investing in storage solutions proves extremely valuable. Organizing your belongings using baskets and trays prevents clutter and contributes to the visual appeal of your living space. This practice also aligns with the essence of the festive season, where embracing change extends beyond decorations to encompass a holistic and harmonious way of life.

Keeping up with trends while staying true to your style is an exciting journey. It encourages people to try new things, add variety, and approach items and experiences from a fresh perspective. With the emergence of social media and influencer marketing, this journey gains momentum, propelling brands to showcase their diverse products that match their customers’ preferences. The surge of e-commerce plays a pivotal role in staying connected with trends. Online platforms offer countless options, adapting quickly to changing preferences, and letting people effortlessly embrace the latest trends while maintaining their unique style.

As individuals delve into online shopping for the festive season, many items await exploration, including bedsheets, curtains, lamps, candles, and so much more. I recommend letting the festive fever flow through your veins to experience the true essence of Indian Festivecore.

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