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Check out this list of fuss-free local beauty products to use on your next night out



When it comes to a night out, the last thing you want to worry about is how long it’s going to take for you to get ready. In fact, prepping for an evening out with friends or family should always be fuss-free and straightforward. Luckily enough, so many local beauty brands have been stepping up their game when it comes to that sector, and it’s safe to say that they have come to our rescue to do just that. Championing diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility with their product range, these homegrown changemakers are just getting started. From an extensive range of skin tint shades to palettes and lipsticks to suit all skin types and complexions, check out these brands and their trustiest products to use on your next night out.


Human Nature Vitamin C Serum + Hya Calamansi Radiance Serum


Setting a good base for your make-up plays an integral role in the way your look lasts and holds throughout the day. It’s always important to give your skin a little TLC before a big night, and Human Nature’s Vitamin C + Hya Calamansi Radiance Serum Serum does an excellent job of giving your skin the boost it needs. Formulated with nourishing ingredients such as calamansi extract and hyaluronic acid, this will leave your skin looking bright and radiant – the perfect base for a 10/10 face! 


Shop Human Nature’s Vitamin C + Hya Calamansi Radiance Serum Serum via Lazada


Colourette First Base Everyday Skin Tint


Speaking of a good base, another product that can make or break your look is your choice of foundation/skin tint! For those of you looking for a more lightweight and easy-going finish, Colourette’s First Base Everyday Skin Tint is the perfect accompaniment to your go-to beauty products. However, don’t be fooled by its name! While it is categorized as a skin tint, its coverage is definitely on the fuller side – perfect for a night out to keep you from caking whilst still leaving you fresh; it’s the best of both worlds.


Shop Colourette’s First Base Everyday Skin Tint via Lazada


Chuchu Beauty Skinny Brow Pencil


Eyebrows are known to shape one’s face, and grooming them can pose quite a challenge unless you’re equipped with the right tools. Chuchu Beauty’s Skinny Brow Pencil is a tried and tested tool that makes shaping and grooming your eyebrows a walk in the park. Its ultra-fine pencil creates the most natural-looking strokes, leaving your brows looking full, yet still natural. Its dual-ended design also provides a spoolie to help blend in your new brows! 


Shop Chuchu Beauty’s Skinny Brow Pencil via Lazada


Teviant Deity Dust


One of the best things about beauty is a product’s ability to adapt and adjust to its user’s needs. Whether it’s using your lipstick as your blush, or your contour powder as an eyeshadow, there are absolutely no rules to curating your own beauty routine. Teviant’s Deity Dust – which also happens to be their newest product to date – is the perfect product to use for just that, encapsulating everything you need for a night out into one handy palette.

Shop Teviant’s Deity Dust via Lazada


Issy Customizable Eye and Face Palette

The best kinds of beauty products are the ones that are guaranteed to be fuss-free, and Issy’s Customizable Face and Eye Palette gives you just that. With a unique variety of shades and colors to choose from, their range of blushes, bronzers, and eyeshadows can be mixed and matched, giving you the perfect opportunity to get creative with your look! 

Shop Issy’s Customizable Face and Eye Palette via Lazada


Faboulash False Lashes


Eyelash extensions may not be for everyone, so the the next best thing to achieve long luscious lashes (especially for those who are blessed with short and stubby ones) are falsies. Faboulash False Lashes are handmade, cruelty-free and lightweight lashes that are asian-eyes friendly. So gone are the big and unflattering lash bands for those with small monolid eyes. Choose from their extensive range of false lashes to match any evening look that — they’re perfect for both beginners and makeup aficionados.


Shop Faboulash False Lashes via Faboulash PH 

Kayu Beauty Kiss Lipsticks


Derived from the word “kayumanggi” which refers to the sun-kissed complexion we Filipinos are known for, Kayu Beauty’s goal is to not only develop shades suitable for “morenas” but everyone, regardless of their skin tone. Launched by a team of beauty content creators, the brand aspires to design beauty products that address the specific beauty-related needs and challenges faced by Filipinos. ’Kayu Kiss’ boasts a formula that’s both matte and moisturizing, all while being effortlessly buildable, velvety in texture, and incredibly lightweight. Their classic bullet lipstick is also long-lasting without being drying perfectly made for the Philippine climate so you can trust that this lippie will last all night. 


Shop Kayu Beauty’s Kayu Kiss Lipstick via Lazada


Ellana Cosmetics Glass Skin Glow Serum Luminizer


Known for its commitment to creating innovative beauty products to enhance natural beauty, the Glass Skin Glow Serum Luminizer gives you a luminous, radiant glow helping you achieve the highly coveted “glass skin” look. Infused with nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, the luminizer not only provides a natural, dewy radiance but also hydrates and rejuvenate your skin.


Shop Elleana Cosmetics’ Glass Skin Glow Serum Luminizer via Elleana Cosmetics

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