Gray Whale Gin Launches Sustainable Apparel Collection for …

The #1 American ultra-premium gin company, Gray Whale Gin, is launching a new apparel collection that protects and preserves our coastline, just in time for September’s Environmental Awareness Month.

The Gray Whale Gin Sustainable Apparel Collection is now live in the online shop and was designed in California using sustainable elements, including 100% recycled polyester, certified organic cotton fabrics, 100% recycled plastic buttons, 100% recycled paper for the hang tag and 100% biodegradable packing materials.

Just like every bottle of Gray Whale Gin, every piece in the collection proudly supports ocean conservation. The collection includes sweatshirts, t-shirts, polos, rashguards and hats as well as ‘Easter eggs’ inside the garments, like a cocktail recipe hidden right inside in the clothing!

Brands sell a staggering amount of swag, and in fact, just 21% of all those promotional items are kept for any length of time. More than 50% is given away, and a further 23% is tossed in the trash. This means about 73% ends up in landfills. Gray Whale Gin Co-Founders, Jan & Marsh Mokhtari didn’t want to add to the problem. When they looked for a garment manufacturing partner, they had very strict guidelines – the products needed to feel luxurious while being gentle on the earth – and they couldn’t find one so they set out to create their own line of consciously crafted apparel. They enlisted their friends from the fashion industry and spent over a year hand-drawing designs, styles and original patterns and sourcing recycled and organic textiles. The result is luxurious, California-inspired, sustainably crafted clothing that you’ll never want to give away.

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