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India’s G20 Welcoming Gesture: Prime Minister Modi Presents Angavastra to World Leaders

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi welcomed the heads of state attending the G20 summit in Rajghat wearing a special garment made of Khadi fabric. This unique garment was crafted in a factory called “Jyoti Green” in the Jalesar area of Uttar Pradesh, which is associated with PM Modi’s Mann Ki Baat program.

Ankit Sisodia, the founder of Jyoti Green, shared that he was previously working for a multinational company after completing his MBA. However, he took inspiration from PM Modi’s Mann Ki Baat program and decided to establish his own business.

Jyoti Green, India’s first and only solar khadi unit, focuses on producing Khadi clothing using modern technology instead of traditional methods. This factory operates on electricity generated from sunlight, making it an environmentally friendly venture. The clothing produced at Jyoti Green is supplied to ‘Khadi India,’ a government organization. The extraordinary body garments made here have now been presented to the heads of state attending the G20 summit.

Vishal Sharma, the Secretary of Agra Tourist Welfare Chamber, emphasized that Jalesar city was already known worldwide for manufacturing Ghunghrus and bells. However, with the production of Khadi clothing at Jyoti Green, it will now also gain recognition in this sector. It is worth noting that the heads of state attending the G20 summit paid tribute to Mahatma Gandhi at Rajghat. PM Modi welcomed the leaders wearing this specially crafted Khadi garment.

In other news, America termed the G20 summit a successful event and provided their views on the Delhi manifesto.

Overall, PM Modi’s welcoming gesture at the G20 summit highlights the importance of Khadi fabric and promotes sustainable and eco-friendly practices through the use of solar energy at Jyoti Green. This event adds another dimension to the reputation of Jalesar city as a hub for traditional and modern manufacturing.

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