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Your old gas appliance could be a risk to your health and to the planet. It’s time to upgrade to an electric dryer. If you’re wondering what exactly makes a great dryer, that’s easy: The best electric dryers are outfitted with all the latest laundry tech. We’re talking smart clothing dryers with advanced moisture sensing capabilities, AI-powered dials that learn your drying preferences and can recommend even better ones, dryers that prepare laundry in just 30 minutes and dryers with steam cycle technology that boast wrinkle control and can eliminate germs, pollen, bacteria and more. 

The experts at CBS Essentials have rounded up the best customer-loved electric dryers that have a four-star rating or higher, and include tons of positive reviews. A great dryer doesn’t have to include a big price tag. We’ve found dryers for every budget, including top-rated dryers on sale now during the Discover Samsung fall sale.

Best electric dryers in 2023

Shop our selection of the best electric dryers in 2023. These electric dryers pair well with the best washing machines in 2023

Samsung smart Steam Sanitize+ electric dryer: 32% off



This 4.7-star-rated dryer features integrated Wi-Fi to remotely start or stop your cycle, schedule laundry, receive end-of-cycle alerts and more. It boasts a massive 7.4-cubic-foot capacity (one of the biggest Samsung models around) and it includes a steaming function to sanitize clothing and reduce wrinkles and odors. It’s even equipped with a sensor-dry feature to help prevent over drying. 

Get it now for $679 (regularly $999) during the Discover Samsung fall sale.

Why we like this electric dryer:

  • This smart electric dryer is a great option for people with allergies. 
  • According to the brand, this Samsung dryer’s Steam Sanitize+ cycle removes 99.9% of germs and bacteria, over 95% of pollen and kills 100% of dust mites. 
  • It has a lint filter indicator light that alerts users when it’s time to clean the filter.

Samsung Bespoke ultra-capacity electric dryer with AI Optimal Dry and Super Speed Dry: 36% off



Upgrade to a stylish Bespoke AI dryer featuring a clean flat-panel design, flexible installation options, easy-to-use controls and a fresh selection of premium colors. At 7.6-cubic-feet, this is Samsung’s largest dryer. It can dry a full load of laundry in just 30 minutes. Its AI Optimal Dry function takes the guesswork out of cycle selection by choosing the best time and temperature settings based on what you’re drying. It can also recommend your favorite cycles and allow you to customize your cycle list. It features an internal drum light so you can always see what’s in there, even at night.

It’s on sale at Samsung now for just $1,049 (regularly $1,649) during the Discover Samsung fall sale. The shades brushed navy and silver steel are on sale now.

Why we like this electric dryer:

  • Not only is this smart dryer fast, it also offers functions you won’t be able to live without. 
  • This electric dryer includes a drying rack right inside the drum. 
  • The door is also reversible, so you can choose which way your dryer door opens to better suit your laundry room layout.

Smart electric dryer with Pet Care Dry and Steam Sanitize+: 37% off



You know how you’re always tossing pet blankets and pet beds into the laundry? Pet owners considering an appliance upgrade need to check out this Samsung smart electric dryer. Its Pet Care Dry function can help remove 97% of major unpleasant pet odors. It’s also equipped with a Steam Sanitize+ function that sanitizes clothing and can help reduces wrinkles and odors. This appliance has Wi-Fi connectivity with the Samsung SmartThings app so you can remotely start, schedule and get end-of-cycle alerts on your smartphone. Plus, its helpful Sensor Dry helps prevent over-drying for optimal fabric care.

This five-star-rated dryer is $420 off right now. Get it for just $729 (regularly $,1,149) during the Discover Samsung fall sale.

Why we like this electric dryer:

  • This 7.4-cubic-foot dryer is big enough for a family. 
  • It’s a great option for pet owners who don’t want their bedding and clothing to smell like pet odors. 
  • Plus, it has smart technology to protect your laundry and let you start, stop and monitor the device remotely. 

Samsung Smart Dial electric dryer with FlexDry and Super Speed Dry: 35% off



This electric dryer does the work of two machines at once. This Samsung appliance combines a conventional large-capacity dryer with a delicate dryer and allows you to dry everyday clothing and fragile items at the same time or independently. 

The 4.7-star-rated laundry appliance uses AI to learn and recommend your favorite drying cycles and displays them first for quick access. It can dry a full load of laundry in just 30 minutes. 

Get it now for 35% off. It’s on sale for $1,299 (regularly $1,999) during the Discover Samsung fall sale.

Why we like this electric dryer:

  • This 7.5-cubic-foot dryer is one of the largest dryers Samsung has to offer. 
  • It’s equipped with smart technology including AI.
  • It features a unique drying rack for delicate items. 

LG smart Wi-Fi-enabled rear control electric dryer with EasyLoad door: 26% off



This 4.6-star-rated dryer features a dual-opening door to make unloading clean laundry a breeze. The 7.3-cubic-foot LG home appliance is outfitted with sensors that detect moisture and can auto-adjust drying time to saving energy.

The machine’s FlowSense duct clogging and clean filter indicators alert you when it’s time to clean the ducts and lint filter for the best possible dry.

“I’ve had this try a little over a month and so far I am pleased with it. The style is attractive and it functions well,” an LG reviewer says. “I also like the feature that lets you turn a light on while the dryer is running.”

Why we like this electric dryer:

  • It’s a decently sized 7.3-cubic-feet, making it a good choice for families. 
  • It’s designed for quiet operation. 
  • A built-in sensor will detect moisture and can auto-adjust drying time. Plus, it comes in two colors.

LG smart electric dryer: 30% off


LG via Best Buy

This 4.6-star-rated dryer uses advanced sensors and AI technology to automatically select the right drying motions, temperatures and more. Use the LG ThinQ app to start or stop the dryer from anywhere and receive alerts. LG front-load washers and dryers use tempered glass doors that can resist shocks and scratches.

Get it now for 30% off. It’s on sale for $800 (regularly $1,150).

Why we like this electric dryer:

  • At 7.4-cubic-feet, this laundry appliance is a great choice for large families or people who goes through a lot of sheets and towels. 
  • This device is Energy Star certified and uses 20% less energy than conventional models without sacrificing features or performance.

Samsung dryer with Bespoke design and AI Optimal Dry: Save $100



At 7.6-cubic-feet this is Samsung’s largest electric dryer. But just because it’s large doesn’t mean it isn’t eco-friendly. This Samsung Bespoke dryer cracks Energy Star’s top five most efficient electric dryers of 2023. 

The energy-efficient dryer can dry a full load in 30 minutes with Samsung’s SuperSpeed Dry technology. The home appliance’s AI Optimal Dry cycle automatically chooses the time and temperature settings based on what you’re drying. It features a reversible door.

Choose from two colors. 

The dryer is on sale now for $1,300 (regularly $1,400) during the Discover Samsung fall sale.

Why we like this electric dryer:

  • The Samsung Bespoke dryer ranks among Energy Star’s top five most efficient electric dryers of 2023. 
  • Its stainless steel drum prevents nicks and scratches, while its AI technology automatically selects the optimal drying setting.

What you should look for in an electric dryer

Just starting your electric dryer search?

The best electric dryers in 2023 include all the latest functions and features. Plus, they’re environmentally friendly. When shopping, look for a smart electric dryer. These intelligent home appliances can be controlled remotely via your smartphone, so you can stop, start and check your laundry’s progress wherever you are. Be sure to look for an electric dryer outfitted with must-have features such as sensor dry technology and steam sanitize capabilities to eliminate germs. 

Looking for the best energy efficient dryers? Energy Star, a program from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy releases an annual list of the most energy efficient electric dryers — and it features a ton of top-rated dryer brands including Samsung.

Why should you try an electric dryer?

Gas-powered appliances can be bad for you and the environment

It’s a great time to invest in an electric dryer. Many top-rated electric dryers are on sale now. The latest electric dryers include new features that many older gas models do not. Want to try an electric dryer in 2023? We’ve rounded up the best electric dryers this year, including the best front-load electric dryers, the best electric dryers with sensor dry technology and the best energy efficiency dryers. 

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