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IF you’ve ever glanced in the mirror and seen the beginnings of a double chin, you’ve no doubt wondered what you can do to eliminate it.

And while many have turned to expensive products, one beauty pro has said the secret is actually completely free and takes just two minutes.

A beauty pro has shared how she thinks you can eliminate a double chin


A beauty pro has shared how she thinks you can eliminate a double chinCredit: tiktok/@katie_brindle

Katie Brindle has been  a Chinese medicine practitioner since 2002 and has spoken about her mission “to empower people to master their health covering an extensive range of issues from ageing to beauty.”

And when she gave one of her most recent pieces of advice, she focused on those who want to get rid of their double chin for good.

She recently said: “If you suffer from double chins, it’s really, really common, I get this all the time, ‘what do I do about my double chin?’

“I have a solution. It’s a really, really easy one – they always are once you know how.

“So, it’s pinching the chin,” Katie revealed as she went into a demonstration of the particular way you need to do it. 

She continued: “It’s really simple. You do it for about two to three minutes a day.”

Katie then took her thumb and her finger and gently pinched at the skin underneath her chin, ensuring to move around so her attention was not focused on just one point.

Speaking of the speedy process, she said: “So the useful thing about this is that it’s a really quick technique.

“You can do this as part of a bedtime routine.”

But how does this work? And are there lasting effects?

Katie continued in the video posted to her TikTok account @katie_brindle: “Now why? That’s the question… 

“I always find that teaching people how to do these techniques is that 50% of the solution is understanding why you’re doing it in the first place and then actually doing it yourself.

“The first thing is that in Chinese face reading, each aspect of the face relates to different organs of the body.

“And in our medicine, the organs of the organs of the body control everything – your emotional, physical and your spiritual health.”

She then said: “And the organs reflect on your face.

“If the organs are depleted – which they are likely to be because we are all exhausted and we’re running ourselves ragged and leaving very busy lives – it shows on your face.

“That then becomes a beauty thing that we don’t like.”

Relating this theory directly to the chin, the author said: “The chin is very much related to the kidneys, and a double chin and bags under the eyes are also telltale signs that the kidney energy is flagging.

“So all you want to do is address the manifestation, which is the chin in the first place, so by doing this you’re actually strengthening up the kidneys via the reflex points on the face.”

But Katie’s advice didn’t stop there. She went on to say that you may find it really useful to look at how your kidneys could be affecting your double chin. 

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She then concluded to her 80k followers that she could already see the practice was “defining” her jawline: “In the meantime, get pinching.”

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She credited pinching with working wonders


She credited pinching with working wondersCredit: tiktok/@katie_brindle

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