Denim, colour and sustainable fashion: Here’s what’s hot on…


Colour block is in this spring.

Colour block is in this spring.

  • Spring has finally sprung, and we finally get to swap out our warm and fuzzy clothes for lighter and brighter clothing items.
  • This year’s spring trends include denim on denim (a trend that will probably never die), tropical prints and bold patterns.
  • Sustainable fashion is also gaining popularity, especially with more people becoming conscious shoppers.
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Spring has finally sprung, which means we can swap out our warm and fuzzy clothes for more colourful, light and fabulous items.

The world of fashion is beaming with excitement as this year’s spring collections take centre stage.

From denim maxi skirts to metallic mini dresses, the fashion trends are diverse, full of colour, and very exciting.

We spoke to Superbalist trends director Anja Joubert and Guess marketing coordinator Dani Wilson, who gave us a glimpse into the hottest fashion items currently.

Sartorial styling

Joubert says chilled, formal looks that are put together effortlessly will definitely make you look stylish this spring. Think suits with oversized blazers or double-breasted blazers and wide, loose-fitting trousers.

“Sets make for a super relaxed ‘suiting’ interpretation. Shirt dresses are updated with interesting design details or new shapes or a new take on a stripe print,” she said.


Relaxed formal clothing.


This is one trend that just won’t quit, and that’s why bold combinations are making a comeback.

Mixing and matching vibrant, contrasting colours in your favourite clothing items is a playful way to make a lasting impression and bold fashion statement.


Colour block is in this spring.

Denim on denim

Vintage-inspired jeans are back with a bang, and you can style them with almost anything.

From high-waisted and wide-leg to maxi pieces, shirts, jackets and straight-cut styles reminiscent of the 1990s, “investment meets fashion in head-to-toe denim looks”, says Joubert.

“The column maxi skirt and denim longline shorts are the main event. Bring some utility or cargo detailing into the mix or update your go-to with a zip-up detail.”


Denim on denim.

Statement accessories

Minimalism is taking a back seat this spring as daring and eye-catching accessories have their moment. Oversized sunglasses, chunky chain necklaces and statement earrings are the talk of the town. These accessories have the power to elevate even the simplest outfit to runway-worthy status.


Big statement accessories are back.

Tropical resort

Noting screams warm and sunny like an outfit with a colourful tropical print. Superbalist shoppers are gravitating towards these kinds of prints, which makes sense.

“We are truly seeing the start of summer with a celebratory mood of bright colours, vacation-ready prints, asymmetric necklines, ruffles, summer knits, crochet, fringing and metallics,” Joubert says.


Tropical prints.

Paint the season with prints and patterns

As temperatures rise, so do our appetites for refreshing tones, including cool mint, subtle rose, playful sherbet melon, cacti green, warm cinnamon and serene capri blues.

According to Wilson, long, breezy dresses; tailored trousers; and light layers that are versatile and effortlessly stylish offer sophisticated yet relaxed spring ensembles designed for lounging and unwinding.

spring fashion

Prints and patterns.

Sustainable fashion

More and more, people are becoming conscious of their environmental impact and therefore choose sustainable fashion that is friendlier to the Earth.

Sustainable fashion made from recycled material, organic cotton and eco-friendly dyes are fast becoming staples in many people’s wardrobes.

Sustainable fashion, slow fashion. Close Up Shot o

Sustainable fashion, linen natural clothes made of 100 cotton linen organic materials.

Wilson believes that promoting environmentally conscious fashion is crucial: “Guess is not only keeping the environment top of mind by embracing eco-conscious technology with the incorporation of organic cotton, the selection of GRS [Global Recycled Standard]-certified recycled polyester and cotton, and water-wise dying techniques, it also unites eco-conscious solutions with consumers’ purchasing behaviour.

“The pieces culminate in long-lasting capsule closets for wardrobe rotations worn in different ways on different days.”

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