The Honey Pot Heads Down South To Bring Pleasure Education …

The Honey Pot Heads Down South To Bring Pleasure Education To HBCUs
The Honey Pot

September is Sexual Health Month and The Honey Pot Company has the perfect initiative for HBCUs to mark the observance. The initiative is part of a partnership with Impressions of Beauty and focuses on safe sex and hookup culture, as well as sexual pleasure. The vaginal wellness brand is distributing educational materials, sample gifts, custom journals, product discounts, and onsite education. College students have enjoyed classes co-led by THPC’s co-founder Beatrice Dixon and OB-GYNs, authors, activists, and healers. 

So far, the brand has gone to Clark Atlanta University, Alabama A&M University, Jackson State University, and Xavier University of Louisiana. The last stop on their list is Hampton University, which they’ll be attending on Friday, September 8.

The Honey Pot Heads Down South To Bring Pleasure Education To HBCUs
The Honey Pot Company

The Honey Pot Co sells a range of plant-derived products such as vaginal washes, wipes, tampons and pads. It was established in 2014 and is known for making products that are safe for skin, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, and gynecologist approved. Earlier this year, the company moved into the sexual wellness category, releasing stimulating serums, intimacy wipes, and a silicone hybrid lubricant, perfect to stock up on during this month centered on pleasure and safe sex. Dixon created her brand as a whole in response to experiencing bacterial vaginosis for eight months. She said the formula for her products were given to her in a dream by her ancestors. Almost a decade later, the brand has become a household name and is helping to fulfill Dixon’s mission. 

“The Honey Pot sells products, but more importantly, we want to empower humans on their personal wellness journey – to learn about themselves, to claim their own wellness, to be comfortable in their skin, despite the stigmatization we have all been conditioned to feel around our physical and mental health. That purpose is why I am so driven to scale this business,” she told Forbes during an interview. “And if, and when we sell, we will do so to create even more access and opportunity to build up our community.”

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