Chanel Iman avoids ‘scented ‘ beauty products to avoid ecze…


Chanel Iman avoids “scented lotions or perfumes” to keep her eczema at bay.

Chanel Iman can't use beauty products with fragrance

Chanel Iman can’t use beauty products with fragrance

The former Victoria’s Secret Angel – who has Cali , five, and three-year-old Cassie with former partner Sterling Shepard – is trying to be more “careful” about the products she uses for the good of herself and her family, particularly now she is pregnant with her and boyfriend Davon Godchaux’s baby.

The 32-year-old model told Allure magazine’s Just Asking featurette: “I don’t smell like anything because I have to be very careful [with] what I wear.

“I don’t wear scented lotions or perfumes, especially around my daughters, just because as a parent, I try to prevent flare ups.

“I’ve had sensitive skin throughout all of my pregnancies, and it’s been a challenge just to find comfort. I’m on my third child, but I didn’t really take great care of my skin from my first pregnancy up until now, and it kind of caught up with me.”

Chanel keeps her beauty routine simple but if she is travelling, there are some essentials she needs to have in her flight bag.

She said: “Just having some mascara and concealer and my eyebrow kit and lip balm always does the job for me. But I find that on long flights my skin gets really dry, so I make sure that I travel with a little moisturizer to put on just before I get off the flight.”

The Vogue cover girl admitted that she loves having a good soak in the tub to relax, but finds it just as pleasurable overseeing her daughters’ bath time.

Chanel said: “I love baths. Baths are my favorite for myself, but also I enjoy giving my daughters a bath.

Chanel admitted that she is “not big” on fake eyelashes.

She said: I’m not big on lashes. When I get my make-up done, I always pass on a pair of lashes.”

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