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To remind the new Boston residents of home, many of them arrived with keepsakes in tow, such as stuffed animals they grew up with or sea glass they collected in their hometown years ago.

Home is where the sea glass is

Student Jazmyn Knight loves her blue piece of sea glass she found at a beach near her home. David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

Jazmyn Knight, a senior at Northeastern University originally from Philadelphia, said she carries around a piece of dark blue sea glass she collected from a beach in Fire Island, N.Y., two summers ago, to remind her of home.

“My whole family collects sea glass so we have a ton of it at our beach house in Fire Island, which is my home base now when I’m not at college,” Knight said. “This is the one piece I brought with me so I have a little piece of the beach here.”

Staying grounded with a skateboard deck

Student Owen Cochersberger loves his skate board deck that reads “visualize happiness.”David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

Owen Cochersberger, a junior at Berklee College of Music who is originally from Portland, Ore., brought a skateboard deck from home that reads, “Visualize happiness.” Cochersberger said that he got the skate deck for free from a local skate shop in his hometown after he graduated from high school.

“I brought it from home because I struggle with a lot of mental illness and having this constant reminder up on my desk to ‘visualize happiness’ is such a big deal to me,” Cochersberger said. “Whenever I’m like ‘ah man, something’s just off,’ I’ll look at it and it will remind me that maybe I can see how I’m feeling in a different lens than I normally would.”

Cochersberger said that another reason why he likes his skate deck so much is because although it has scratch marks all over it, the message is still visible.

“There are no wear marks on the actual writing, which is the part that’s important to me,” Cochersberger said.

A pouf of inspiration

Student Pierangela Dozsa and her beloved “pouf,” which she sits on while playing guitar.David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

Pierangela Dozsa, a sophomore at Berklee College of Music originally from Miami Beach, said she likes to make her room look like an antique store where every item has a different story.

Dozsa said that she brought her “pouf” — a pink ottoman made of Indian sarees and recycled clothing that she bought in Rockport when she first moved to Boston — with her to move into her first off-campus apartment to sit on while she plays the guitar.

“It’s nice to have a designated spot for me to think and get all my ideas out,” Dozsa said. “I’m excited to write songs here on my pouf, now that I have an apartment.”

Keeping grandmother close to heart

Student Gigi Watson and her Vivienne Westwood bag that her grandmother passed down to her. David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

Gigi Watson, a sophomore at Berklee College of Music who is originally from Detroit, said that she carries one of her grandmother’s purses with her wherever she moves because it makes her feel as though her beloved grandmother is always with her.

She said her grandmother originally bought the purse when her parents got married in 2003.

“My grandmother is like my everything, I always want to have her with me,” Watson said. “No matter how dirty this bag gets or how beat up it gets, I’ll always keep it because it’s from her and I love her.”

A pink reminder of a beloved brother

Maya Bogadi loves her stuffed pink Kirby that reminds her of her brother.David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

Maya Bogadi, a junior at Northeastern University originally from New York City, arrived at her new apartment with Kirby, her beloved pink stuffed animal that reminds her of brother. Bogadi bought Kirby, a Nintendo character, when visiting her brother, who works in the video game industry, in Las Vegas.

Bogadi said that Kirby, who she also frequently refers to as “Pink,” is well known among her friends and family.

“Pink is very huggable, it’s so soft, and it reminds me of my brother,” Bogadi said. “I don’t get to visit him that often so it’s really nice to have Pink for him, and now it’s going to travel with me everywhere I go.”

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