I’m 50 but look 30 – my beauty tips will keep your skin loo…

A 50 year old esthetician has shared tips that keep her skin looking glowy and youthful. 

The skin expert revealed it’s less about the product you use and more about how you apply your skincare. 

A skincare expert reveals top tips for keeping your skin looking youthful


A skincare expert reveals top tips for keeping your skin looking youthfulCredit: TikTok/chelespell
Chele explains it's all about how you apply your skincare


Chele explains it’s all about how you apply your skincareCredit: TikTok/chelespell

Chele shared her tips in a TikTok video online. 

She said: “Three things you need to know about your skincare application from an esthetician in her 50’s.”

The beauty pro’s first tip is how to cleanse the right way.

She said: “Start with we hands skin when applying your cream and gel cleansers this will allow your product to glide across the skin easily grabbing on to dirt and oil before rinsing.”

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You want to make sure you are giving the cleanser enough time to properly clean your skin and wash it off completely afterwards. 

Chele says: “Massage into your skin at least 20 seconds and rinse well.”

When applying serums your skin should be a little damp which is why toners and essences are recommended. 

The skin pro says: “Damp skin is important for deeper penetration of your serums, specifically hyaluronic acid serums should be pressed and padded into the skin for it to fully absorb and get the most effectiveness.”

Chele explains serums will penetrate deeper into the skin which is what makes them so effective.

But don’t forget to take care of your neck and chest because they age to.


She said: “Serums that have a smaller molecule will penetrate deeper within the skin and be sure to bring down to the neck and the chest area.”

The only time you want your skin to be dry is when you’re applying retinoids.

Chele says: “ It’s advised that when applying retinoids they should only be applied to dry skin as there may be more penetration in irritation when applying to damp skin.”

The skin pro advised: “They can also make your skin more sensitive to sunlight and it is recommended to use them in the evening only.”

And one final tip: always apply sunscreen in the morning especially after using retinol the night before.

The skin pro’s video racked up over 13,000 views. 

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One user said: “You look amazing.”

Another said: “Still young and beautiful.”

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