Lady Amelia Windsor on her love of nature and her incredibl…

Against the magnificent backdrop of Somerset House, excited cheers from over 100 cyclists filled the air as Lady Amelia Windsor proudly cut the blue  ribbon to launch the epic London to Monaco bike ride. Passing through seven countries in eight days via the snow-peaked Swiss Alps and sparkling Italian Lakes, the 1000-kilometre journey is due to end this week with a regal champagne finish and personal welcome at the palace of another royal – Prince Albert of Monaco. The annual ride, which raised over £100,000 before it had even begun, was in aid of ocean conservation charity, the Blue Marine Foundation, of which Amelia, 28, is an ambassador.

“It was fun and such an honour to be asked to start it off,” she exclusively tells HELLO! Displaying her green fashion credentials for the occasion in her favourite multicoloured ‘Quad’ dress – made from recycled fabric by ethical British fashion designer Kitty Joseph – she continues: “I don’t think I’d be able to cycle that far but I’m sure it would be an amazing experience. Although I grew up riding a bike in Cambridge I don’t do it in London as I’d find it terrifying. I walk everywhere instead.”

Lady Amelia Windsor cuts the ribbon© Darren Fletcher Photography
Lady Amelia Windsor proudly cut the blue ribbon to launch the epic London to Monaco bike ride

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Amelia, who is the Duke of Kent’s granddaughter, recalls how she went cycling on a holiday in the Alps last month – on an e-bike. “It was magical and incredibly beautiful,” she says. “We were drinking straight from the streams and the water was so fresh and clear that having a shower in the morning felt like being in a spa.” Water is at the heart of Amelia’s work with the Blue Marine Foundation, the ocean conservation charity set up in 2010 to restore and protect the sea’s health and vital marine habitats and address over-fishing – one of the world’s worst environmental problems. 

Lady Amelia Windsor wears striped dress© Darren Fletcher Photography
Amelia was signed by Storm model agency in 2016

Described as “the most beautiful royal”, Amelia was signed by Storm model agency in 2016 while still a student at Edinburgh University and after her collaboration with Scottish clothing company Brora – which specialises in natural materials – she was invited three years ago to become an ambassador for the Blue Marine Foundation. “It’s a great charity and is doing such vital work with tangible results all over the world,” she says. “As well as developing sustainable models of fishing, it has protected kelp forests and achieved a successful ban on bottom trawling on the Dogger Bank in the North Sea.” Highlighting the importance of keeping our oceans clean, she continues: “Swimming in the sea is one of my favourite things. It’s a shame you have to check a map of the UK coastline to find out if sewage has been pumped into it before you swim.” 

Lady Amelia Windsor wears green and bright pink dress as she poses with Blue Marine Foundation© Darren Fletcher Photography
Lady Amelia uses her platform to draw attention to environmental causes

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By using her platform to draw attention to environmental causes, Amelia is following in the green footsteps of her royal cousins. Princess Eugenie featured exclusively in HELLO! earlier this year in her role as ambassador for the Blue Marine Foundation, as she helped re-wild oysters in the Solent, and last week, ahead of his Earthshot Summit in New York, the Prince of Wales scattered oysters in the East River as part of the Billion Oyster Project to restore oyster reefs in New York’s waterways. They are among the new generation of royals to seize the eco-baton from the King, a keen environmentalist for decades. Looking to the future, Amelia says: “When I see the good work being done by teams like Blue Marine, I feel optimistic that we can stop the damage to our planet together.”

To find out more about the Blue Marine Foundation, visitbluemarinefoundation.com.

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$55.9 Billion Cosmetic Packaging Market Top Companies and O…

Cosmetic Packaging Market 2030

The global Cosmetic Packaging market is growing at a CAGR of 4.8% forecast by 2030

PORTLAND, OREGON, UNITED STATES, September 25, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Cosmetic Packaging Market is poised for remarkable growth, the intersection of beauty and functionality, playing a pivotal role in enhancing product appeal while ensuring the protection and preservation of cosmetics. Innovations in packaging materials, design, and sustainability have been key drivers, meeting the evolving demands of eco-conscious consumers. Additionally, the market’s expansion is being fueled by the growth of the cosmetics industry itself, with a surge in product diversity and emerging beauty trends.

The global cosmetic packaging market size was valued at $34.3 billion in 2020, and is projected to reach $55.9 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 4.8% from 2021 to 2030.

Download Sample PDF @ https://www.alliedmarketresearch.com/request-sample/8669

Top Leading Companies:

Moso International BV, Bamboo Australia, Simply Bamboo Pty Ltd, Smith & Fong Company, EcoPlanet Bamboo, Kerala State Bamboo Corporation Limited, Dasso Group, BambooVision, Anji Tianzhen Bamboo Flooring Co. Ltd., Bamboo Village Company Limited.

Cosmetic packaging is no longer just about containment, it is a canvas for branding, storytelling, and eco-friendly initiatives. As we approach 2030, the cosmetic packaging sector promises exciting opportunities for manufacturers, designers, and businesses looking to capitalize on the ever-evolving world of beauty and personal care products. The cosmetic industry has always been synonymous with innovation and aesthetics, but today it’s also becoming synonymous with sustainability. As consumers become increasingly eco-conscious, the cosmetic packaging market is undergoing a transformative shift. Cosmetic packaging is not just about protecting and presenting products; it’s about embodying the values and aspirations of a generation seeking eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and functional solutions.

The cosmetic packaging market has witnessed a significant surge in sustainable packaging solutions. Brands are now replacing traditional plastic packaging with biodegradable, recyclable, and reusable materials. The growth of the cosmetic packaging market is majorly driven by rise in expenditure on cosmetic products by individuals and the development of cosmetic packaging that are easy to handle, durable, and environment friendly. Moreover, the development of the e-commerce industry notably contributes toward the market growth.

Cosmetic packaging isn’t merely a vessel; it’s a canvas for creativity and brand identity. Forward-thinking companies are reimagining their packaging designs to create a visual and tactile connection with consumers. Unique shapes, textures, and finishes are becoming increasingly prevalent, setting brands apart on crowded store shelves and in the digital marketplace. Cosmetic packaging is being leveraged as a storytelling tool. Brands are sharing their journey towards sustainability, the origin of ingredients, and their commitment to cruelty-free practices, all through packaging.

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Commonly observed material types of cosmetic packaging materials are glass packaging, paper-based packaging, plastic packaging, and metal packaging. Among these, plastic packaging accounted for the highest market share in 2020, owing to surge in spending on creamy cosmetic products. The market is analyzed with respect to different packaging types such as tubes, bottles, dispensers, and others. The applications covered in the study include oral care, skin care, hair care, makeup, and perfume.

While the cosmetic packaging market is poised for tremendous growth, it also faces challenges. Sustainable materials can be costlier, and transitioning to them may require significant investments. Moreover, regulations surrounding packaging materials are continually evolving, necessitating ongoing compliance efforts. However, these challenges present opportunities for forward-thinking companies to differentiate themselves, gain consumer trust, and align with the global push for sustainability.

Advancements in printing technology have enhanced the appearance of cosmetic packaging, thereby increasing their desirability, thus increasing the demand for cosmetic products. The cosmetic packaging market is entering a new era defined by sustainability, aesthetics, and functionality. As consumers demand eco-friendly options and seek a deeper connection with the brands they choose, cosmetic packaging is becoming a powerful storytelling tool. But also, an indicator of its potential to drive change and inspire innovation. The future of cosmetic packaging is as beautiful as the products it contains, promising a more sustainable and meaningful beauty experience for all.

Regional Analysis:
The global Cosmetic Packaging Market analysis is conducted across North America (the U.S., Canada, and Mexico), Europe (UK, France, Germany, Italy, and rest of Europe), Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, India, South Korea, and rest of Asia-Pacific), and LAMEA (Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa). In 2020, Asia-Pacific was the highest contributor to the global Cosmetic Packaging Market share, and LAMEA is anticipated to secure a leading position during the forecast period.

Inquiry Before Buying @ https://www.alliedmarketresearch.com/purchase-enquiry/8669

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Breaking Down Beauty Barriers: Con inspires the industry to…

People of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds entered the dimly lit halls of The Reef, a creative space built into a historical structure in the heart of Los Angeles. They wore decadent eyeshadow with bold eyeliner, shimmery powders with glistening gloss and extravagant outfits to match. These beauty barons are masters of blending makeup, yet they do anything but blend into a crowd.

Beautycon 2023 broke the boundaries of hair and makeup and shined a light on important conversations about homelessness, eco-friendly materials and being confident without using filters.

It’s pretty difficult to recognize a beauty influencer in a room where everyone looks like a professional artist. Luckily, the line of people following them through the crowd gives it away. But Beautycon is a chance for them to coexist with their fans and share a face-to-face conversation, unbound by the confines of a screen. It’s also a chance for them to engage with each other in meaningful conversations about the beauty industry.

In a Sept. 16 panel, Shirley Raines, Zara Rahim, Tess Holliday and Sophia Dennis touched on the topics of homelessness and plastic waste in the beauty industry. Raines runs a nonprofit called Beauty 2 the Streetz, providing food, clothing, hair and makeup on Skid Row. She talked about how using makeup is a privilege that many people take for granted. 

For individuals in homeless communities, having their makeup or hair done can have a huge impact on their confidence. Influencers in the beauty community receive hundreds of PR packages that go unused and could be donated to these individuals. Raines also urged members of the audience to donate unused products that might be just sitting in drawers in their homes. Oftentimes, these products end up in the landfill, which also poses a threat to the environment.

Dennis explained the environmental damage caused by makeup and hair packaging specifically. Many brands still use predominantly plastic packaging, including squeeze tubes, bottles and tubs. They’re then wrapped in more plastic to keep them sealed in stores. Dennis talked about how some beauty brands are working on more eco-friendly packaging, including using recycled materials, but there’s really not enough of a push. 

“It’s not just in the hands of brands, but also of legislators,” she said. She asked members of the audience to vote for stricter environmental regulations so more brands will be forced to make the change.

In an earlier panel, Rocio Roses, Monica Ravichandran, Alabama Barker and Laylo Qasim talked about how filters can influence the way we perceive ourselves. In an effort to make themselves look better, people are actually altering their brain chemistry to be more unhappy with the way they naturally look. 

“I actually feel more confident not using filters,” said Ravichandran, who self-identifies as “your filter-free brown girl makeup bestie,” on Instagram. She also explained the difference between using the words “makeup” and “beauty.” “Makeup is just something you put on your face,” she said.

Because beauty is so much more than just makeup, many brands this year focused more on promoting their skin and hair care products. Among the freebies guests could grab were lotions, body oils, curly-hair cream and face serums. Meanwhile, representatives from Walmart, Palmer’s and other brands educated shoppers on how to use these products to enhance natural features, not hide them.

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eBay announces $200k grant program for circular fashion sta…

ebay Circular Fashion Fund

Brooke Eichhorn, eBay Australia’s Head of Fashion. Source: eBay

The Australian Fashion Council (AFC) and eBay Australia have just announced a $200,000 Circular Fashion Fund. The fund is aimed at startups specialising in circular fashion solutions and sustainable practices in the fashion industry.

According to recent statistics from the AFC, Australians purchase 27 kilograms of new clothing annually while discarding approximately 23 kilograms.

Statistics from Earth.org also show that 92 million tonnes of textile waste is produced each year — an alarming figure that has even been felt by designers here in Australia.

With this in mind, the Circular Fashion Fund aims to cut down this number by utilising emerging tech from startups to transform customer behaviours towards fashion.

“We understand that eBay can play a role in circular fashion by using our scale and expertise for good. We are committing support to small businesses to drive positive change through innovation in the fashion industry,” Brooke Eichhorn, eBay Australia’s head of fashion, said.

“These initiatives will help revolutionise how fashion is created, consumed and recycled, making sustainable fashion practices more accessible for everyone.”

According to eBay research, there is currently a 45% upswing in pre-loved fashion purchases over the past two years. Additionally, a third of those surveyed stated that half their wardrobe comprises pre-loved fashion items.

This isn’t particularly surprising considering the ongoing cost of living crisis, as well as an increased interest in sustainability. Pre-loved fashion platforms such as Depop have also become incredibly popular with younger generations over the past couple of years.

“To transition to a circular economy by 2030 and Net Zero by 2050, the Australian fashion industry needs to fundamentally transform how clothing is designed, produced, consumed and disposed of,” Australian Fashion Council CEO, Leila Naja Hibri, said.

“For decades, eBay has been leading the charge in recommerce, driving the circular economy through its resale marketplace, in particular for fashion. eBay’s Circular Fashion Fund not only compliments but helps accelerate the roadmap for Seamless, the national clothing stewardship scheme, bringing us closer to our goal of achieving clothing circularity in Australia by 2030.”

The winners of the fund will be made by a panel comprising industry leaders such as KITX Founder Kit Willow, AFC’s Danielle Kent, Sendle CEO James Chin Moody, UTS and TAFE NSW’s Dr Lisa Lake, and eBay Australia’s Brooke Eichhorn, among others.

Applications are open now until November 10, 2023. A shortlist of six finalists will pitch their ideas to the panel, with the winner taking away a $100,000 grant. Two runners-up will each receive $50,000.

Winners of the Circular Fashion Fund will not only receive financial backing but also attend a six-week program including mentoring sessions, workshops and networking events. They’ll also have the ability to spotlight their fashion-focused tech solutions via the eBay platform.

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Glamour Meets Compassion: The Rise of Vegan Beauty Products

What we mostly miss while buying is checking the ingredient list for cosmetics like lipstick, nail paint, body lotion, perfumes, shampoo among others. (Representational image: News18/File)

What we mostly miss while buying is checking the ingredient list for cosmetics like lipstick, nail paint, body lotion, perfumes, shampoo among others. (Representational image: News18/File)

Vegan makeup proves that glamour and compassion can coexist harmoniously

In recent years, there has been a remarkable shift in consumer consciousness towards a more ethical and sustainable way of living. This transformation extends to our choices in personal care products as well. Today, many of us are choosing products that align with our values, and one such choice is the embrace of vegan cosmetics and skincare.

The Mindful Makeup Revolution

Dyuti Waghray, co-founder of Defi Beauty, believes that vegan makeup represents a transformative shift in the cosmetics industry. “Unlike traditional cosmetics, vegan makeup excludes all animal-derived ingredients and harmful practices like animal testing. Embracing plant-based formulations and cruelty-free testing methods ensures both ethical and eco-conscious beauty,” says Waghray.  Vegan makeup proves that glamour and compassion can coexist harmoniously. “Plant-based formulations deliver high-quality pigments and textures, dispelling any notion of compromise. Choosing vegan makeup isn’t just a personal statement; it’s a stand for a more compassionate, eco-conscious world,” adds Dyuthi.

The Reasons to Choose Vegan Cosmetics and Skincare

Sargam Dhawan Bhayana, Director, Paul Penders Botanicals Private Limited, provides compelling reasons to embrace vegan cosmetics and skincare:

  • Cruelty-Free: Vegan products are not tested on animals, aligning with our responsibility to protect and respect all living beings.
  • Skin-Friendly Formulations: Vegan skincare products often contain natural and plant-based ingredients, promoting healthier and more radiant skin.
  • Environmental Impact: Vegan cosmetics have a lower environmental footprint, reducing contributions to deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, and habitat destruction.
  • Ethical Sourcing: Vegan brands prioritize ethical sourcing, supporting fair labor practices and sustainable farming methods, which in turn supports local communities and preserves biodiversity.
  • Transparency: The vegan beauty industry is known for its transparency, with products clearly labeled and certified by respected organizations.
  • Innovation: The growing demand for vegan cosmetics has spurred innovation, leading to high-quality, effective, and cruelty-free products catering to various skin types and concerns.

Bhayana encourages consumers to switch to a more compassionate and sustainable beauty routine. Together, we can contribute to a brighter and more beautiful future for ourselves, the animal kingdom, and our planet.

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B2C E-commerce Market Demand Makes Room for New Growth Stor…

B2C E-commerce Market

B2C E-commerce

Stay up to date with B2C E-commerce Market research offered by HTF MI. Check how key trends and emerging drivers are shaping this industry growth.

HTF MI integrates History, Trends, and Forecasts to identify the highest value opportunities, cope with the most critical business challenges and transform the businesses.”

— Criag Francis

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, September 25, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — HTF MI started a latest business research with the Global B2C E-commerce Market Study Forecast till 2029. This B2C E-commerce market report brings data for the estimated year 2023 and forecasted till 2029 in terms of both, value (USD Trillion) and volume (MT) Market. The study is conducted by applying both top-down and bottom-up approaches and further iterative methods used to validate and size market estimation and trends of the B2C E-commerce market. Additionally, to complement insights EXIM data, consumption, supply and demand Figures, raw price analysis, market revenue, and gross margins. Some of the companies listed in the research study are ALIBABA GROUP HOLDING LIMITED (China), Amazon.com, Inc. (United States), eBay. Inc. (United States), ASOS (United Kingdom), Flipkart Internet Private Limited (India), macys.com (United States), Walmart Stores, Inc. (United States), Apple Inc. (United States), priceline.com LLC. (United States), Rakuten, Inc. (Japan), Otto Group (Germany) etc.

Market Snapshot

The B2C (Business-to-Consumer) e-commerce market is a segment of electronic commerce that involves the sale of products or services directly from businesses to individual consumers. It has witnessed tremendous growth and transformation over the years, driven by factors such as technological advancements, changing consumer preferences, and the proliferation of online shopping platforms.

The Global B2C E-commerce market was valued at USD 3.65 Trillion in 2023 and is expected to reach USD 7.9 Trillion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 7.9 % during 2023-2028.

Click To get Latest version of SAMPLE Study (Including Full TOC, Table & Figures) @ https://www.htfmarketintelligence.com/sample-report/global-b2c-e-commerce-market

Market Scope / Segment Breakdown

Global B2C E-commerce market has been analyzed on various dimensions that includes market sizing and share analysis in dollar term as well as by volume* and price. The segments included in the market study are mentioned below which has been reviewed both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Based on the type, the market is bifurcated as B2C Retailers, Classified, and On the basis of application, the market is divided as Automotive, Beauty & Personal Care, Books & Stationery, Consumer Electronics, Clothing & Footwear, Sports & Leisure, Travel & Tourism, Media & Entertainment, Information Technology (Software), Others. The Consumer Goods) segment accounted for highest market share in 2022 and is hence expected to be the next fastest growing segment throughout the forecast period.

The report covers information regarding competitive outlook including the market share and company profiles of the key participants operating in the global B2C E-commerce market. Some of the players that are profiled in the study are ALIBABA GROUP HOLDING LIMITED (China), Amazon.com, Inc. (United States), eBay. Inc. (United States), ASOS (United Kingdom), Flipkart Internet Private Limited (India), macys.com (United States), Walmart Stores, Inc. (United States), Apple Inc. (United States), priceline.com LLC. (United States), Rakuten, Inc. (Japan), Otto Group (Germany) etc.

By Geography: North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, China, Japan, India, Middle East, Africa, LATAM, Others

Book Latest Edition of Global B2C E-commerce Market Study @ https://www.htfmarketintelligence.com/buy-now?format=3&report=1972

Qualitative Insights from Study

B2C E-commerce Market Trends

• Mobile Commerce (M-Commerce): Increasing use of smartphones for shopping.

• Omnichannel Retail: Seamlessly integrating online and offline shopping channels.

• Personalization: AI-driven tailored shopping experiences.

• Sustainability: Focus on eco-friendly products and practices.

B2C E-commerce Market Drivers

• Consumer Convenience: Online shopping’s ease and accessibility.

• Tech Advancements: Innovations in e-commerce technologies.

• Pandemic Impact: Accelerated digital adoption due to COVID-19.

• Sustainability Awareness: Growing eco-conscious consumer base.

• Social Media Influence: Social platforms driving purchase decisions.

B2C E-commerce Market Opportunity

• Global Expansion: Tapping into international markets.

• Niche Markets: Targeting specialized customer segments.

• Subscription Models: Offering recurring subscription services.

• Marketplace Growth: Expanding product offerings through marketplaces.

Do you Have Any Query? Ask Our Expert @: https://www.htfmarketintelligence.com/enquiry-before-buy/global-b2c-e-commerce-market

Research Objective

• To define and describe the B2C E-commerce segmented by product & service, by application, by end-user, and by region.

• To estimate and forecast the B2C E-commerce by value in USD Trillion.

• To estimate and forecast the market size for various segments with regard to Region Name.

• To profile key players and comprehensively analyze their market position in terms of ranking and core competencies.

• To analyze the markets situation with regard to industry trends, prospects, and contribution to the total market by identifying the high-growth segments of the B2C E-commerce and provide the competitive landscape.

• To provide industry attractiveness with help of various tools such as the Porter’s five force analysis and the PESTEL analysis.

Market Size Estimation

Top-down and bottom-up approaches are used to validate the Global B2C E-commerce Market size market and estimate the market size for Manufacturers, Type and Regions.

The market estimations in this report are based on the marketed sale price of B2C E-commerce excluding any discounts provided by the manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler or traders. The percentage splits, market shares, and breakdowns of the product segments are derived based on weightages assigned to each of the segments based on their utilization rate and average sale price. The regional splits of the overall B2C E-commerce market and its sub segments are based on the percentage adoption or utilization of the given product in the respective region or country.

Get Detailed TOC and Overview of Report @ https://www.htfmarketintelligence.com/report/global-b2c-e-commerce-market


In order to better understand B2C E-commerce market conditions five forces analysis is conducted that includes the Bargaining power of buyers, Bargaining power of suppliers, Threat of new entrants, Threat of substitutes, and Threat of rivalry.

• Political (Political policy and stability as well as trade, fiscal, and taxation policies)

• Economical (Interest rates, employment or unemployment rates, raw material costs, and foreign exchange rates)

• Social (Changing family demographics, education levels, cultural trends, attitude changes, and changes in lifestyles)

• Technological (Changes in digital or mobile technology, automation, research, and development)

• Legal (Employment legislation, consumer law, health, and safety, international as well as trade regulation and restrictions)

• Environmental (Climate, recycling procedures, carbon footprint, waste disposal, and sustainability)

Thanks for reading this article; HTF MI also offers Custom Research services providing focused, comprehensive, and tailored research according to clientele objectives. Thanks for reading this article; you can also get individual chapter-wise sections or region-wise reports like Balkan, China-based, Japanese, German, North American, Europe, or Southeast Asia.

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Meridian Green Team hosts recycling event for residents

Meridian Cares joined the Meridian Green Team for a recycling event held on Saturday. 

The event, held at Chippewa Middle School in Okemos, was a drive-by donation collection where volunteers would remove any waste in a drive-by dump, hoping to curb waste and encourage recycling. 

Meridian Cares held a coat collection drive, which continues through the rest of the week.

Meridian Green Team is a recycling oriented volunteer organization that host multiple “green” events a year, including recycling events, composting and sustainability education. Meanwhile, Meridian Cares is a fundraiser based program that helps local families who are struggling.

“We’ve been doing recycling events for a couple of decades, but more steadily over the last 15 years,” said Meridian Township Environmental Programs Coordinator LeRoy Harvey. “We try to do one or two recycling events a year since 2007. We recycle various things. At this event we’re going to do electronics, coats and we’re also working with Consumers Energy Electric customers to recycle appliances.”

Although the items being recycled varies by the event, the Green Team decided to collect electronics and appliances for this season collection because of how large a factor they play in waste streams.

Harvey said the Green Team takes items that are difficult to recycle and dispose of them safely. 

On Saturday, along with coats, they collected televisions, monitors, computers/laptops, mobile phones, satellite boxes, printers, scanners and stereo equipment. The public could also donate appliances such a refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers and dehumidifiers. 

“At our events we try to chose things that the public is interested in recycling, and might not be able to throw in your normal recycling bin,” Harvey said.

The collection of appliances is due to the need for energy efficiency.

Harvey also said clothing and fabrics are a large part of the waste stream, a reason why Meridian Cares held the coat drive. The team collects these items for recycling, waste reduction, social need and energy efficiency.

All electronics from this year’s donation will be taken by Valley City Electronics Recycling out of Grand Rapids, where they will be sorted and used for parts. The donated coats will be locally redistributed to other families in the greater Lansing area that are financially struggling. 

Harvey expected a total of a few dozen coats, several tons of electronics and a few dozen appliances.

Ellen Dillman, volunteer coordinator for Meridian Green Team, said that one year they had someone arrive on a bicycle to donate. The donor attached a trailer to the bicycle carrying a hot water heater.

“In the spring, we take bicycles. Sometimes we do shredding of household goods or large metals, that type of thing,” Dillman said. 

Recycling events and drives have become an increasingly popular volunteer opportunity for businesses, high school students and college students. Dillman, who has been volunteer coordinator for 11 years, has held many events and worked with hundreds of volunteers. 

“It was started by some women who wanted to be able to get rid of stuff that was harder to get rid of,” Dillman said. “Back then, it was things like cardboard, and bottles and cans, which now you can recycle easily anywhere. It’s melded into a thing where we will take things that are more difficult to find a way to recycle. Electronics are harder to recycle.” 

High school volunteer numbers have gone as high as 40 students at one event. Dillman said students seem eager to help out and always pull their weight.

Volunteers for the recycling events vary from schools to businesses, but the Green Team always pulls in high numbers of volunteers.

For more information about the Meridian Green Team, Meridian Cares or more upcoming events, visit the Meridian Township website.


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Mana Fashion Pop-Up Returns to Kick Off The Holiday Shoppin…

Bringing the community of style enthusiasts together just in time for the holiday shopping season, Mana Fashion Pop Up returns with its third and largest pop-up this November 3-5 at Mana Wynwood Convention Center.

Mana Fashion Services will bring over 100 ethical brands comprised of local, Miami-made, and International brands that embrace their small and ethical business ethos, offering gifts for everyone from home goods to jewelry, apparel and so much more.

Attendees can choose from two ticket options, attending the VIP Opening on Night 1 (November 3rd) and gaining special fashion-insider access, mixing and mingling with the who’s who of Miami fashionistas, attend the exclusive fashion show, sip cocktails, dine on hors d’oeuvres and shop til’ they drop; or join with the family throughout the weekend on Saturday and Sunday from 12-7 PM.

At the Mana Fashion Pop-Up, consumers can meet with brand founders, and designers and get to know the creatives behind each brand.

“Mana Fashion Services is excited to bring the fashion community of South Florida together just before the holiday season, bringing gift ideas to life for friends and loved ones who will appreciate our ‘shop ethically and shop small business’ philosophy that we’re proud to promote,” says Aleksandra Sivokoneva, Creative Director for Mana Fashion Services.

“Curating hundreds of items from candles to cover-ups, shoppers will check everyone off their holiday wish list with unique, one-of-kind items that support small businesses from near and far.”

Participating in the pop-up are several Miami-based brands including Bien Bien Miami, La Nadia Jewels, La Roja by Misha, Perry Walker Collective, and Taylor Dorry, alongside other local creatives and artists, such as Valeria Krasavina, a fashion illustrator and designer based in Miami.

In addition to the group of local Miami brands that will present their collections at the pop-up; a group of Ukrainian fashion designers including Iva Jewelry Ocean x Silk Statnaia Elena Reva Alice K Clothing Vivons Omelia Kris Maran Valery Kovalska Norba Malva Florea will also showcase their collections, directly benefiting brands from the war-torn nation.

Details including more information about Mana Fashion Services and links to purchase a limited number of VIP night tickets – which are sure to sell out, are located below.


Mana Fashion Services is thrilled to announce the return of its highly anticipated Fashion Pop-Up for its third edition, set to take place at Mana Wynwood.

This exclusive pop-up event promises an unforgettable shopping experience, bringing together a curated selection of over 100 local and international, ethical fashion brands.

Perfectly timed for holiday shopping, attendees can indulge in a weekend filled with activities including shopping, an engaging panel discussion, a captivating fashion show, a donation swap, live entertainment, and much more.

Guests have two ticket options to choose from: General Admission, priced starting at just $11 per ticket, grants access to a weekend of shopping and family-friendly activities.

For those seeking an elevated experience, the VIP package offers an early-bird option from $162 per ticket and offers exclusive access to a luxurious evening in addition to the weekend festivities.

As part of our commitment to making a positive impact, Mana Fashion Services is proud to support Ukraine during this event, highlighting two Ukrainian brands that have pledged to donate proceeds from their weekend sales to benefit the Masha Foundation, a Ukraine-based charity founded by TV host and activist Masha Efrosinina.

Join us in this charitable endeavor while celebrating the world of fashion and culture at Mana Fashion Services’ Fashion Pop-Up.


Mana Wynwood Convention Center 318 NW 23rd St
Miami, FL 33127


VIP Night is Friday, November 3 from 6 PM – 9 PM
Weekend GA Saturday, November 4 – Sunday, November 5 from 12 PM – 7 PM

Event Highlights

VIP night Giveaway includes Arlo Hotel Stay, Delta AirLine Round trip tickets, a $500 Shopping Voucher, a Gift Bag, and a Fashion Show

On Sunday, Nov. 5 the community will gather for a Panel Discussion covering the power of ethical brands and what it means for the fashion industry and consumers.

The pop-up event will feature a clothing swap powered by Curley’s House, where attendees can exchange gently used, freshly washed clothes of all ages for one ticket per item.

Additionally, a sneaker donation center will be set up by Sneaker Impact, an eco friendly organization preventing landfill waste.

About Mana Fashion Services

Mana Fashion Services, a subsidiary of Mana Common, is dedicated to connecting and empowering fashion professionals. The community it fosters spans designers, manufacturers, suppliers, buyers, and more, with a strong focus on sustainability and entrepreneurship.

Located in Downtown Miami’s Flagler District, the organization is actively creating showrooms, a textile resource center, co-working spaces, and retail areas. Launched in April 2022, it has successfully hosted events like “Miami Talks,” Fashion Popups, Workshops, and more, making a notable impact during Miami Swim Week.

Mana Fashion Services’ primary goal is to unite the fashion industry within the neighborhood, empowering one creative visionary at a time.

Their broader mission is to establish a sustainable ecosystem that connects fashion communities across the US, Latin America, and beyond.

The organization is actively working on the establishment of a textile lab/resource center and exciting partnerships with influential entities such as Vogue, Pantone, CFDA, and more.

These initiatives are set to offer valuable support to their growing community. For more information, please visit www.manafashion.com

By ML staff. Images courtesy of Mana fashion.

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I’ve saved thousands of pounds by making one small lifestyl…

Left: Zara Canfield standing in front of a banner that reads 'FASHION FIGHTING POVERTY 23'. Right: Zara shopping for secondhand clothes at a charity shop, holding up some clothing on a hanger and smiling at the camera.

I had always been a fan of recycled fashion (Picture: Olly Ross for Oxfam)

‘I love your dress, where’s it from?’

That was the question I got numerous times at a wedding I went to recently.

I was wearing a vintage-style floral Hell Bunny dress, which I paired with some chunky nude heels that I’ve owned for nearly 10 years.

To each person who asked, I simply replied: ‘I bought it for just £8.99 from Oxfam!’

In fact, my boyfriend’s mum even told me that her dress was from a charity shop too, which just goes to show you can shop pre-loved fashion for any occasion.

Zara in her Hell Bunny dress

Zara in her Hell Bunny dress (Picture: Olly Ross for Oxfam)

It’s just one of the outfits I’ve sourced completely second-hand ever since I decided to take part in Oxfam’s ‘Second Hand September’ – a campaign that promotes donating, reusing, rewearing and restyling your clothes for a whole month – for the past four years. 

I had always been a fan of recycled fashion. There’s a certain charm in clothing that has a story behind it and a thrill in searching for unique treasures.

Despite my love for vintage, I was a self-confessed fast fashion fanatic. Hours would slip away as I mindlessly scrolled through clothing apps. I was caught in the cycle of keeping up with ever-changing trends.

Zara Canfield looking through secondhand clothes while smiling at the camera.

Immediately, I noticed that giving up buying new clothes was actually pretty easy (Picture: Zara Canfield)

Then came the turning point.

I started working at Oxfam as a Festivals Marketing and Engagement Executive in October 2017. It was through this role that I learnt about Second Hand September and I thought it was a brilliant idea.

In 2019, I went to Latitude Festival and found myself having some thought-provoking conversations, which made me reflect on my own consumption. This included talking to people about the effects that the fashion industry has on the planet and how easy it was to change our shopping mindset.

So I thought to myself at the time: Why wasn’t I practising what I was preaching? I left determined to make a change in the way I shop for clothes - including doing Second Hand September that year.

Zara Canfield standing in front of a green brick wall with thin yellow horizontal stripes; wearing a pantsuit with a bright green belt and a mustard top underneath, left hand in her pocket and right hand by her side, smiling at the camera.

I found a boiler suit, belt, neon top and accessories - all for less than £15 - which I wore to Guardians of the Galaxy Secret Cinema (Picture: Olly Ross for Oxfam)

The best thing I did at the start of my journey was to remove any temptation by unsubscribing from clothes retailers and deleting shopping apps off my phone. I also unfollowed influencers who continued to promote fast fashion hauls and replaced them with sustainable fashion accounts.

Immediately, I noticed that giving up buying new clothes was actually pretty easy and I enjoyed shopping so much more - going instead to physical stores and feeling glee when I found a hidden gem in the charity shop. My style became far more unique and I was saving so much money too!

The first month went so well that I decided then and there that I’d give up buying new clothes for good. And that was four years ago.

Zara Canfield on her 30th birthday, standing between two balloons (a 3 and a 0) on the grass in a marquee, with shiny pink streamers behind her. She's wearing a polka dot top and a skirt patterned with birds.

I turned 30 and was proudly wearing pre-loved clothes (Picture: Zara Canfield)

Now, every September I can look back at how far I have come in changing my shopping habits for the better.

It’s also my birthday in September, so it’s a great time to buy a second-hand outfit (or two) for the celebrations. This year, I turned 30 and was proudly wearing pre-loved clothes. Even my birthday badge wasn’t new - it was from my auntie’s 30th birthday just over 20 years ago.

My off-the-High-Street ventures have blessed me with numerous one-of-a-kind finds.

Zara Canfield wearing a purple patterned dress, standing indoors in front of a green wall covered with posters for Second Hand September. Her left hand is on her hip, right arm by her side, and she's smiling at the camera.

My wardrobe is bursting with amazing finds (Picture: Zara Canfield)

From a £150 Barbour wax jacket that I bought for £10 from the Sobell House Hospice charity shop in Headington, to a vintage handmade dress from the 40s that I got for £8 from my local Shaw Trust charity shop. I’ve even bagged myself nearly-new Dr. Marten boots for £20 from the Oxfam Superstore.

Some items carry designer labels – like Ralph Lauren and Comme Des Garçons – and some no labels at all, but each adds an interesting flair to my wardrobe.

Charity shops are also great for fancy dress outfits.

I found a boiler suit, belt, neon top and accessories - all for less than £15 - which I wore to a Guardians of the Galaxy Secret Cinema event for my birthday. I also spent around £15 after I found a funky yellow dress and tan boots for me and a tan suede shirt and retro round glasses for my boyfriend – all for a 70s-themed birthday party.

Zara Canfield wearing a black and white polka dot dress, sitting outside at a bench at a pub next to a brick wall, smiling at the camera.

It’s actually a badge of honour to say that I bought something this way (Picture: Zara Canfield)

My wardrobe is bursting with amazing finds – so much so that I have just had to have a clear-out. I filled lots of bags to donate to my local Oxfam shop.

It keeps the circular economy going and makes me happy to know that someone else is going to get excited about finding something I have donated.

In my four years of shopping second-hand, I have only made one big new purchase. I was a bridesmaid and had to dress a very particular way. I couldn’t get around it.

Full disclosure, I have also bought necessities such as socks and underwear, but I choose to support more sustainable brands.

Zara Canfield in front of a green brick wall with thin yellow horizontal stripes; she's wearing a navy pantsuit and high-heeled black boots with bright green laces, kicking one foot at the camera, both arms raised by her face, hands in fists and smiling at the camera.

Rummaging through vintage racks is like a treasure hunt (Picture: Olly Ross for Oxfam)

It’s hard to say exactly how much money I have saved over the last four-plus years but, with most items being less than half the original price, it’s a lot!

I also find myself shopping far less than I used to without the temptations of endless emails and notifications from shopping apps. I always love to seek out a bargain and if I can do this while also supporting a charity that’s even better – it’s a win win all round!

Every year, the fashion industry generates massive amounts of climate-damaging emissions in the production of new clothes. The way I shop now is how I can act in my own small way to help extend the life of clothes already in circulation and cut down on my own consumption.

And I’m not alone. Increasing numbers of shoppers, activists and people within the fashion industry are choosing second-hand fashion as it is no longer seen as second best.

It’s actually a badge of honour to say that I bought something this way as it is an environmental choice, as well as being great value for money.

For me, rummaging through vintage racks is like a treasure hunt, offering me unique pieces that enhance my personal style.

It’s amazing how easy and fun it can be.

Dress for the world you want this September by pledging to shop second-hand and donating all your unwanted clothes to Oxfam. Find out more in store or at: https://www.oxfam.org.uk/get-involved/second-hand-september/ 

Do you have a story you’d like to share? Get in touch by emailing jess.austin@metro.co.uk. 

Share your views in the comments below.

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A Journey through Hip Hop, Marsh B. Takes Audiences through…

Marsh B

Marsh B

‘3 AM’ is an album that features a rich blend of rhythmic tunes and relatable lyricism which will stay with listeners for after long

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY, UNITED STATES, September 23, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Showcasing a mix of Rap, R&B, and Hip Hop, Marsh B. hopes to solidify his presence in the music industry and to be recognized as a ‘real’ artist with a refreshing soundscape. Having been making music for a long time, Marsh B. is now looking forward to his hard work being recognized.

Been releasing tapes since 2020, Marsh B. is set to take his craft to the next level, delivering tracks that resonate through the Hip Hop scene. Formerly known as Yung Trey, the Louisiville artist continues his masterful artistry by releasing a second record in 2023. ‘3 AM’ follows onto ‘Life in Spain, but the S is Silent’ which was well-received all across the board.

Driven by a deep sense of purpose, Marsh B’s music emphasizes faith and commitment to God’s Word as a pivotal force, as well as the power and value of family. The Kentucky artist’s 3 children serve as a constant form of inspiration and are the reason why he dedicates himself to every musical endeavor.

The talented artist’s goal is to provide for his loved ones, ensuring they have nothing to worry about, all because of the risks he’s taken and the sacrifices he’s made.

Marsh B’s vision also places community at the very center. The artist hopes to give back to the very place that raised him, using his success as a platform to uplift others. The Louisville artist’s music is a testament to his roots, and he is committed to shine a light on the talent that often goes unnoticed.

Marsh B’s upcoming record goes beyond just music- the album is a depiction of his evolution and growth as an artist. Having released tapes since 2020, Marsh B. is ready to make his mark in the music industry. The new album is representative of his hard work and dedication, painting the story of an artist who remains unafraid to lay it all on the line.

Marsh B.’s new album, which is slated to drop on September 22, 2023. Join the movement of this rising hip-hop star!

Stream Marsh B’s new music by visiting his official website which serves as a gateway to his tracks on all major platforms including YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.



Marsh B, formerly known as Yung Trey, is a name known throughout the up-and-coming hip-hop scene. Born in Louisville, Kentucky on September 27, 1990, Marsh B is a prolific songwriter who is captivating the realm of Rap and R&B. With his album set to drop on September 22, 2023, the talented artist is highlighting his talent and fortifying his status as a genius musical force.

As early as the 8th grade, the talented artist was on his own voyage of discovering his creative side, crafting rhymes, and honing his skills. However, it wasn’t until 2020 that he truly decided to take his passion for music to the next level and began releasing some of the most unique and compelling works in the genre.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Marshb502

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Iam.MarshB

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/Iam_MarshB

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ_lDb57-652pWHh5oarRug?feature=gws_kp_artist&feature=gws_kp_artist

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2xYDAQedeDmJpPFefoLU1p?autoplay=true

SoundCloud: https://www.soundcloud.com/Marshb502

Marsh B
Marsh B
+1 800-983-1362

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