Boody Is Slinging Free Knickers At A Pop Up This Weekend


Are your undies desperate for retirement? Has the waistband gone slack and the fabric sad and limp? If so, it’s time for a new pair.

Whether it’s through good ol’ wear and tear or simply forgetting them at a lover’s place or a hotel room, we can underestimate how quickly we run through pairs.

Buying underwear is a journey. Growing up, I’d just grab whatever generic, cheap pair I could find. But now that I’m slightly older, and chafing has become the bane of my existence, I really need something more to feel comfortable in.

A study showed that 30% of women have their mood affected by uncomfortable underwear, and it makes sense. If our clothing feels tight, digs in or hurts our body, it can leave us feeling self-conscious and irritated.

Finding comfortable underwear is like a Ratatouille moment. A choir sings when you put on a pair and no longer feel the elastic of the underwear digging into your sides like a thousand rubber bands around a watermelon. Your stomach stops aching from having your insides squeezed, and you no longer feel exposed when the pair folds over itself. We need underwear that not only fits us better but gives us far more comfort. We deserve underwear that fits well and lasts, not cheaply made one-offs that will end up in the bin after a few short weeks.

Thankfully, environmentally-conscious fashion brand Boody is taking over the Laundrlab in Bondi on the 25th and 26th of August. You can swap the pair you’re wearing, or bring a pair of your old, uncomfy undies and exchange them for a fresh pair of bamboo Boody knickers. You just pop your old pair in an eco-friendly, dissolvable bag, into Laundrlab’s machines, where they’ll be cleaned and sent to a fabric recycling facility, ready for their new lease on life.

Instead of cheap polyester, Boody undies are made from bamboo that undergoes an intense “pulping” ritual, turning the bamboo into a crushed pool of fibre. These are then processed and spun into yarns, turning into a viscose material.

When talking to Refinery29 Australia, Rebecca Innes, the product lead at Boody, explained that “viscose draws moisture away from the body [so it] evaporates through the fabric [and then] allows the skin to breathe,” says Innes.

The end result is a pair of undies that are incredibly comfortable. According to one study, bamboo fibre also has antimicrobial properties, moisture-wicking capabilities and is anti-static in nature. It’s also highly breathable and soft.

So head on down to the laundromat with your old pair*, and pick up a free, eco-friendly and far more breathable option from Boody. They’ll last longer and have you breathing sighs of relief.

*Limited to one pair per customer.

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