13 Best White Eyeshadows to Dramatize Your Eye Makeup Seaml…


White Eyeshadows to Dramatize Your Eye Makeup Seamlessly

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White is the most versatile shade found in an eyeshadow palette. Why you need them is because the best white eyeshadows aid in adding much-needed dimension and depth to your eyes and make them look brighter and popped. Yes, they are the real game changers that can elevate your eye makeup look within seconds. To note more, they come in a variety of finishes to suit your makeup needs. You can find them in matte, shimmery, sparkly, and glittery finishes offering full to medium coverage. Each of the finish types has something or else to offer your eyes. A matte white eyeshadow helps in creating a vibrant canvas, the shimmery one lends you a subtle and softer look, whereas sparkly and glittery white eyeshadows make your eyes look nothing but glamorous.

White eyeshadows might possess a translucent texture but in reality, play a major role in defining your eyes. You can use them to highlight the inner corners of your eyes, brow bones, as well as the nose bridge. Plus, the majority of them come in a highly-pigmented formula that is easy to blend. Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or professional, an alluring shade of white can always come to your rescue when colored eyeshadows fail to exude their real color. Ahead is our fanciful list of the best shimmery, glittery, and matte white eyeshadows that you should think of investing in.

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Best White Creamy Eyeshadow

Best Shimmery White Eyeshadow

Best White Eyeshadow Stick

Best White Glitter Eyeshadow

Best White Matte Eyeshadow

13 Best White Eyeshadows to Create Out-of-the-box Makeup Looks

Our very first recommendation is the NYX Professional Makeup Jumbo eye pencil that comes in the shade of ‘Milk’. It is an impeccable eye pencil that can be used as an eyeshadow or eyeliner pencil. What we liked the most is its one-swipe color payoff and ultra-creamy texture that glides smoothly onto your eyelids. Secondly, the pencil is blendable and has a satin finish. Plus, you can run it on your waterline, and inner corners, as well as paint your entire eyelid for creating dramatic looks.


  • Sharpenable
  • Cruelty-free
  • Travel-friendly
  • Incredibly convenient to apply


  • Doesn’t come with a sharpener

  • 2

    Editor’s Choice

    Almay Eyeshadow Palette – 100 Unicorn

    Almay Eyeshadow Palette - 100 Unicorn

  • The next on our list is this white eyeshadow palette from the brand, Almay. The sleek pressed powder compact consists of 1 shade in 4 impeccable finishes – matte, metallic, satin, and glitter. Moreover, all of them have a velvety smooth texture so you can create some statement-making eye looks with ease. A tip! You can either use one shade for a monochromatic look or combine all of them to dramatize your eye makeup a little more.


    • Hypoallergenic
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Inexpensive
    • Dermatologically-tested
    • Ideal for everyday wear

  • 3

    Best White Creamy Eyeshadow

    wet n wild Coloricon Multistick – Pearl

    wet n wild Coloricon Multistick - Pearl

  • While researching for the best white cream eyeshadows, we came across this one from Wet n Wild. It is an intensely pigmented and buildable stick enriched with nourishing argan oils, virgin passion fruit seed oil, and vitamin E. Addedly, it features a cream-to-powder silky formula that blends effortlessly onto your skin. What made it earn more than 3 thousand ratings on Amazon is its versatility. Yes, this one stick can be used on your eyes, lips, as well as the cheek. The best part — it offers light coverage and the pearlescent effect dries down matte.


    • Cost-effective
    • Buildable
    • Travel-friendly
    • Easy to remove

  • 4

    Best Shimmery White Eyeshadow

    Oulac Shimmer White Cream Eyeshadow – Crystal Rain

    Oulac Shimmer White Cream Eyeshadow - Crystal Rain

  • With Oulac’s shimmer white cream eyeshadow in your makeup vanity, we bet you will look nothing less than a princess living in the snowy world. That’s all because of the eyeshadow’s shimmery effect that makes your eyes sparkle. To note more, it is infused with vitamin E to moisturize your eyelids and make them look nourished. In addition, this astounding white shimmery eyeshadow features an anti-sweat and easy-to-blend formula that makes it last throughout the day.


    • Waterproof
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Vegan
    • Suitable for all skin types

  • 5

    Best for Beginners

    Belé MakeUp Italia Eyeshadow – #1 White Pure

    Belé MakeUp Italia Eyeshadow - #1 White Pure

  • This shimmer white eyeshadow from Belé MakeUp Italia is loved for its intense color payoff that makes eyes pop. Plus, its highly-saturated texture and bright and light ‘white pure’ shade gives you the freedom to play around with multiple eyeshadow looks. Furthermore, it is non-greasy and helps in illuminating your eye makeup like a true makeup artist. The best part — it is not too powdery nor very creamy and thus suitable for beginners as well as professionals.


    • Cruelty-free
    • GMO-free
    • Crease-proof
    • Long-lasting

  • 6

    Best White Eyeshadow Stick

    LOKFAR Eye-Shadow Stick – 01# Pearl White Shimmer

    LOKFAR Eye-Shadow Stick - 01# Pearl White Shimmer

  • Based on our team’s research, Lokfar’s white eyeshadow stick is a cult favorite for its alluring 2-in-1 double-head design. On one end, there’s eyeshadow while on the other, it is equipped with a built-in smudger. What we liked the most about this stick is the fact that it is super easy to use and doesn’t crease. In addition, it has a soft texture and offers you a shimmery finish. Not just that, it is also highly pigmented to help you amplify the beauty of your eyes.


    • Long-lasting
    • Reasonable
    • Sweat-resistant
    • Hypoallergenic

  • 7

    Most Moisturizing

    Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Natural Creme Eyeshadow – White Satin (Shimmer)

    Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Natural Creme Eyeshadow -  White Satin (Shimmer)

  • Another best white shimmer eyeshadow is this one from Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques. What makes it distinctive is its hydrating, moisturizing, and skin-nourishing abilities. We also glanced through the features of this product and were surprised to see that it is intensely saturated, and crafted from clean ingredients like natural vitamins and minerals like shea butter, rosehip, vitamin E, and jojoba oil. Nonetheless, its white satin shimmery shade is clearly exquisite.


    • Silky smooth texture
    • Blends easily
    • Cruelty-free
    • Skin-protecting formula

  • 8

    Best Waterproof

    FOCALLURE Shimmer and Matte Cream Eyeshadow Stick – Frost

    FOCALLURE Shimmer and Matte Cream Eyeshadow Stick - Frost

  • Focallure’s shimmer and matte cream eyeshadow stick is what you need for a subtle yet elegant eye makeup look. It features a lightweight and buildable formula that glides on like butter. What made us recommend this cream white eyeshadow is its soft texture and waterproof formula that stays for a prolonged period of time and never creases or fades. Moreover, it is light on the skin, providing a rich pigment-pay off. To top it off, it is available in a wide range of shades and is in fact the most portable eyeshadow one can ever have.


    • Transfer-proof
    • Ergonomic design
    • Good coverage
    • Suitable for sensitive eyes

  • 9

    Best White Glitter Eyeshadow

    SUAKE 2 Pieces Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow

    SUAKE 2 Pieces Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow

  • For someone who is not so comfortable using eyeshadow palettes and sticks, Suake’s liquid white glitter eyeshadow is an ideal pick. Our findings show that it is a set of 2 liquid eyeshadows that are highly pigmented and vibrant. Secondly, both of them are made from skin-friendly ingredients and are suitable for sensitive eyes. On the other hand, the applicator is equipped with a flat brush for precise control and application. What we liked the most is their high-gloss formula that elevates your eye makeup look effortlessly.


    • Waterproof
    • Easy to remove
    • Glides smoothly
    • Last up to 12 hours


    • Applicator is short in length

  • 10

    Best White Matte Eyeshadow

    BEPHOLAN Single Matte White Eyeshadow Palette – White Swan

    BEPHOLAN Single Matte White Eyeshadow Palette - White Swan

  • Bepholan’s best white matte eyeshadow comes in the shade called ‘White Swan’. It is highly pigmented, bright, and offers full coverage. In addition, it has an extra-long staying power and a velvety smooth texture that makes it a must-have. With this white matte eyeshadow in your hands, you can not only paint your eyelids white but also highlight the inner corners of your eyes to make them pop. The most impressive part — the eyeshadow doesn’t make your eyelids look dry or dehydrated.


    • Travel-friendly
    • Pocket-friendly
    • Can be used as a base eyeshadow
    • Ideal for beginners and professionals

  • 11

    MEICOLY White Single Eyeshadow – 201 White

    MEICOLY White Single Eyeshadow - 201 White

  • Another best matte white eyeshadow is the one from Meicoly. It is a vibrant pressed eyeshadow powder featuring a smooth, silky, and soft texture. The reason why this eyeshadow got our attention is because of its versatility. You can use it for contouring, painting your face, minimizing the appearance of dark spots, or adding depth and dimension to your eyebrows. Plus, you can apply it with the help of a brush or simply use your fingertips. Nevertheless, it is well-pigmented and provides full coverage.


    • Vegan
    • Cruelty-free
    • Easy to take off
    • Lasts all day

  • 12

    TWLBXMG White Eyeshadow Stick – White Shimmer # 01

    TWLBXMG White Eyeshadow Stick - White Shimmer # 01

  • This white shimmer eyeshadow got our attention when we were looking out for the best eyeshadow sticks for you. It is a highly-pigmented eyeshadow featuring a buttery soft shimmery color to lend your eyes a multi-dimensional look. The second best thing about this stick is that it comes with a built-in sponge applicator for mess and hassle-free application. To note more, Twlbxmg has crafted it to fulfill your sculpting, shading, and defining needs.


    • Waterproof
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Easy to blend
    • Very travel-friendly

  • 13

    MAC Eye Shadow – Gesso

    MAC Eye Shadow - Gesso

  • While researching for the best white eyeshadow palettes, we came across this one from MAC. It can be worn alone or used as a base to make your colored eyeshadow’s actual color pop. Talking about its texture — it is smooth and blendable. In addition, it is well-pigmented and perfect for adding dimension to your overall eye makeup. Plus, it has an intense color payoff that amplifies the beauty of your eyes and makes them look bright.


    • Can be used as a highlighter
    • Good coverage
    • Does not crease
    • Great quality

    That was our comprehensive list of the best white eyeshadows. Now let us run you through our detailed buying guide.

    What to Look for When Buying the Best White Eyeshadow?

    Here are a few aspects that you should consider before splurging on the best white eyeshadow – 

    Type: Make sure you analyze every type of eyeshadow thoroughly. As per your needs and preference, you may choose a white eyeshadow makeup palette, stick, or liquid. If you are a beginner, vouch for a subtle shimmery eyeshadow that comes in the form of a stick or pressed powder. Those who wish for a highly pigmented or glittery finish, can get their hands on liquid-based eyeshadows that come with a wand applicator. 

    Finish Type: White eyeshadows are available in mainly 4 types of finishes — shimmer, matte, glitter, and sparkle. For everyday, subtle, or minimalistic eye makeup look, you may vouch for a shimmery or matte eyeshadow. On the other hand, for special occasions, you can spruce up the beauty of your eyes with the help of glittery or sparkly eyeshadows.   

    Texture: The next important aspect is the texture of the eyeshadow. An ideal white eyeshadow makeup palette, compact, or stick should possess an easy-to-glide, smooth, soft, silky, and blendable texture. It should not look chalky, cakey, or patchy. Secondly, it should be buildable and glide on your eyelids with ease. 

    Formula: Another vital feature to analyze is the formula of the eyeshadow. It should possess a waterproof, sweat-resistant, crease-proof, and transfer-proof formula. An ideal eyeshadow should be vegan and cruelty-free. Avoid purchasing eyeshadows that are formulated with harsh or harmful chemicals like parabens. 

    Pigmentation: Ensure that the eyeshadow that you are purchasing is highly pigmented or intensely saturated. It should not be too opaque and difficult to blend. Secondly, it should lend you full coverage and possess a rich color payoff. 

    Longevity: For all-day wear, make sure you splurge on long-lasting eyeshadows that don’t smudge, budge, or smear. Usually, an eyeshadow lasts for up to 8 hours. It is also advisable to stay away from runny or too powdery eyeshadows that melt down quickly. 

    After taking note of the above-mentioned aspects, get to know how to apply white eyeshadows accurately.

    How to Apply White Eyeshadow?

    Below are a few steps to apply white eyeshadow appropriately – 

    Step 1: Apply your foundation and concealer. 

    Step 2: Depending upon the type of eyeshadow, pick a brush or simply use your fingers. 

    Step 3: Begin applying a base eyeshadow that is matte. 

    Step 4: Apply a thin layer of your white eyeshadow over it and blend well. 

    Step 5: Highlight your eyebrow bone, and inner corners of your eyes, and apply a little quantity of the eyeshadow underneath your bottom lash line. 

    Step 6: Apply eyeliner on the upper lash line and a kajal on the waterline for an intense look. 

    Step 7: Complete your eye makeup by sweeping a few strokes of mascara onto your lashes. 

    Tada, you are done!

    That was all about the best white eyeshadows that you should think of snagging up right away. These white eyeshadows are not only meant for creating a clean and bright canvas for your colored eyeshadows to pop but also can be worn alone for a highly dramatized or subtle look. In addition, they make your eyes look bodacious without actually overpowering them. So, why wait? Witness the flawless appeal of this shade and flaunt some seriously subtle or glam eye makeup looks without much ado. Happy shopping!


    Does white eyeshadow look good?

    Yes, white eyeshadows make your eyes look brighter and popped.

    Why do people wear white eyeshadow?

    People wear white eyeshadow to add definition and depth to their eyes.

    How do you make white eyeshadow pop?

    You may apply a concealer beneath or simply spritz your makeup setting spray or powder on your brush.

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