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If you’re like me, aka not holidaying in Europe and suffering from severe FOMO, your recent Google searches probably look a little like this:

How is everyone affording Europe right now?

How do you become a travel influencer if you have no skills, talent or money?

Is it possible to get Seasonal Affective Disorder in Australia in winter?

What are the best fake tans that will make me look like I’ve just come back from Mykonos?

While I can’t help you with searches one-three (soz!), I have found a holy-grail product that will help you with the last one.

You see, as a Greek gal myself, I naturally go super olive in summer. However, in winter, my Mediterranean roots fail me and I turn much paler than I would like. 

Now, let me caveat this by saying there is NOTHING wrong with pale skin. But for me, I have dark features so I just think I suit a tan more. 

I feel and look a lot healthier when I’m bronzed and can even convince people that I’ve left the house in the last few months (I have you guys!)

So when I tell you that I take my fake tanning very seriously, believe me – I’m religious about the stuff. And I reckon I’ve finally found the best fake tan that actually rivals the real one you’d get from a Greek Island. The criteria being: Natural looking, not orange, non-streaky, glowy and fades gradually. 

The Three Warriors Self-Tanning Mousse ticks all those boxes for me. 

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What is the Three Warriors Self-Tanning Mousse?

Good question. The Three Warriors Self-Tanning Mousse is a quick-drying, easy-to-apply tanning mousse that will give you an instant, natural-looking colour. 

The secret? It’s made with Australian ingredients that are kind to your skin and free from harsh chemicals.

But that’s not all – this self-tan smells fresh, like zesty lime and vanilla, instead of that notorious weird fake tan smell. 

And when it starts to fade (after about a week), it does so evenly, avoiding those annoying patchy spots. 

It’s also suitable for all skin types, so anyone can enjoy it.

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What are the hero ingredients?

This tan is certified organic, vegan and cruelty-free (and it’s also pregnancy safe!)

Consider it like skincare crossed with self-tan, as it uses a mix of beauty-boosting, nutrient-rich ingredients. 

At the core of their lineup is Tasmanian Olive Oil, which helps with hydration. It joins forces with Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, aka. lots of skin-loving goodies that will nourish and protect your skin while helping to lock in moisture. 

Let’s also chat about what’s not included. Their self-tan is free of animal products, silicones, synthetic pigments, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), Sodium laureth sulphate (SLES), harsh chemicals, petrochemicals, parabens, phenoxyethanol.

How much does it cost?

The mousse costs $34.95 and you can purchase it here from the Three Warriors website.  

It’s also stocked in David Jones, Nourished Life and The Iconic.

How do you apply it?

Getting that flawless self-tan is easy with the right prep. Begin by exfoliating your skin using circular motions. After showering and shaving, apply the self-tanning mousse using a tanning mitt for even coverage. Let the tan absorb into your skin for one hour for a sun-kissed glow or up to five hours for a deep-bronze tan. 

Once the tan has developed, rinse off the excess in a quick 60-second shower. Your tan will continue to develop afterwards, too.

My experience and results

After searching for what feels like my whole life for my ‘go-to’ fake tan, finding the Three Warriors mousse felt like a godsend. Dramatic? Yes, but also true!

I’ve tried countless different products and I’ve always felt like they’re more effort than they’re worth. But this mousse really is a dream and squashes all of the issues I’ve previously had with fake tan (the streaks, the smell, that dark orange colour you go while you wait for the tan to develop meaning you can’t go anywhere or do anything…)

I knew I was onto something good right from the start. The application process is so effortless – it glides on so smoothly, and a little goes a long way. It also doesn’t leave the skin with that sticky residue that fake tan usually does. 

One of the best parts is that the initial bronzer isn’t overly dark, so you can go about your day while it develops, yes, even outside. *gasps*

Now let’s chat about the gorgeous caramel colour you’re left with. It’s the kind of gentle tan that doesn’t scream “fake,” meaning you can rock it even during the winter months without standing out. The best fake tan, in my opinion, is the one that doesn’t look like you’re wearing fake tan at all. 

It also lasts an impressive 8-10 days as well, but I made sure to top up with the Three Warriors Gradual Tan to extend the life of the tan. 

Lastly, what truly sets it apart from other self-tans is the natural fade. The tan gradually mellows out, because it isn’t overly intense to begin with. 

This self-tan mousse has definitely earned its place as a year-round favourite in my beauty routine, whether I’m chasing that sun-kissed look during the colder months or maintaining a healthy glow in the summer, without the harmful UV rays. 

Three Warriors has managed to strike the perfect balance between a natural, long-lasting tan, a hassle-free application and a seamless fade – a true game-changer in my book.

A favourite among Aussie celebs

Don’t just take my word for it.

This salon-quality formulation is loved by some of Australia’s famous faces like golden girl Sonia Kruger, podcaster and author Ellidy Pullin, international Aussie model Ash Hart, TV host Shelly Craft and global celebrity hairstylist (and Kimmy K’s go-to guy) Chris Appleton to name a few. 

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