Would you like to try REAL Cadbury’s chocolate from the UK?…


Would you like to try REAL Cadbury’s chocolate from the UK? Or buy an authentic Barbour jacket like the British Royal family? This website makes it easy to shop from around the world

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If you’ve never yet tried the taste of Cadbury’s chocolate bought from a UK retailer, your tastebuds are missing out on something creamy, rich and full of flavor.

But it’s now possible to purchase it in the UK and have it shipped to the US through a website and app called Reship, that allows you to shop without limits or borders.

 That means iconic British fashion brands like Barbour can be purchased at lower prices without import costs. And Reship also gives US customers access to an impressive array of beauty brands that you can’t even access at Sephora, such as Boots cosmetics, Liz Earle skincare and Neal’s Yard Remedies organic bath and body products.

All you have to do is sign up at Reship, choose from a free membership or a subscription, and shop online as normal. Even better news is that if you download the app now via our link, you’ll receive $10 off your purchases. Here are some of the British brands that you could start shopping:

Cadbury’s Gift Direct is the best UK retailer for all things chocolate. This selection hamper costs $25 for a selection of bars and boxes that are only usually available in the UK. 


Boots No 7 specialize in making high quality skincare with active ingredients like retinol, hyaluronic acid, glycerin and more at affordable prices. 

Think pharmaceutical like results for drugstore prices and the full collection is only available in the UK. 


While some Barbour jackets are available at Nordstrom, the full collection of luxury British clothing is only available through the brand’s UK website.

Elevate your style and recreate a look like King Charles or the Prince or Princess of Wales. 


M&S is an iconic British grocery store, with the Percy Pig candies a must-have every time people visit.

Now you can get these and other delicious UK food like Tunnock’s teacakes delivered to the US. 


The Liz Earle cleanser has cult status around the UK as it washes off all dirt and impurities without stripping the face of moisture.

When used with hot water and a muslin cloth, the act of cleansing your face becomes luxurious – and a botttle and cloth is only $13. 


How Reship works 

1) Sign up with Reship and receive your Canadian and UK shipping addresses.

2) Start shopping online at your favorite Canadian and UK stores.

3) At checkout, use your provided Reship address as the shipping destination.

4) Your purchases will arrive at the Reship warehouse in the respective country.

5) Reship will then forward your packages from their warehouse straight to your home in the US.

6) In addition to the fantastic product variety, the exchange rates between the US dollar, the Canadian dollar, can offer substantial savings. Depending on the current rates, you could save significantly on your purchases compared to buying the same items in the US.

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