Sonia Kruger’s top beauty tricks: TV presenter reveals her …

Australian Gold Logie award-winning television presenter Sonia Kruger has been a firm fixture on our screens for more than two decades.

And while she might embrace dramatic makeup for her on-screen appearances as host of Dancing with the Stars, she’s far more relaxed about her beauty routine at home.

“In the mornings I wash my face and then apply an SPF serum for sun protection so I keep it quite simple in the AM,” she tells 7Life of her beauty regimen.

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“At nighttime though I do the full cleanse with something gentle, followed by a serum with hyaluronic acid and I finish off with a sleep mask or night cream to really replenish overnight.”

And what are some of those products Sonia relies on the most?

Sonia Kruger has shared her beauty routine. Credit: Instagram/soniakruger
Sonia uses micellar water to cleanser her face of an evening. Credit: Instagram/soniakruger

First of all, she turns to a micellar cleansing water to gently remove makeup of an evening after a long day on set.

“I use Carmex as a lip balm. I feel like every woman has lip balm in their handbag,” she said of her staple lip moisturiser.

For “great all-over hydration after the shower” Sonia opts for Bio-Oil dry skin gel which boosts moisture in the skin without leaving you oily.

Finally, and her most important step, is using Three Warriors self-tan mousse for a long-lasting glow.

“I also use the gradual tan product for topping up,” she adds.

‘I use Carmex as a lip balm. I feel like every woman has lip balm in their handbag.’ Credit: Instagram/soniakruger
The Three Warriors self-tan Sonia uses. Credit: Instagram/threewarriors

While having a gorgeous glow is one way to prepare for a big event, Sonia also focuses on getting enough rest and upping her hydration intake.

“So at the very least I look as well rested and clear eyed as possible. I don’t have a lot of time for facials, but a hydrating mask is a great do-it-yourself treatment. I usually get my nails done and then have a spray tan two days before an event to get a glow on and even out my skin tone,” she says.

After her on-screen duties are finished, Sonia focuses on trying to stay active and on her feet.

“Use it or lose it as they say! I take my dog Teddy for a long walk most mornings after school drop off if I’m not working,” she explains.

Sonia with the founder of Three Warriors. Credit: Instagram/threewarriors

“I play tennis once a week with some friends because it’s fun and a healthy way to catch up and I pop on the dance and body workouts from the Strictly You App and spend 30 minutes shaking my booty. I also see a physio who concentrates on resistance training with me once or twice a week to maintain strength and tone.”

While it can be hard to maintain a healthy diet while on holidays or travelling, wherever possible Sonia combines her exercise regime with light, fresh food.

“I avoid heavy carb laden meals. Salads and soups are always good options for me… the hardest thing is avoiding the bread basket!”

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