Shop These Black-owned Business for Black Business Month


10 Black-Owned Businesses To Support For Black Business Month

Source: Courtesy of Elizabeth Artis

Black Business Month has made its way back around the block. And although we celebrate Black-owned businesses every day at HB, this month, we are putting some extra shine on Black entrepreneurs and their hustles. Black-owned businesses are the backbone of the economy. Without their inventory and expertise, retail would be very bland. So why not pay homage to these ethnic entities by investing in their operations and getting some bomb products/services in return?

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Black-owned businesses are taking over the universe. The number of Black entrepreneurs, especially Black women entrepreneurs, has grown. According to research from Brookings.edu, from 2017 to 2020the number of Black-owned businesses across the country increased by 13.64%—larger than all businesses in general, which increased by 0.53% over the same period. And despite the effects of Covid, the number of employer businesses owned by Black women rose to 52,374. Black companies cover every need, from fashion to beauty, food, and lifestyle. Whatever your desires are, there’s a Black business that can assist you. Black people have been inventing everything under the sun since the beginning. And the grind is only getting more innovative. From sleek tennis shoes to beauty products that invigorate your skin, Black-owned businesses are versatile and here to serve the community.

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Black culture is responsible for setting trends and making things pop. Yet, the credit is often given to white-owned brands. Black Business Month is not only a time to give credit where credit is due; it’s also a way to shift the economy and display just how critical Black dollars are. So, let’s get into some Black-owned businesses that carry all the goodies without further delay. Grab your credit card and prepare to shop until you drop while putting your money where your activism is!

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Black-Owned Businesses To Support For Black Business Month 
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1. Elizabeth Artis Candles

Elizabeth Artis Candles

Source:Courtesy of Elizabeth Artis

A candle is an excellent tool for creating calm vibes and adding to your home’s decor. Elizabeth Artis’ candles are hand-poured with Black Girl Magic in Los Angeles. The scents are light yet potent, and the jars are stylish, adding flair to your home. 

2. Black Hundo

Black Hundo

Source:Courtesy of Shagari Gerard

If you need a custom look made by a fashionable clothier, check out Black Hundo. The seamstress has a talented touch, creating hip, one-of-kind looks for all occasions.

3. The Lip Bar

The Lip Bar

Source:Courtesy of The Lip Bar

The Lip Bar is on top of its beauty game. They have the best makeup, and their skin products are phenomenal! The products work well with sensitive skin and produce satisfying results. 

4. Introvert N the City

Introvert N the City

Source:Introvert N the City

If you need inspiration or could use a spiritual pick-me-up, you’ll want to tap into the Mindful Moon Deck. The 50-card deck was designed to keep you encouraged and remind you of your power. The brand recently launched The Moon Child Deck, a 35-card deck created to empower kids 4-14.

5. Zepyure


Source:Courtesy of Zepyure

What’s better than a fly pair of kicks? Fly, Black-owned kicks! Zepyure fuses athleticism and fashion to create a comfortable, stylish sneaker. This footwear brand, made from high-quality material, represents heritage, culture, and hospitality for both women and men.

6. She Got The Juice

She Got The Juice

Source:Anthony Emezu

Representing for the ladies is always a good idea, and She Got The Juice can help you do just that. This brand celebrates and empowers women through cute trinkets like this dainty lapel pin that makes a powerful statement. 


7. Pardon My Fro

Pardon My Fro

Source:Courtesy of Pardon My Fro

Pardon My Fro has a six-piece haircare line encouraging Black women to embrace their natural mane. Give your hair a spa day with these exciting products designed with our textures in mind.

8. Thread Beauty

Thread Beauty

Source:Courtesy of Thread Beauty

Thread Beauty is an inclusive beauty line that offers multi-use products in various shades. This clean, vegan, cruelty-free beauty brand caters to Gen Z with its popping colors and bright pigments.

9. Be Rooted

Be Rooted

Source:Courtesy of Be Rooted

Be Rooted is an inclusive stationery and homeware brand that aims to empower women of color and allow them to see themselves on the stationery. These colorful planners, journals, and writing instruments are a fun and uplifting way to record your thoughts and goals. 

10. Vinti


Source:Justin Cook

Vintage clothing is a huge trend, and of course, Black women fashionistas dominate this industry. If you’re looking for simple, high-end vintage garbs, look no further than Vinti. The styles in this boutique are not only rare, but they are also chic and lavish. 

11. yFOY


Source:Courtesy of yFOY Skincare

Veteran model Nicole Murphy has bottled up her effective skin tips and shared them with the world through her skincare line yFOY. Her clean and vegan skincare products promote cell turnover, nourish, refresh, and leave the skin glowing. 

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