Untold Stories at Trapezium Gallery in Bradford


Untold Stories features the work of Bradford photographers Caro Blount-Shah, Bev Clough, Ann Driver, Abraham Emajero, Lauren Kelly, Mark Lunn and Cath Muldowney.

Says Pauline Cooke of Trapezium: “We wanted an exhibition which highlighted themes the photographers were particularly interested in; as a way of raising social awareness or just displaying aspects of life which are unusual or important. The work on show is individual to each photographer, but forms a cohesive, exciting exhibition.”

The photographers were invited to produce a series of images on a particular theme in their own style.

Abraham Emajero’s photographic essay celebrates Bradford’s key historic pubs past and present, spotlighting their architecture and visual character. He also draws attention to the loss of city centre watering holes, declining at an alarming rate, with an impact on communities they served.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The Boy and Barrel pub by Abraham Emajero The Boy and Barrel pub by Abraham Emajero (Image: Abraham Emajero)

Caro Blount-Shah looks at things lost or left behind; photographing objects from dumps and skips which ended up in public spaces around the city. She also acknowledges people and community groups aiming to clear up and improve these public spaces for people and wildlife.

Ann Driver documents debris she encounters on her regular runs through Bradford streets and parks. She says: “The aim of my work is to highlight this modern epidemic and remind us how important it is to have a pleasant environment to live in.”

Cath Muldowney’s ongoing project, If I Can Dream, explores the enduring popularity of Elvis Presley in the UK.

Following Elvis impersonator contests in Blackpool, Cath says: “Forty six years on from Elvis’ death they are going from strength to strength, with a new generation of young tribute artists now playing to fans who weren’t even born when Elvis was alive.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Cath Muldowney explores the enduring appeal of Elvis - and tribute actsCath Muldowney explores the enduring appeal of Elvis – and tribute acts (Image: Cath Muldowney)

Closer to home, Mark Lunn looks at local band Harsh Words and explores how what you see when you look at a band is dependent on your point of view and when you view them.

Lauren Kelly explores vintage clothing, recycled fashion and second-hand shopping, touching on themes of sustainability, fast fashion, thrifting and the ‘vintage’ aesthetic fashionable among young people.

And Bev Clough documents the chore of washing clothes across cultures around the world, marking the interconnectedness of human actions and their impact on the world. Says Bev: “I aim to encourage the viewer to reflect on the choices we make and the responsibility we bear in ensuring the wellbeing of both humanity and the planet.”

* Untold Stories opens today at Trapezium Gallery on Kirkgate in Bradford city centre and runs until August 26.

Meet the artists at today’s launch, 12noon to 2pm. Visit trapeziumarts.com or email art@trapeziumarts.com

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