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Top 10 Tourist Spots in Chiang Rai + Amazing Activities & Things to Do

Chiang Rai, a city in northern Thailand, is renowned for its captivating culture, vibrant history, and stunning landscapes. It has many unique attractions, such as the Golden Triangle, Wat Rong Khun, and the Clock Tower. The city also boasts many cultural activities, including traditional Thai dance performances, temples, and a bustling night market. Visitors can explore the city’s picturesque countryside, dotted with lush green hills, rolling valleys, and serene rivers. Chiang Rai’s unique culture is also evident in its cuisine, which is a delicious blend of Thai, Burmese, and Chinese flavors. With its stunning scenery, fascinating culture, and captivating attractions, Chiang Rai is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience the best of Thailand. If you’re planning a visit to Chiang Rai, here are the top 10 best things to do:

Wat Rong Khun
Wat Rong Khun

1. Explore the White Temple (Wat Rong Khun)

The White Temple is a stunning sight to behold in Chiang Rai. Its majestic white facade is embellished with intricate details and unique designs that make it a must-see attraction for visitors to the city. Constructed from white plaster and adorned with millions of tiny pieces of mirrored glass, the White Temple is a stunning example of traditional Thai artistry. The temple’s main building is surrounded by a shimmering lake that reflects its beauty and creates a breathtaking atmosphere.

Inside the temple, visitors can find a variety of intricate sculptures and artwork that tell stories of Buddhist teachings and legends. The temple’s grounds are also home to several smaller buildings and gardens, each with a unique design and purpose. The White Temple is a must-visit for anyone looking to explore the culture and beauty of Chiang Rai.

Chiang Rai Blue Temple - Wat Rong Suea Ten
Chiang Rai Blue Temple – Wat Rong Suea Ten

2. Visit the Blue Temple (Wat Rong Suea Ten)

Wat Rong Suea Ten, also known as the Blue Temple, is a breathtaking sight in Chiang Rai. Its majestic blue exterior is just the beginning of the beauty within. Visitors are greeted with a stunning blue interior adorned with intricate artwork and detailed designs. The peaceful atmosphere of the temple creates a tranquil and calming atmosphere, leaving visitors in awe of the beauty and serenity of the temple. The temple’s vibrant colors and intricate designs are a sight to behold, and the blue gives it a unique and captivating look.

The temple is also home to several statues, sculptures, and artwork, all of which contribute to the mesmerizing atmosphere of the temple. The tranquil atmosphere of the temple is perfect for visitors looking to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Wat Rong Suea Ten is a destination that must be experienced to be truly appreciated, and it’s stunning beauty and tranquil atmosphere will leave visitors in awe.

Buddha statue seated on a treasure ship in the Golden Triangle, Chiang Rai, Thailand by 004.Berni.B via Wikimedia cc
Buddha statue on a treasure ship in the Golden Triangle, Chiang Rai, Thailand By 004.Berni.B – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, cc

3. Discover the Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle is iconic, where Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar converge. It has a long and tumultuous history, with a legacy of the opium trade that has left a lasting impression on the area. Visitors can explore this area’s many historical sites, such as the Hall of Opium Museum, which gives insight into its opium-related history. The scenic views of the Mekong River are a highlight of the Golden Triangle, offering visitors a chance to take in the region’s beauty.

The area is also home to remote hill tribes and ancient temples, which provide a glimpse into the area’s culture and traditions. Adventure seekers can explore the jungles of the Golden Triangle, where they can find rare wildlife and stunning natural scenery. The Golden Triangle is a unique region with rich history, culture, and natural beauty.

Baan Dum (Black House) by Adam Jones via Wikimedia cc
Baan Dum (Black House) By Adam Jones from Kelowna, BC, Canada, CC BY-SA 2.0, cc

4. Marvel at the Black House (Baan Dam)

Baan Dam, or the Black House, is a remarkable and captivating art gallery in Chiang Rai, Thailand. It is the brainchild of the late national artist Thawan Duchanee, who wanted to create an unconventional and thought-provoking visitor experience. Inside, visitors will find various buildings filled with an array of eerie artifacts and taxidermy.

The collection of strange objects is a unique glimpse into the artist’s mind and will captivate and intrigue all who visit. From the black-on-black hues of the buildings to the surreal sculptures and exhibits, Baan Dam is a one-of-a-kind experience. It is a must-see destination for anyone looking to explore the world of contemporary art and discover a new perspective.

Chiang Rai Night Bazaar by Nicolai Bangsgaard via Flickr cc
Chiang Rai Night Bazaar by Nicolai Bangsgaard via Flickr cc

5. Enjoy the Chiang Rai Night Bazaar

Explore the vibrant atmosphere of the Chiang Rai Night Bazaar and immerse yourself in the local culture. Wander through the winding alleyways, admiring the unique handicrafts on display. Stop to sample the delicious street food and take in the lively ambiance of the bustling market.

Listen to the chatter of the locals as they barter for the best deals. Peruse the stalls and find the perfect souvenir to take home. Let the vibrant colors, sounds, and smells of the Chiang Rai Night Bazaar transport you to another world.

Chiang Rai, Akha woman by Arian Zwegers via Wikimedia cc
Chiang Rai, Akha woman By Arian Zwegers from Brussels, Belgium – Chiang Rai, Akha woman, CC BY 2.0, cc

6. Visit the Hill Tribe Villages

Chiang Rai is a bustling city in Thailand’s northernmost province, surrounded by lush green nature and hill tribe villages. These villages, such as Akha, Karen, and Hmong, are home to a unique culture and way of life passed down through many generations. From the vibrant traditional clothing to the captivating music and dance, each hill tribe has a distinct identity. Visiting these villages can be an inspiring experience, whether you decide to stay for a few days or just a few hours.

You can observe the locals going about their daily life and even participate in a homestay experience to immerse yourself in their world. Explore the villages and discover the fascinating customs and beliefs preserved for centuries. Visit the local markets to find handmade crafts and souvenirs and sample the delicious local cuisine. Take the opportunity to learn more about the hill tribes of Chiang Rai, and appreciate the beauty of their unique culture and way of life.

Karen Long Neck Hill Tribe photo by Shankar s. via Flickr cc
Karen Long Neck Hill Tribe photo by Shankar s. via Flickr cc

7. Experience the Long Necks Village (Karen Long Neck Hill Tribe)

The Karen Long Neck Hill Tribe is an ethnic group located in the hills of Myanmar and Thailand. They are renowned for their unique tradition of wearing brass coils around the necks of the women in the tribe, giving them the appearance of having elongated necks. This ancient practice is believed to have originated as a form of protection from wild animals and to enhance women’s beauty.

Visiting the village of the Karen Long Neck Hill Tribe is an incredible experience. You can learn about their culture, customs, and beliefs and better understand their way of life. You can also appreciate the craftsmanship of the brass coils, which are handmade and intricately designed. The coils are often adorned with colorful beads and other decorations, making them even more beautiful.

The Karen Long Neck Hill Tribe is a fantastic culture to experience. You can better appreciate their culture and customs, from traditional clothing to unique jewelry. Visiting their village is a great way to learn about their history and traditions while admiring their craftsmanship. Whether you want to learn more about this ethnic group or simply admire their beauty, you won’t be disappointed by the experience of visiting the Karen Long Neck Hill Tribe.

Doi Mae Salong Tea Plantation in Chiang Rai
Doi Mae Salong Tea Plantation in Chiang Rai

8. Trek through the Doi Mae Salong Tea Plantations

Start your journey by taking a winding road through the picturesque mountain range of Doi Mae Salong. As you drive, you can’t help but be in awe of the rolling hills of lush green tea plantations surrounding you. The sweet scent of freshly brewed tea fills the air, and you can’t help but feel a sense of peace and relaxation.

Once you arrive, you can take a guided tour of the tea plantations and learn about the unique production process. From plucking the tea leaves to drying and packaging, you’ll gain insight into the entire process. As you explore the plantations, you can take in the breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside, from the rolling hills to the distant snow-capped mountains.

After the tour, you can take a leisurely trek through the plantations and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Listen to the birds singing and the leaves rustling in the wind as you take in the land’s beauty. Make sure to take plenty of photos to remember your journey, and don’t forget to take some of the tea home with you as a souvenir.

At the end of your journey, you’ll be filled with awe and appreciation for the beauty and culture of Doi Mae Salong.

Wat Huay Pla Kang by Chainwit via Wikimedia cc
Wat Huay Pla Kang By Chainwit. – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, cc

9. Discover the Wat Huay Pla Kang

Wat Huay Pla Kang is a majestic temple complex situated in the city of Chiang Rai. It is renowned for its 9-tiered pagoda and a towering white statue of Guan Yin, the goddess of compassion. The temple complex is a popular attraction for visitors, with its impressive architecture and stunning views.

The pagoda stands tall in the center of the complex, its nine tiers representing the nine realms of Buddhist cosmology. It is an incredible sight and a popular tourist spot to take photos. At the base of the pagoda is the impressive white statue of Guan Yin, the goddess of compassion. The statue stands over twenty meters tall and is a beautiful sight.

At the top of the pagoda, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of Chiang Rai. From here, you can observe the city’s beautiful skyline and take in the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Wat Huay Pla Kang is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Chiang Rai. With its impressive architecture and stunning views, it is an experience that will stay with you long after you have left.

Singha Park Chiang Rai
Singha Park Chiang Rai

10. Relax at the Singha Park

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and relax at Singha Park, an expansive natural oasis of lush gardens and a tranquil lake. Enjoy the park’s peacefulness as you take a leisurely bike ride along its winding trails or take a thrilling zip-lining adventure through its treetops.

The picturesque scenery of Singha Park will provide a much-needed respite from the busy city life, allowing you to truly unwind and relax. Stroll through its gardens and admire the vibrant colors of its blooming flowers, or take a peaceful boat ride around the lake and soak in the park’s tranquility. With its various recreational activities, Singha Park is the perfect place to escape the city and relax.

These top 10 attractions are just a glimpse of Chiang Rai’s fantastic experiences. From its unique temples and cultural heritage to its natural beauty and warm hospitality, this city promises an unforgettable journey.

Top Hotel Picks in Chiang Rai

Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort

Immerse yourself in the lush jungles of northern Thailand and experience the luxury of Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort. This enchanting retreat offers a unique blend of eco-friendly accommodations and unforgettable elephant experiences, allowing you to explore the wonders of the Golden Triangle region. Interact with rescued elephants and indulge in world-class amenities while enjoying the resort’s elegant accommodations that blend modern comfort with traditional Thai elements. With breathtaking views of the Mekong River and three countries – Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar – this resort promises an extraordinary journey into nature’s embrace.

Le Meridien Chiang Rai Resort

Immerse yourself in a serene escape at Le Meridien Chiang Rai Resort, a captivating retreat located in northern Thailand. Surrounded by the beauty of nature and the Mae Kok River, this luxurious resort offers contemporary accommodations, exquisite dining options, and a tranquil spa experience. Explore the region’s cultural treasures and be swept away in the peaceful atmosphere.

The Riverie by Katathani

Discover the beauty of Northern Thailand at The Reverie by Katathani, a remarkable five-star hotel in Chiang Rai. Overlooking the majestic Mae Kok River, the resort offers breathtaking panoramic views and a serene atmosphere, perfect for a relaxing getaway. Enjoy luxurious accommodations with modern amenities, Thai-inspired décor, multiple dining options, a rejuvenating spa, a fitness center, and an inviting infinity pool. Explore the area’s rich culture by visiting nearby attractions such as the White Temple (Wat Rong Khun) and Golden Triangle. With its exceptional facilities, The Riverie promises an unforgettable experience that captures the essence of Northern Thailand’s charm.

Amarin Resort Chiang Rai

Discover the captivating oasis of Amarin Resort Chiang Rai, nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Chiang Rai, Thailand. Enjoy the charming atmosphere of the resort, with its well-appointed rooms and traditional Thai touches, providing a peaceful and comfortable retreat. Stroll through the lush gardens and dip in the inviting outdoor pool. Indulge in delectable Thai and international cuisine at the on-site restaurant and unwind with soothing spa treatments. Amarin Resort is the perfect base for exploring the region’s beauty and culture, located close to Chiang Rai’s attractions, including the Night Bazaar and the White Temple.

The Legend Chiang Rai Boutique River Resort & Spa

Escape to the serene sanctuary of The Legend Chiang Rai Boutique River Resort & Spa, a luxurious boutique resort nestled along the banks of the Mae Kok River. With its elegant Thai architecture and lush gardens, this enchanting resort exudes traditional Lanna charm. Enjoy a stay in comfortable and stylish accommodations with breathtaking river or garden views. Indulge in delicious dining experiences at the on-site restaurants, and relax with pampering spa treatments. Plus, with easy access to Chiang Rai’s cultural landmarks, such as the Golden Triangle and Wat Rong Khun, The Legend Chiang Rai is the perfect gateway to explore the region’s unique cultural richness.

Best Time to Visit Chiang Rai

In northern Thailand, Chiang Rai has a tropical monsoon climate with three seasons: hot, cool, and rainy. The best time to visit Chiang Rai is during the cool season, which lasts from November to February. The weather is pleasant during this time, with milder temperatures and lower humidity.

Cool Season (November-February)

The cool season is considered the best time to visit Chiang Rai because the weather is comfortable and ideal for outdoor activities. The temperatures range from 15°C (59°F) to 30°C (86°F), making it neither too hot nor too cold. This season also sees the least rainfall, resulting in clear skies and lush green landscapes.

Visiting Chiang Rai during the cool season allows you to explore the city’s numerous attractions comfortably. You can see the famous White Temple (Wat Rong Khun), explore the Golden Triangle region, or participate in the unique Yi Peng Lantern Festival in November.

Hot Season (March-May)

The hot season in Chiang Rai is characterized by higher temperatures and increased humidity. Temperatures can reach as high as 40°C (104°F), making outdoor activities quite challenging. However, if you don’t mind the heat, you can still enjoy your visit by planning your activities in the early morning or late afternoon when the temperatures are slightly cooler.

Rainy Season (June-October)

The rainy season in Chiang Rai brings frequent showers and occasional thunderstorms. The rainfall helps to cool down the temperatures, but it can also disrupt outdoor plans. While the rain may inconvenience some tourists, it also brings out the region’s lush greenery and vibrant colors.
If you don’t mind occasional showers and want to experience Chiang Rai in a different light, the rainy season can still be an option. Just make sure to pack an umbrella and waterproof gear.

In conclusion, the best time to visit Chiang Rai is during the cool season, from November to February. However, if you can tolerate higher temperatures and occasional rain, the city can still be enjoyed during the hot and rainy seasons.

How to Get to Chiang Rai

If you’re planning a trip to Chiang Rai in Thailand, here are several ways you can get there:

By Air

The most convenient way to reach Chiang Rai is by air. The city is served by Mae Fah Luang-Chiang Rai International Airport (CEI), which has regular flights from Bangkok and other major cities in Thailand. It’s advisable to book your flight in advance for better deals and availability.

By Bus

Chiang Rai is well-connected to various cities in Thailand by bus. There are both government-run and private bus services available. Buses from Bangkok to Chiang Rai operate from the Northern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit) and take approximately 11-12 hours to reach the city. Booking tickets in advance is recommended, especially during peak travel seasons.

By Train

Although Chiang Rai has no train station, you can still take a train to the city. The nearest train station is in Chiang Mai, and from there, you can take a bus, taxi, or hire a private car to reach Chiang Rai, which is about a three-hour drive away.

By Car or Motorcycle

If you prefer a road trip, rent a car or motorcycle in major cities like Bangkok or Chiang Mai and drive to Chiang Rai. The journey offers scenic views, especially if you take the Mae Hong Son Loop route, known for its beautiful landscapes and winding roads.

By Boat

You can take a boat ride along the Mekong River for a more adventurous option. You can board a boat from various towns in northern Thailand, such as Chiang Saen or Chiang Khong, and enjoy a scenic journey to Chiang Rai.

Local Transportation

Once you arrive in Chiang Rai, there are several options for local transportation, including taxis, tuk-tuks, and motorcycle taxis. These modes of transport are readily available and can take you to different attractions within the city.

Plan your trip and transportation options to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey to Chiang Rai.

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