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Even if households carefully sort out their laundry by colour to prevent fabric dyes from bleeding onto other items, some discolouration is almost inevitable.

Sweat, dirt stains and too-frequent washing can make perfectly clean whites appear faded.

Instead of reaching for a bottle of bleach, households can typically brighten whites and remove stains with a few natural kitchen staples.

Chantel Mila, otherwise known as @mama_mila on TikTok, has shared a video on how she makes “white clothes look new again” with a “powerful mix” that only uses natural items.

According to the cleaning influencer, her hack will remove any “tough stains” from white clothes and leave them “so bright”.

The cleaning enthusiast captioned her video “Say goodbye to dingy whites. This method is my go-to for removing tough stains from white clothes and leaves them so bright”.

To carry out Chantel’s “go-to” method, households will need warm water, one quarter cup of hydrogen peroxide, and one cup of baking soda. If stains are oil-based one teaspoon of washing-up liquid will also be needed.

When whites aren’t as white as they should be, most reach for bleach to brighten and refresh clothes.

However, bleach is harsh on fabrics and can leave unwanted stains on others. Instead, hydrogen peroxide should be used as it does just as good of a job and is a wonderfully eco-friendly option.

Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide can be safely combined or used separately to whiten laundry, remove odours, disinfect surfaces, and much more.

Express.co.uk even put baking soda to the test on a stained white top and stained socks and found it to be highly effective.

To whiten clothing and remove stains, start by adding the clothes to a container, or a bathtub if there isn’t a container big enough and cover with warm water.

Add the hydrogen peroxide to the container as this will help to “brighten and disinfect” the clothes.

Baking soda should then be poured in. This is needed to “deodorise and brighten” the garments.

For those looking to remove stains that are oil-based, washing up liquid should then be added to the mix.

Leave the clothes to soak for several hours. Once they have been left for long enough, put them in the washing machine as usual on a standard cycle.

Chantel claimed that households will find that “this powerful mix lifts stains and makes clothes brighter”.

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