10 Best Wig Sprays for Synthetic Hair to Look


Wig Sprays for Synthetic Hair to Look Smooth And Shiny

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Wigs are beauty essentials that can elevate your overall look. However, maintaining them can be a real struggle. Here’s when the best wig sprays for synthetic hair come in handy. If you love experimenting with your hairstyles, opting for synthetic wigs can be a great choice. You can try different colored and textured ones based on your mood. However, synthetic wigs are different from natural hair wigs; hence they need special maintenance. No doubt, these wig hair sprays are specially formulated for synthetic hair to safeguard the fibers. 

From conditioning to holding hairstyles, and adding shine, synthetic wig hairsprays come with a lot of features. They are free from harsh chemicals and are gentle on the fibers, restoring their natural gloss and volume. 

After conducting hours of research and testing the products, we have mentioned the best wig sprays below with a true and unbiased review. These can increase the longevity of your wigs and make them appear as original as human hair. So keep scrolling and find your best pick.

Our top picks

Best Conditioning Formula

10 Best Wig Sprays for Synthetic Hair to Make a Stylish Statement

Give your wig a natural shine with Awesome’s Synthetic Wig Leave-in Conditioning Spray. The formula is perfect for all types of wigs, extensions, and hairpieces. Made with premium ingredients, the wig hairspray detangles the fibers while enhancing their smoothness and softness. Infused with coconut oil, the magical blend extends the wig’s life and keeps it in place. Unlike regular hairsprays, this one absorbs quickly leaving no residue, and feels non-greasy and lightweight. This shampoo and leave-in conditioner formula is a perfect solution for all your wig hair woes.


  • Gives a fresh feeling
  • Eliminates frizz
  • Alcohol-free
  • Enhances silkiness
  • Promotes easy combing
  • Protects the wig from damage

  • 2

    Best UV Protectant

    Bonfi Natural Oil Free WIG SHINE Spray

    Bonfi Natural Oil Free WIG SHINE Spray

  • Packed in an 8-ounce classic blue bottle, the formula is a blessing to dull and dry synthetic hair. The special light complex carries the goodness of vitamin E to impart maximum shine and boost silkiness. Moreover, it also boasts UV protection properties that guard the synthetic fibers against sun damage. Plus, it controls oil and keeps that sticky and greasy feeling at bay. The concoction penetrates deep into the layers and ensures a natural bounce letting the strands flow like a breeze.


    • Oil-free
    • Non-greasy
    • UV protectant
    • Easy to use
    • Doesn’t weigh down the hair


    • Some may not like its smell

  • 3

    Best for Dull Hair

    AllDay Synthetic Wig Spray

    AllDay Synthetic Wig Spray

  • To get those oh-so-luscious locks, you need this leave-in conditioning wig spray. Crafted with botanical extracts, the wig hair spray refreshes all your hairpieces and extensions. It moisturizes the fibers and cleanses the buildup to promote clean and smooth strands. Furthermore, it eliminates tangles and allows easy combing during styling. Based on our observations, using the product once or twice a week can clean buildup in case you wear the hairpieces frequently. If you don’t use them often, refreshing them every 2 to 3 weeks can maintain their longevity.


    • Removes dryness
    • Locks moisture
    • Detangle fibers
    • Extends the lifespan
    • Pocket-friendly
    • Ideal for dull hair type
    • Has a pleasant scent

  • 4

    Best Detangling Spray

    SheaMoisture Oil Shine Spray

    SheaMoisture Oil Shine Spray

  • Revive your dull hairpieces with SheaMoisture’s Oil Shine Hair Spray. It is a 2-in-1 formula that you can use as a finishing spray or hair mist to get natural-like hair. End your search here if you’re hunting for a shine and finishing spray in one product. This oil spray adds a quick boost of luster within an instant. Formulated with tea tree oil, shea butter, and seed oil, the ultimate concoction doesn’t weigh down the hair and kicks off greasiness for smooth and free movements. During styling, the comb slides like butter and doesn’t tug on the strands as the aerosol wig spray softens them and reduces friction.


    • Detangling formula
    • Gives a pro-like shiny finish
    • Mineral-oil free
    • No phthalates added
    • Long Lasting


    • The spray nozzle may not dispense product properly

  • 5

    Best Unscented Wig Spray

    Brandywine Wig Spray

    Brandywine Wig Spray

  • Unlike the products above, Brandywine is a non-aerosol spray. It’s suitable for natural and synthetic hair wig types and makes them more manageable. The water-soluble wig hairspray is known for its restorative power and quick drying ability. It dries within the blink of an eye with no residue. It doesn’t feel gummy, nor does it grease synthetic hair fibers. What’s more is that it firmly holds your style and enhances the natural look of all types of hairpieces, including wigs, extensions, and toupees.


    • Water-soluble
    • Non-sticky
    • Unscented
    • Suitable for all hair colors
    • Offers a firm hold
    • Convenient design
    • User-friendly pump spray


    • Might not suit folks who are sensitive to strong fragrances

  • 6

    Best Conditioning Formula

    Jon Renau Conditioning Spray

    Jon Renau Conditioning Spray

  • As the name suggests, this wig hairspray is popular for its ultra-conditioning powers. It works so well to soften your pesky and dry wigs and eliminates frizz and flyaways. Not only that, the lush formula detangles fibers and aids easy comb or brush motions without any tugging. It also removes the knots and damaged wispy strands with no effort. Available in a stylish, elegant black bottle, the product runs for several months. You only need a few drops to see the transformation happening.


    • Large bottle size
    • Eliminates tangles
    • Condition your wig
    • Attractive bottle design
    • Sulfate and paraben free

  • 7

    Best for All Seasons

    BOBOS Remi Wig & Weave Detangle Spray

    BOBOS Remi Wig & Weave Detangle Spray

  • You can keep your wig clean and shiny throughout the year, thanks to BOBOS Remi Wig & Weave Detangle Spray. No matter how humid or extreme the climatic conditions may get, the spray ensures that the wig appears smooth during every season. The special ingredients – nano silver particles and green tea, cleanse dirt, oil, and other buildup deep within and lock moisture for all-day freshness. Drawing from our experience, the formula may take some extra time to show its full effect.


    • All-season hair spray
    • Cleanses buildup
    • Smoothen the strands
    • Reduce tangles


    • Might feel slightly greasy

  • 8

    Best Volume Hair Spray

    Tressallure TressTech WIG WAX SPRAY

    Tressallure TressTech WIG WAX SPRAY

  • Add some subtle definition to your wigs with Tressallure’s TressTech Wig Wax Spray. The one-of-a-kind formula gives a flexible hold and dimensional finish with absolutely no mess. This blend is specially designed for those who want to style and finish their wigs to look like natural hair. It amplifies volume and doesn’t weigh down the hair strands. Plus, it works on all types of hair wigs and hairpieces. You can spray and slide the strands through a round brush for a better finish.


    • Volumizes hair strands
    • Ideal for all hair types
    • No residue formula
    • Unscented
    • Holds texture

  • 9

    Most Affordable

    Afro Control African Essence Wig Shampoo

    Afro Control African Essence Wig Shampoo

  • Inspired by African haircare rituals, this wig shampoo is a 3-in-1 formula that comes with conditioning, moisturizing and detangling benefits. The 12 Fl oz bottle is loaded with a prolific liquid that offers a naturally professional look to your synthetic wigs. If your wigs are dry, rough, and dead, this crystal-clear blend is what you need to bring them to life. This African synthetic wig hairspray makes tresses more manageable and soft. The cherry on top is that this product is one of the most affordable picks on our list and it won’t hurt your pocket.


    • Budget-friendly
    • Weightless
    • Eco-friendly
    • Leaves no residue
    • Ideal for all hair wigs


    • The cap doesn’t stay on

  • 10

    Most Gentle Formula

    Raquel Welch Control HAIRUWEAR

    Raquel Welch Control HAIRUWEAR

  • Wear your hairstyles confidently with Raquel Welch’s Control finishing spray. This aerosol formula provides maximum hold on dry and unmanaged hair. If your unruly wig hair needs an ultimate softening treatment, this one will become your ally. Interestingly, it comes with 3 spray settings – low, medium, and high. You can switch the setting as per your needs and spray the liquid directly. Also, use a paddled brush simultaneously to remove tangles and you’ll get a sleek and buttery-soft finish.


    • Gentle on wigs
    • Cruelty-free
    • Environmentally-friendly
    • Provides a healthy hair look


    • Might not prep wigs to withstand harsh climatic changes

    With this, we have completed our list of recommendations for the best wig sprays for synthetic hair. Now let’s check some factors which can help you choose the perfect one.

    What Factors to Consider When Buying Hairsprays For Synthetic Wigs?

    Here are some points that you must consider while picking a synthetic wig hairspray:


    The best synthetic wig hairsprays are made with organic and natural ingredients. They don’t contain harsh chemicals like parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and alcohol. Since every hair type is different, some formulas, especially chemical-based ones, can leave residue and weigh down the natural bounce. Hence, it’s better to go natural and choose an organic formula. 


    Pick a wig spray that promises ultra-hold and protects your wigs against damage. Some formulas offer UV protection benefits to combat environmental stressors. Besides, some of them also provide heat-resistance advantages from hair styling tools, such as curling irons, straighteners, etc. 


    If you are sensitive to strong smells, you can pick a mild or unscented formula that doesn’t irritate your senses. Avoid strong scented sprays as this can ruin the wig’s fibers too. 

    Detangling Advantage

    Detangling sprays facilitate easy combing and styling. They safeguard the wig’s strands and allow effortless combing motions from top to bottom, without causing any breakage. So choose a formula that features detangling advantages.

    Extra Features 

    You can look for a formula with extra features like non-greasiness, oil-free, lightweight, buildup-cleaner, etc. Such formulas are ideal for frequent use.

    What Are the Benefits of Using a Wig Spray for Synthetic Hair?

    Wig sprays come with an array of benefits, such as:

    Holding Style 

    The best wig sprays always come in handy when you want a long-lasting hairstyle. These provided optimum firmness and maintain your favorite hair looks from AM to PM. Whether you are going to work in the morning or to chill out in the evening, these sprays are the mini hair stylists that give you the most luscious locks. 

    Reducing Frizz 

    Using hair sprays for synthetic wigs can help remove frizz and flyaways. They can eliminate tangles and make the hair fibers more manageable while adding a natural bounce. 

    Cleaning Buildup 

    Some best hairsprays for wigs are meant to clean the tresses and remove the buildup. They wipe off grease and offer a smoothly finished and volumized wig. 

    If you love using synthetic hairpieces, you may have felt the need for the best wig hairspray at some point in your life, especially when styling your beautiful wigs or extensions. These sprays keep your styles in place and make them appear natural, similar to your original hair. Moreover, they are available with a lot more advantages besides styling your wig’s strands. Many formulas show detangling effects and help reduce frizz and flyaways, while some are known for their cleansing properties. Since there are multiple options to choose from, you can pick any according to your requirements. From detangling sprays to cleansing liquids, we have covered everything above, so you don’t have to hustle anymore to find the right option.

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    Can you use hair spray on a synthetic wig?

    You can’t use your conventional hair spray on a synthetic wig as this can damage the fibers. It’s great to opt for products that are specifically designed for such hair pieces.

    How to remove the hair spray from a wig?

    Take some lukewarm water and soak the wig in it. Wash it properly with a mild shampoo and clean water.

    What things should you not use on synthetic wigs?

    You should not apply wig care products that are meant for natural or human hair wigs. You should stick to particular products designed for synthetic wigs. Check the product packaging whether it allows the application or not.

    How to avoid frizz from synthetic hair?

    Here are a few tricks to eliminate frizz Apply a conditioner twice a week. Use a wide-tooth comb to brush the wig. Remove tangles or knots with fingers, if possible. Trim the ends to maintain shape and smoothness.

    How to make synthetic hair shine?

    You can apply baby powder to add shine to your synthetic hair. Also, you should avoid washing it in hot water with a chemical-based shampoo.

    How often should I use wig spray on my synthetic hair wig?

    If you wear synthetic hair regularly, you can apply the spray once or twice a week. However, the duration can extend to 3 to 4 weeks if you are not a frequent user.

    Can wig spray help control static electricity in synthetic hair wigs?

    Wig sprays may help remove static from wigs followed by using detangling tools and combs.

    Is wig spray suitable for heat-styled synthetic hair wigs?

    Heat-resistant wigs are a type of synthetic hair wigs that can withstand high temperatures. Applying a wig spray on them may fasten the styling process with minimum damage.

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