Monsoon: 10 Beauty Products You Must Include In


Monsoons bring with it happiness, pleasant weather and cool breeze. After the scorching heat, monsoons do bring respite but they are accompanied by increased humidity leading to various skin issues. However, with a few simple adjustments to your skincare and beauty routine, you can keep your skin healthy, radiant, and well-nourished even during the rainy season.

When it comes to the monsoon season, it’s essential to have beauty and skincare products that help us tackle the distinct difficulties that the season presents, such as humidity, rain, and potential skin problems. Here are ten beauty products that you ought to include in your monsoon kit:

Sparkling Face Wash

“Using a sparkling face wash during the monsoon season can provide your skin with a refreshing and invigorating cleanse. The effervescent or foaming texture can aid in the removal of impurities, excess oil, and sweat that can accumulate in humid conditions. It is important to note, however, that not all skin types will benefit from a sparkling face wash, particularly if you have sensitive or dry skin. If your skin is more sensitive, choose a gentle, non-stripping cleanser that is appropriate for your skin type,” says Dr Sanchit Sharma, Founder & Director, Ayouthveda.

Gentle Cleanser

A gentle cleanser must be used to remove dirt, sweat, and excess oil from the skin without stripping it of its natural moisture. “Look for a cleanser that is gentle on your skin and free of harsh ingredients that can cause dryness,” adds Dr Sharma.

Waterproof Mascara

To avoid smudging and smearing due to rain or humidity, use waterproof mascara. Even if you find yourself in a downpour, your lashes will remain defined and voluminous.

Hydrating Lip Balm

“A hydrating lip balm will keep your lips moisturized and protected from outside factors. Because monsoon weather can be drying, it’s critical to maintain proper lip care. Look for a lip balm that contains nourishing ingredients such as shea butter or coconut oil,” says Bindya Talluri, Founder, BindtBeauty.

Water-based Moisturiser

Using a water-based moisturizer during the monsoon season, when humidity levels are high, can be beneficial. “Water-based moisturizers have a lighter texture and hydrate the skin without leaving a greasy or heavy residue,” adds Talluri.

Loose Compact Powder

By applying a loose compact powder instead of a cream-based product during the rainy season can be a good option, especially if you want to control shine yet maintain a matte finish.  Loose powder is known for its ability to absorb oil and set makeup for long-lasting wear.

Pen Liners

Talluri states, “During the monsoon season, using pen liners instead of liquid eyeliners is an excellent choice because they have a more smudge-proof and long-lasting formula. The waterproof formula of pen liner keeps it in place even in humid conditions. It has a fine tip for precise application and intense pigmentation for a bold and long-lasting appearance.”

Lightweight Moisturizer

Dr Sharma states, “Even though it’s humid during the monsoon season, your skin still needs to be hydrated. Choose a non-greasy, lightweight moisturizer that provides adequate hydration without feeling heavy on the skin.”

Oil-free Sunscreen

Regardless of the weather, sun protection is essential. To protect your skin from UV rays, use an oil-free sunscreen with a broad-spectrum SPF. Look for a lightweight formula that won’t clog your pores or leave a greasy residue.

Ayurvedic Face Oil

For monsoon moisturization, choose a lightweight Ayurvedic face oil that suits your skin type. Ingredients infused with Ayurvedic herbs, such as sesame oil, almond oil, or coconut oil, can nourish and protect the skin. Look for products that are labeled according to your dosha (Vata, Pitta, or Kapha) or that have a balancing effect on all skin types.

The monsoon season should not dampen your skincare efforts. By following these simple yet effective tips, you can ensure that your skin remains healthy and well-protected during this rainy season. Embrace the beauty of the monsoon while taking care of your skin with the true essence of Ayurveda and you’ll enjoy a glowing complexion all year round.

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