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Al Manal Beacon LLC is a trusted consultancy assisting foreign nationals with registration, visa, market research, and other company setup procedures.

The team is very dedicated and professional. Setting up a company in Dubai was smooth and easy. I highly recommend Beacon to anyone starting up a business venture in Dubai!”

— Ferenc Makar

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, July 12, 2023/ — As trade tensions and security issues continue to stunt corporate growth within the developed world, increasing foreign investors are looking towards the UAE as a destination to conduct business. As a result, the UAE has rapidly transformed from an economy once reliant on fishing and pearls to a financial powerhouse accessible within an eight-hour flight by two-thirds of the world’s population. Add to this a diverse economy, stable political system, strong capital flow, favorable taxation environment, and liberal trade regimes. As a result, the UAE is now an attractive investment hub for foreign investors. However, for several crucial reasons, business setup in Dubai might necessitate expert help from company set up agencies such as Al Manal Beacon LLC.

The UAE Cabinet has introduced several incentives to catalyze growth within specific industries. For example, in May 2018, the Cabinet announced that foreign investors and professionals in medical, scientific, research, and technical fields would be eligible for residency permits with a validity of up to ten years (up from the current two to three years). However, even after such enticements from the government, it could be difficult for business owners to navigate a new region. Dubai company setup institutions like Al Manal Beacon LLC propose a simpler alternative for new people in business. They offer assistance with company formation, business registrations, business bank account opening, VAT registration, significant renewals, and many other business operations tasks.

The first step in starting a business in Dubai is selecting what kind of commercial activity the company will engage in. Although it is a simple task, there are times when a new business owner or entrepreneur may become confused due to the abundance of options. The Department of Economic Development also categorizes Dubai’s corporate structures. This organization will support industrialists in selecting the most promising business opportunity. It also outlines the scope and authorizations required for a business environment regardless of location. A business setup consultant from a company like Al Manal Beacon LLC helps stakeholders make thoughtful decisions rather than snap judgments they may regret.

There are several commercial jurisdictions (Onshore, Free Zones, and Offshore) within the UAE, each with its own set of laws, rules, and regulations. Unfortunately, business owners sometimes underestimate each jurisdiction’s restrictions and select the wrong zone. Before selecting the ideal jurisdiction, one must consider geographical restrictions, administrative restrictions, tax restrictions, and restrictions on the range of services. Following these protocols is crucial, and doing so requires professional advice. Failure to follow the necessary guidelines could have severe consequences for the business. A business setup consultancy like Al Manal Beacon LLC diminishes such issues by assisting in selecting an ideal framework and offering sage advice.

“Incredible service and support. The team is very dedicated and professional. Setting up a company in Dubai was smooth and easy as was the communication with the team during the process. I am very thankful for their assistance with registering my company and would highly recommend Beacon to anyone starting up a business venture in Dubai!” – Ferenc Makar

A significant incentive that attracts and enables businesses to flourish within the UAE is its strong network of international tax treaties. The UAE has more than 115 double taxation treaties (DTAs) with other countries, ensuring businesses and residents are not taxed twice on exchanging goods, capital, and services. This extensive network removes the difficulties relating to cross-border trade and investment flows. But the tax regime can be challenging to follow, and new businesses may have to tackle the problem of double taxation if they fail to obtain their Tax Residency Certificate (TRC) on time. A Tax Residency Certificate is available to any company operating on the mainland or in a free zone operating in the country for at least a year. These certifications are not available to offshore corporations; therefore, they should get a tax exemption certificate. Predefined vital records must be presented to receive a tax residency certificate, and these documents differ for various parties. As evident, the process of obtaining a TRC is highly complicated. Therefore, companies and investors should hire company set up agencies in Dubai to get their tax residency certificate and be exempt from paying taxes in any other country.

Before forming a company, investors should research the product to understand its profit margins, competition, and market forecast. Doing so gives stockholders a better grasp of how things work and what to anticipate. But it is nearly impossible to conduct market research without at least a basic understanding of the industry. Hiring a consulting firm may solve this issue. Entities such as Al Manal Beacon LLC are well-versed in the UAE’s diverse business activities. As a result, they can help venture capitalists outperform the competition by streamlining the business and utilizing its resources to the fullest. These organizations also assist firms in finding more effective methods to boost production and revenue. In addition, they strongly emphasize innovation and help business owners understand the advantages of business process outsourcing.

New companies in Dubai require sponsorship from reliable sources. And despite a long period of operation, foreign financiers may find it difficult to establish links with other companies in the same sector. One of the many benefits of choosing specialized business set up businesses in Dubai is the possibility that they may already have strong network connections. These solid partnerships may be of tremendous value for new stakeholders, especially in the early stages of developing a private firm in Dubai.

About Al Manal Beacon LLC

Since its establishment in 2014, Beacon’s goal has been to assist corporations, business owners, and entrepreneurs in entering new markets by forming tax-free entities within the United Arab Emirates. The firm wants to be a guiding light for companies opening up shop in the Middle East, just as sailors use the word “BEACON” to guide their ships across the huge sea. The staff at Al Manal Beacon LLC ensures that their clients navigate the commercial seas securely.


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