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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a champion of an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle, has always celebrated India through his culturally rich ensembles. Showcasing his commitment to environment-friendly fashion, Modi adorned an exquisite chandan-shade Sadri jacket, custom-made from 25-28 recycled PET bottles, at the G7 Summit in Japan.

The jacket. Pic/News18

The PM has been at his experimental best when it comes to supporting India and its rich culture in fashion: sporting khadi Modi kurtas to celebrating traditional Indian attire. Here’s a look at some impressive ensembles he has adorned over the years.

Be kind, rewind

After donning the sleeveless Sadri jacket in sean blue colour during the Lok Sabha budget session in February 2023, which was gifted to him by the Indian Oil Corporation, PM Modi’s decision to wear it once again in chandan colour at the G7 Summit reaffirms his commitment to promoting eco-friendly practices.

The sleeveless Sadri jacket in sean blue colour PM Narendra Modi wore during the Lok Sabha budget session in February 2023. File image/News18

Designed by EcoLine, a clothing brand originating from Tamil Nadu, which manufactures clothes made from recycled PET bottle waste and organic cotton, the attire serves as a powerful reminder to safeguard our planet and reduce the effects of climate change. And having Prime Minister Narendra Modi support the cause through his sartorial decisions helps convey the message.

“We are immensely thrilled and honoured to see Prime Minister Narendra Modi choose to wear the Sadri jacket presented by EcoLine Clothing once again,” said Senthil Sankar, Managing Partner at EcoLine Clothing. “We are truly amazed and deeply grateful for his continued endorsement. It is a testament to our shared vision of promoting eco-friendly practices and creating a greener future. We remain committed to delivering high-quality, environmentally conscious products, and we are inspired to further innovate and contribute to the cause of sustainability.”

Khadi for nation, khadi for fashion

An advocate for Make in India, PM Modi has always been supportive and encouraging towards the fabrics of the country, one of them being khadi. The Prime Minister regularly wears khadi during his travels across the globe. According to a report on Narendra Modi’s official website, he has left no stone unturned to popularise khadi and create a mass movement where everyone purchases khadi products, particularly on the special day of Gandhi Jayanti.

The PM has been quoted on the official website saying, “When we purchase khadi, we are brightening the lives of the lakhs of weavers who toil day and night.”

The love khadi has received from PM Modi, and to honour and celebrate India’s Fabric of Freedom, Khadi India presented a showcase dedicated to the cloth at Lakme Fashion Week x FDCI in March 2023. Taking inspiration from the Prime Minister and how khadi has become a symbol of sustainable fashion and ultimate luxury, Manoj Kumar, chairman, KVIC, shared his thoughts during the Fashion Week, saying, “Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji has coined a popular slogan ‘Khadi for nation, Khadi for fashion, Khadi for transformation’, and KVIC is working hard to realise this dream. Increasingly, designers across the spectrum are looking at khadi with a new lens as it encourages them to create fashion relevant to the present and the future.”

Experimental hero: The Modi Kurta

From colours to unique styling, Narendra Modi has made his sartorial choices a perfect mood board for statement dressing. Remember the much-talked-about interview with Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, where he mentions why he cuts off the sleeves of his trademark kurtas?

Kurtas have played an integral part in Narendra Modi’s wardrobe. And the reason why the PM chooses to wear a half-sleeved kurta is because he used to travel with a small luggage bag and the long-sleeved kurtas take up a lot of space. So he would cut them and make them half-sleeved.

PM Narendra Modi wearing his trademark Modi Kurta, as he meets badminton player PV Sindhu. File pic/Instagram

When simplicity becomes style, it becomes a statement. On the official Narendra Modi website, the PM shared how the Modi Kurta was born. He said: “My work with the RSS and BJP not only meant excessive travelling, but also uncertain and punishing schedules. And, as someone who always washed his own clothes, I realised that washing a full-sleeved Kurta was tougher and more time-consuming so I decided to cut the Kurtas into half-sleeved ones.”

A symbol of culture

Be it the traditional Naga warrior headgear or the Garo hat in Shillong, Narendra Modi has always embraced every traditional Indian attire with open arms. Having donned many hats of culture during his travels in India, Modi has carried off every symbol of culture with elan.

A man of many hats, PM Modi wore a traditional Naga warrior headgear at the Hornbill Festival in December 2014. File pic/News18

During his visit to Kochi, Kerala, in April 2023, PM Modi looked suave in the customary dress of the state comprising a white and gold kasavu mundu, a shawl, and a kurta, as he commenced a procession on foot.

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