I’m a mom and I got $500 from returning clothes to


A MOM has shared “prime” information with other parents on TikTok after she discovered an easy Target hack that got her $500.

Target has a little-known policy that can see parents enter an endless loop of returns for clothing items that their children have grown out of.

Target shoppers are divided over the use of the policy


Target shoppers are divided over the use of the policyCredit: AFP
The mom got a total refund for the two transactions of over $500


The mom got a total refund for the two transactions of over $500Credit: TikTok/jazminevaldiviaxo

This policy is valid even if the clothes are stained and show signs of wear and tear.

TikTok mom Jazmine Valdivia (@jazminevaldiviaxo) said “Attention all moms” as she filmed herself doing a return at Target.

In the caption, she said: “If you’re a mom and shop Cat & Jack at Target…this is for you. Their one-year warranty works!”

She told followers: “There is a one-year warranty that Cat and Jack offer that if your kids outgrow their clothes whether it’s stained or whatever it is, they will refund you so you can purchase more clothes.”

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As a mom of three Jazmine had “plenty” of clothes and shoes to return.

She then filmed the lengthy returns receipt, explaining that they did two separate transactions.

The first totaled a refunded amount of $472 while the other was $65.

The refunded money was put onto a Target gift card so it could not be spent elsewhere.

She added at the end of the video: “It works guys! Didn’t spend a single dollar for back-to-school clothes.”

The mom added in the comments that the returns can be made if you have the original receipt or use the store app.

“Clothes can be in any condition & they don’t need original tags,” she wrote.

She added: “The little tags the clothes have sewed in or printed on are what they use to pull up the item.”

Viewers were divided over the use of the policy, with some saying they would be “too embarrassed” to return worn clothes while others are grateful for the opportunity to save money.

“Cat & Jack probably repurposes the clothing to make new ones but people are too “embarrassed” smh lol sounds eco-friendly to me,” one viewer wrote.

Another said: “I’m pregnant with my first so this is PRIME information!”

“I rather go and return instead of wasting money again when I can buy more food instead.

“I’ll not be embarrassed! I’m done with these gas prices & food,” another said.

However, a Target employee saw the video and accused people of “abusing” the policy.

They said: “I work at Target and people do this all the time. They are talking about changing because people abuse it.”

Returns are capped at $100 if the customer cannot show proof of purchase, but are otherwise unrestricted.

Viewers who disagreed with the hack said: “Maybe it’s just me but I would feel so bad returning used clothes my kids just naturally grew out of for the full price. Doesn’t seem like Target’s fault.”

Another said: “I have six kids, Target would hate me! I will continue to give it away to our friends and family.”

A number of people said that it was preferable to donate the used clothes to charities.

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Target’s return policy states: “If you’re not satisfied with any Target Owned Brand item, return it within one year with a receipt for an exchange or a refund.”

According to Target shoppers in the comments, the return policy reflects the company’s confidence in the value of its private-label items.

Being a parent is an expensive endeavor and this Target policy is 'prime' information for those expecting


Being a parent is an expensive endeavor and this Target policy is ‘prime’ information for those expectingCredit: TikTok/jazminevaldiviaxo

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