What is the cut-out trend? All you need to know

It could be argued that cut outs flaunt one’s frame and expose the skin in the most daring manner but the bottom line is how skillfully the couturiers outline the cut-out areas and carve out pieces. A bit of skin show here and there completes the sartorial story on the side zone, at the shoulders, around the waist and the hip region plus closer to the bust and the back. One of the fashion diktats for 2023 is predicted to be the cut-out trend.

Red carpet magnet

All major award after-parties saw the glitterati boasting of curves and curls in either off-shoulder gowns or outfits with strategically placed cut outs and corsage on their attire. The unabashedly bare-all styling or nude fashion is turning heads no doubt but sashaying in haute couture putting the contours of the body on display is by no means a cakewalk.

In this season of starry gatherings, the aggressively inviting-to-the-eye trend of cut outs seems to be back with a bang as the current flavour. “This particular styling continues to make an interesting statement at all big social soirees. It throws in a hint of oomph and intrigue to any outfit. However, it’s important to wear cut outs in an appropriate manner, choosing a get-up that suits the body shape and personal fashion sense,” opines Latika Kapoor, head of styling, FS Life.

Designer Swatee Singh concedes that “the recent fashion appearances mark the most blatant comeback of cut outs, which the Gen Z is completely sold on. Be it a party-oriented dress or a daywear crop top with flared jeans. In fact, a simple top can be transformed into an attractive piece with well-thought-out cuts.”

Fabric fervour

According to designer Anoushka Sadarangani, the above-mentioned fabrics definitely make the clothes more appealing and beautiful, “making the garment look extra rich and the wearer very expensive. However, I feel there are vegan, eco-friendly substitutes to tap into for sustainable fashion. It’s high time that we channelize our energies into such materials.”

Designer Anuradha Verma states that “albeit there has been a significant debate on the fabrics used for cutouts worldwide, some materials that hold cutouts really well are flowy silk, satin, crepe, etc.”

Sold on sleeves

As detachable sleeves are quite in nowadays, the same could make a cut-out outfit more exciting and alluring. Singh admits that “everybody loves voluminous sleeves. They can add a theatrical element to any ordinary dress and enable a plain Jane to discover the goddess in her”. This trend of detachable sleeves has a wow appeal as it is extremely easy to choose, mix and match, and create different looks with just a few pieces.

Modest makeover

Anoushka opines that “the concept of cut-out fashion is like a classic chapter in India, broadly explored and experimented, keeping the Indian sensibilities in mind, such as the cut-out blouses worn with lehengas and sarees. A creative artiste can tweak and redesign cut-out clothing in multiple ways going by the requirements and the body type of his muse.”

Verma ascertains that “the fashion game is always being rewritten. I feel cut outs can complement a fuller Indian body very well if worn correctly. They may seem intimidating but when done right, there is nothing more fashionable than the cut outs, even on someone with a plumper figure. Cut outs lend the illusion of having curves. Check the placement of the cut and the fit of the fabric. Additionally, select solid colors with clean and modern styling.”

Resort Ready

Apart from its usual appearances in public domain, can cut-out dresses be worn as a partywear or a resortwear on cruises? Reckoning that it’s a high-end fashion for the swish set, it piques our curiosity to know where else can it be donned.

“Cut-out dresses can certainly be worn at venues other than red-carpet events. They are perfect for parties, weddings and even as resortwear for the jet setters on cruise liners to their travel destinations, depending on the style and fabric of the dress. Cut-out fashion can be sported by anyone who has the confidence to carry it faultlessly, regardless of her budget or social status. It’s comfortably adaptable to dress up or down in sync with the given occasion and personal style,” shares Kapoor.

Singh points out that “cut outs, bare waists and high slits have always been impeccable centrepieces of resortwear. And considering how flexible this look is, tops with flared jeans and sneakers can also come in handy on some special days.”

Verma perceives that “it all depends on what kind of cut-out dress you wear, the fabric you pick and how you style it. Cut outs can be worn both at a casual outing and at a high-end event. Depending on the occasion, make sure to wear the right type of cut-out dress and accessorize it accordingly. For instance, a cut out jumpsuit would be ideal for brunch, while a classic black cut-out dress can make you the cynosure of all eyes at a party.”

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