CAA cracks down on dangerous beauty products

The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) has raided a cosmetic store in Kathiresan Street, Pettah, and uncovered

 a large haul of illegally imported beauty products. Among them were skin whitening creams and body lotions loaded with dangerously high levels of mercury, posing a serious health risk to consumers.

According to CAA investigation officer P.D.Aravinda Shalika, the market value of the seized consignment is estimated to be Rs.30 million. The value of the toxic skin whitening creams and body lotions alone, with heavy metal ingredients and high mercury levels, is around Rs.20 million.

Authorities have warned that these illegal cosmetics could have caused serious health problems if they had spread in the market. These problems include skin damage, kidney damage, anaemia, and various metabolic deficiencies, as well as neurological ailments.

The investigation has revealed that the store in Kathiresan Street had been a main supplier of these illegal products for quite some time, distributing them to many other shops. The authorities are now investigating how the store had imported the perfumes, as there is an import ban on them. The store had imported several brands of banned cosmetics, in violation of specifically laid-down regulations and limitations, the authorities said. The CAA has urged the public to be cautious when purchasing cosmetics and to report any suspicious products to the authorities immediately.

The swift action taken by the CAA serves as a warning to other traders who may attempt to sell illegal cosmetics. Consumers must remain vigilant and informed when purchasing cosmetics to protect themselves from such harmful products, the sources said.

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