26 Best The Ordinary Skincare Products For Glowing

Another editor-loved fave, this rose hip seed oil can be used literally anywhere you need a moisture surge, from your scalp to split ends, lips, under your eyes, and everything south of that. Lots of rose hip seed oil products contain additives or mineral oils, but this one is a pure, one-ingredient formula that dry skin will love. It’s a great mess-free, versatile travel product given the size and packaging.

Editor Review: “This is a holy grail travel item for me. I massage some into my scalp before pulling my hair into a slick bun before a flight, and then I’ll put it on my face so that I come out feeling totally hydrated. Then, once I land, it’s a great multi-tasking product to keep my dry skin looking plump and glowy.” —Neha Tandon, WH senior commerce editor

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