Fashion’s Greenwashing Problem: How Canadian

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Fashion greenwashing: What’s in your closet?

If you’ve been shopping in a mall or online for clothing recently, you may have noticed a trend. There’s an increase in fashion that promises it’s more sustainable.

Fashion and its complicated supply chain significantly impact the planet. More consumers are demanding environmentally friendly clothing. Companies are responding with new options.

These new lines are marketed with words like “natural,” “recycled,” “vegan” or “eco-conscious.” While some of these claims are true and there are companies that are doing the right thing, experts say there are others that are not. It’s tough for consumers to tell the difference.

“The word ‘sustainable’ is such a confusing term because it can mean so many different things,” says Kelly Drennan, the founding executive director of Fashion Takes Action, a Canadian non-profit.

Kelly Drennan is the Founding Executive Director of Fashion Takes Action, a Canadian non-profit.

Brent Rose / Global News

For more than 16 years, Drennan has worked to improve the standard of fashion sustainability in Canada. She says she’s seen it all, including companies greenwashing their way into the closets of Canadians.

“It’s the Wild West really in terms of what claims are being made and what companies are getting away with,” Drennan told Global News’ The New Reality.

“They’re actually misleading the consumer into thinking that those products are made sustainably by using those kinds of words and making the assumption that the consumer does not know any better and doesn’t have the time to actually do the research.”

In a fast-paced society, people move quickly through purchases in-store and online. Verifying the validity of sustainability claims in a complicated industry can take time, and people often end up buying a product because they think they’re doing something better for the planet.

“Like in anything, there are good actors and there are bad actors,” Drennan says.

She explains there are brands “doing it properly” and they have the certifications to back up those claims or they’re being transparent. “They’ll allow you sort of behind the scenes … so that you can actually get in there and see if what they’re saying is legitimate. And then you’ve got the brands that are jumping on the bandwagon and taking advantage of the consumer.”

Blurred customer in a clothing store.

Bim / Getty Images

The fashion industry and its supply chain are some of the most polluting and problematic for the planet. A 2019 Deloitte study showed plastics from textiles make up the third-largest category of plastic waste in Canadian landfills.

“You’ve got the synthetics, the polyester, nylon, acrylic, spandex — that’s plastic. So, when it is in the landfill, it’s never going to biodegrade,” Drennan says.

“We really need to slow down our consumption. We buy too much stuff. We buy 60 per cent more clothes today than we did 20 years ago. We keep our clothes for half as long.”

Some consumers are paying attention. Lyst, a fashion technology company, analyzes shopper behaviour. It found searches for sustainable fashion in Canada rose by 37 per cent in 2020.

The increase in people wanting to shop responsibly, means companies who are truly dedicated to sustainable practices have to figure out how to set themselves apart.

Model Corinne Ng poses for Photographer Andrea Pavlovic wearing pieces from Encircled’s latest collection. Encircled is a female founded, Canadian made clothing brand based in Toronto.

Brent Rose / Global News

On a sunny, spring day in Toronto’s west end Junction neighbourhood, Kristi Soomer and her staff photograph her brand’s latest collection in its bright, airy studio.

Soomer is the founder and CEO of Encircled, which describes itself as a “sustainable clothing brand dedicated to ethical clothing that is comfortable, travel-friendly and made in Canada.”

She started the company in 2012 in response to her frustration with an overflowing suitcase while packing for a work trip in a previous role. She wanted fewer, quality items.

Four years after launching Encircled, Soomer wanted to set the brand apart from others making sustainability claims.

She applied to B Corporation for a private certification. It examines if a business is meeting standards in social and environmental performance as well as providing full transparency. It was an intense, two-year look into every aspect of Encircled, all at Soomer’s expense.

Kristi Soomer is the founder and CEO of Encircled, which describes itself as a ‘sustainable clothing brand dedicated to ethical clothing that is comfortable, travel-friendly and made in Canada.’.

Brent Rose / Global News

“Having that third-party audit was really important to showing that we are actually doing what we’re saying we’re doing,” says Soomer, who recalls seeing more greenwashing emerge in the fashion industry in 2016.

“I was starting to feel a lot more pressure around that, and I could see that sustainability … was becoming a challenge for us to separate ourselves from those that were greenwashing.”

Recently re-certified by B Corp, Encircled is one of a small number of companies with the designation in Canadian apparel. For Soomer, sustainability goes beyond the clothes it makes and sells.

“As a B Corp we’re certified in our bylaws to put people and the planet above profits,” she says.

“So, the paper we’re printing on, the cleaning products we use in our office — every detail around our business model has to be sustainable from how we pay our employees, to how we pay our suppliers, to how we interact with them.”

CRW Design in Toronto is one of Encircled’s local partners to make its product locally. CRW Design works with brands to create, develop, and sew their designs in Canada.

Phil Pang / Global News

Part of the issue with confirming sustainability claims is the complex labyrinth of the fashion supply chain. Tracing fabric, from raw materials to end-of-life disposal is a tall task, something Soomer is constantly learning about.

“When I first started in the fashion industry, I assumed there was just like … a bucket of bad fabrics that you don’t use and … good fabrics that you do use. And in my mind I was like, linen must be over here and polyester is over here. And that’s just the end of it. But it’s actually more of a continuum,” she says.

Fabric considerations are part of Soomer’s work as Encircled is choosing to grow its business locally. It designs in-house, knits half of its fabric in Toronto, and everything is sewn within a 60-kilometre radius of its studio.

Encircled is one of a small number of companies with B Corp certification in Canadian apparel. For founder and CEO Kristi Soomer, sustainability goes beyond the clothes they make and sell. Everything in Encircled’s studio in Toronto neighbourhood, the Junction, is considered.

Brent Rose / Global News

Unlike many fashion and fast fashion brands that have new styles monthly, even weekly, Encircled produces in season, with a short turnaround for production, thanks to its local sewing and dyeing partners. But all these considerations come with a higher price, something Soomer says is the number one question from customers.

“A lot of people will look at sustainable fashion and say it’s more expensive to buy this shirt. And it absolutely is because of our supply chain and because of our labour practices, because of the time it takes to design it and the scale that we have as a brand,” Soomer says.

“It’s this idea that you buy, like, 20 dresses for $10 that you wear once and then you toss them. It’s not sustainable for us as a planet.”

Soomer and the staff at Encircled have an ongoing conversation with its consumer base about sustainability and its practices.

When a shopper purchases an item through Encircled’s online store, the transaction triggers an email with tips on how to best care for the item for longevity. And while price is the number one sticking point for most potential buyers, Soomer says longtime supporters of Encircled are quick to respond on social media posts to explain why it’s worth it to spend more upfront on an item made to last.

“We take customers along this journey of education and then we also share where stuff is made and how it’s made and when they’re purchasing from us, what that means to our community and to us as a brand as well.”

Four years after launching Encircled, Kristi Soomer wanted to set the brand apart from others making sustainability claims. She applied to B Corp for a private certification. It examines if a business is meeting standards in social and environmental performance as well as providing full transparency. It was an intense, two year look into every aspect of Encircled, all at Soomer’s expense.

Brent Rose / Global News

At Fashion Takes Action, education is a key component of Drennan’s work. To date, thousands of companies have enlisted the non-profit’s help.

“We don’t work with just the industries — people who make and sell clothes — we also work with the people who buy it, wear it, care for it, and eventually dispose of it,” says Drennan. “And if we’re talking about changing a system, you have to work with…every single stakeholder who is a part of that system.”

While deceptive and misleading marketing is illegal in Canada, Drennan wants the government to step up to protect consumers.

“There are some countries where there are more laws in place now, anti-greenwashing laws, transparency laws, which really protect the consumer at the end of the day,” she says.

For now, brands and nonprofits are doing most of the educating within their customer base.

“It’s really the industry’s responsibility,” Drennan says.

“Public access to education and knowing how our products are being made, where they’re being made and what impact they have on people and planet is something that the government really should care more about.”

Bob Kirke is the executive director of the Canadian Apparel Federation, the industry association representing a wide range of clothing and manufacturing companies in Canada.

David de la Harpe / Global News

Bob Kirke is the executive director of the Canadian Apparel Federation, the industry association representing a wide range of clothing and apparel manufacturing companies in Canada.

Kirke sat down with The New Reality in Ottawa to discuss greenwashing in fashion and how consumers are faced with an increasing number of sustainable fashion marketing claims.

Kirke says there are clothing companies making huge efforts to address different parts of the supply chain, taking on a complicated challenge, but other companies can be more transparent with consumers about their practices.

“Whose responsibility is it ultimately? I think companies need to explain themselves rather than just having a tagline or a simple statement, ‘we’re green,’” Kirke says. “What is it? What does it mean for you?”

Kirke says some companies are now “green hushing,” choosing not to publicize sustainability efforts or claims at all, which is in line with the federation’s recommendations to members to be “guarded” in what they say.

“To make those kinds of claims is easy. So that’s why I think a lot of people are sort of pulling back in larger companies in particular because they’re worried about enforcement and they realize how complicated their supply chain is all over the world, multiple factories, multiple suppliers,” he says.

“So essentially, it’s being called green hushing and it is caution, they’re still doing all the [positive] things that they’re doing.”

To tackle green claims overall the European Commission recently proposed a new law to hold companies accountable, including in fashion. The U.K. is also cracking down on fashion greenwashing, launching investigations into large fast fashion companies making sustainability claims.

In Canada, Kirke says the government can provide guidance and clarity to the industry under the laws that already exist, including the Competition Act, the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act, as well as the Textile Labelling Act.

“We don’t need to change all our laws. We just need to find a way that works for the Competition Bureau and for industry and ultimately for consumers,” Kirke says. “But the one thing I would say is that the Competition Bureau has been reluctant to take that up. They have other priorities, and that’s fine, but I would say it’s going to be helpful.”

Global News reached out to the Competition Bureau to see if it plans to increase enforcement of greenwashing in fashion. The bureau declined an on-camera interview and did not respond to written questions and numerous follow-up requests by our deadline.

Kelly Drennan at Wuxly, a Canadian-made outerwear company based in Toronto also with B Corp certification. It’s one of a small number of companies in Canadian apparel to have the designation. Over 16 years, Drennan has worked with thousands of brands from all aspects of the fashion and clothing industry to discuss advancing sustainability.

Brent Rose / Global News

Until there is an incentive to change, through regulation or enforcement, Drennan believes greenwashing will continue and consumers will potentially be misled.

It’s keeping her busy.

Fashion Takes Action is also reaching people at a young age. It has presented programming, including a course on how to spot greenwashing in fashion, to more than 32,000 school-aged kids.

Drennan says the organization has had success in terms of waking up young people’s minds and curiosities and instilling them with a passion to know more, to buy better and to do better. “At the end of the day, it is probably the most rewarding out of all of the work that we do.”

According to Drennan, the most sustainable item is the one you already have in your closet.

Fashion is sometimes viewed as a superficial or exclusive industry, but ultimately, clothing is unifying and it impacts us all.

“Fashion is something that we all can relate to,” Drennan says. “We don’t all drive cars or own homes, we all wear clothes. We get up every day and we put on clothes.”

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The Summer Travel Beauty Products That Are Cleared

With a job that allows me the privilege of frequent travel, I can say with some confidence that I’m a fairly seasoned flier. I truly have every aspect down to a science, especially packing. In fact, at this point, I’m proud to say I’ve mastered the art of the carry-on-only method. From Tetris-like organizing and space-saving folding techniques to my airtight head-to-toe beauty strategy of TSA-friendly products, I have this process down to a science. As I plan my next getaway to Bali, — my first real vacation in years! — the latter in particular is the least of my worries. In fact, I often keep my go-to jet-setting beauty products stocked, packed, and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Now, to be clear, just because I’m planning on a smaller scale (3.4 oz is the TSA-approved limit for containers of liquids, gels and aerosols), it doesn’t mean I deny myself the comforts of home. At 37, I’ve developed a consistent and specific beauty routine that I like to stick to no matter where I am in the world, and this includes the formulas and brands I use daily. Because of this, my approach here is to prioritize two things: luxe on-the-go sets and multitasking products.

Many of the high-end brands I love and use on the regular offer complete travel-sized beauty sets that cater to every step of my skin and hair care routines, without taking up too much space in my carry-on. In the same token, two-in-one products are invaluable, especially when it comes to makeup, to keep things light. Think items like cheek and lip tints, tinted sunscreen as foundation, and eyeshadow palettes that deliver a number of looks (and can double as makeshift eyeliner or contour in a pinch!).

Ahead, I break down the products I’ll have in tow as I hit the road — er, skies — this summer. All the products below are TSA-friendly and poised to make your life and travels as stress-free as possible.

Skin Care

This is the area in which I refuse to cut any corners. My skin health and upkeep is super important to me, especially during summer vacations when things like dry airplane cabins and extra-aggressive UV rays are key factors. First and foremost, I do not play when it comes to SPF, so I always pack multiple options for my face, body, and even lips. With my complexion in particular, I’m a big believer in doubling up and reapplying regularly, so I’ll layer up with tinted and spray formulas throughout the day to keep my mug protected.

As for my regular skin care routine — which always consists of cleanser, serum, eye cream, moisturizer, face oil, and SPF, obviously, during the day — I opt for travel-versions from my go-to brands. I’ve been a big fan of Drunk Elephant’s “Littles” kit, which includes all of the above and a night serum to boot. And Nécessaire also offers its complete Body Ritual in compact versions to keep my body hydrated from head to toe while I’m out and about.


In my 20s, I tended to pack just about every item in my makeup arsenal, refusing to travel without high-coverage foundation, concealer, setting powder, and everything else I deemed essential for a fully glam face. These days, I’m much more laid back, and prefer to keep my makeup simple, especially when I’m on an easy breezy tropical vacation. So, I keep my product lineup pretty simplified while traveling, opting for multitasking items like the aforementioned SPF foundation and cheek-and-lip tint combos for a naturally radiant face while out of office. For the occasional nice dinner or night out, I’ll keep a versatile eyeshadow palette handy to kick things up a notch when needed.


In recent years, I’ve fully embraced my natural wavy hair texture, so I stick to the essentials that promote effortless air-dried curls. Hydrating oils and texture-promoting creams and sprays are prioritized in my suitcase.

The only hot tool I’ll typically allow in my carry-on is my blow-dry brush in case I want to switch things up and give my look a little va-va-voom. And if I want a sleek pony or bun, a strong-hold hairspray comes in handy to keep things intact. Of course, I never leave for vacation without dry shampoo — because, well, dry shampoo.

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Hailey Bieber turns up the heat as she takes to

Hailey Bieber turns up the heat as she takes to the beach in a string bikini and wet T-shirt: ‘I’m about to have the best summer of my life’

Hailey Bieber flaunted her toned tummy and legs in a sexy new set of photos on social media Saturday.

The influencer, 26, who has been shooting a Victoria’s Secret ad in Spain, looked relaxed in a red bikini and a soaking wet Got Milk T-shirt as she enjoyed the beach.

The model shared a series of shots on social media as she luxuriated at the ocean. 

‘All I know is,’ she wrote, ‘I’m about to have the best summer of my life.’

The runway veteran suffered a small stroke last year due to a congenital heart problem. 

Sexy: Hailey Bieber flaunted her toned tummy and legs in a sexy new set of photos on social media Saturday.

Sexy: Hailey Bieber flaunted her toned tummy and legs in a sexy new set of photos on social media Saturday.

Her husband, Justin, 29, was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which resulted in facial paralysis last June. 

The Yummy singer ended up cancelling his Justice World Tour as a result. 

The bathing beauty appeared to be aboard a large cabin cruiser anchored near a seaside village.

She enjoyed some time sitting and lying on a large paddle board.

A short video clip showed her applying some of her Rhode Beauty products to her flawless complexion. 

Her dark blonde bob was wet and combed away from her face, revealing heart-shaped earrings.

The carousel received more than a million likes from her fans during the first six hours it was up, but many were disappointed about her modeling the Got Milk shirt.

‘It’s really disappointing to see you advertise for Big Dairy,’ wrote one follower.

The influencer, 26, who has been shooting a Victoria's Secret ad in Spain, looked relaxed in a red bikini and a soaking wet Got Milk T-shirt as she enjoyed the beach at an undisclosed location

The influencer, 26, who has been shooting a Victoria’s Secret ad in Spain, looked relaxed in a red bikini and a soaking wet Got Milk T-shirt as she enjoyed the beach at an undisclosed location

Bathing beauty: The bathing beauty appeared to be aboard a large cabin cruiser anchored near a seaside village.

Bathing beauty: A short video clip showed her applying some of her Rhode Beauty products to her flawless complexion

Bathing beauty: The bathing beauty appeared to be aboard a large cabin cruiser anchored near a seaside village. A short video clip showed her applying some of her Rhode Beauty products to her flawless complexion

Wet look: Her dark blonde bob was wet and combed away from her face, revealing heart shaped earrings

Wet look: Her dark blonde bob was wet and combed away from her face, revealing heart shaped earrings

Best summer:  Hailey enjoyed some time floating on a paddle board. 'All I know is,' she wrote on Instagram, 'I¿m about to have the best summer of my life'

Best summer:  Hailey enjoyed some time floating on a paddle board. ‘All I know is,’ she wrote on Instagram, ‘I’m about to have the best summer of my life’

Last summer: The runway veteran suffered a small stroke last year due to a congenital heart problem. Her husband, Justin, 29, was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which resulted in facial paralysis last June. The Candy singer ended up cancelling his Justice World Tour

 Last summer: The runway veteran suffered a small stroke last year due to a congenital heart problem. Her husband, Justin, 29, was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which resulted in facial paralysis last June. The Candy singer ended up cancelling his Justice World Tour 

Disappointed: The carousel received more than a million likes from her fans during the first six hours it was up, but many were disappointed about her modeling the Got Milk shirt

Disappointed: The carousel received more than a million likes from her fans during the first six hours it was up, but many were disappointed about her modeling the Got Milk shirt

‘This industry commits horrible acts of cruelty to cows, pollutes disadvantaged communities, hurts the environment, & creates antibiotic resistance and a host of other medical problems.’ 

‘This is especially surprising considering how you market @rhode as vegan and cruelty free and profit greatly from that label.’

Hailey was recently in London where she launched her skincare line in the UK.

‘I went into this knowing how fatigued people are by celebrity brands, and by new beauty brands in general,’ she told the Evening Standard.

‘It kind of feels like there’s something new coming out all the time.’

The cover model revealed that taking care of her skin is part of her mental health routine. 

‘Being routine and having rituals of self-care — it could be reading, it could be anything. For me, it’s exercising and taking care of my skin,’ she said. 

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6 Ads Banned for Greenwashing by the UK’s

(Bloomberg) — The UK’s advertising regulator has made more than 20 enforcement actions against greenwashing. Targets of the Advertising Standards Authority — including airlines, banks and automakers — offer insight into some of the ways companies deceive consumers about sustainability. Ads that end up in the crosshairs must be altered or nixed in the UK.

The ASA’s crackdown mirrors scrutiny of greenwashing in the European Union, which earlier this year identified common words and phrases companies use to mislead people. Both the ASA and European Commission point to greenwashing strategies that include unclear comparisons, vague buzzwords and missing caveats.

“We know that the public is increasingly engaged with their carbon footprint and want to make ethical environmental choices,” ASA Chief Executive Officer Guy Parker wrote in a blog post last year. “Advertisers need to be honest about their environmental impact.”

Here are six examples of greenwashing, according to the ASA. 

The promise of guilt-free flying

Air travel is an inherently polluting activity, and innovations like battery-powered planes and sustainable aviation fuel aren’t ready for primetime. That makes it difficult for airlines to offer specific claims about emissions reduction, so instead they’re keeping things loose. Two airlines, Deutsche Lufthansa AG and Etihad Airways, have had adverts banned in the UK for overstating their environmental impact.

As part of its #MakeChangeFly campaign, Lufthansa last year debuted an ad that features the slogan “Connecting the World. Protecting its Future.” The ASA ruled in March that the ad could not run in the UK because there are “currently no environmental initiatives or commercially viable technologies in the aviation industry which would substantiate the absolute green claim” that Lufthansa is protecting the world’s future.

At the time, a Lufthansa spokeswoman said the poster in question was part of a larger campaign “that provided comprehensive information about the numerous measures the Lufthansa Group is undertaking in environmental matters” to halve its net carbon emissions by 2030 and reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.  

Less than two months later, the ASA targeted Etihad Airways over ads it promoted on Facebook last year, which suggested the Abu Dhabi-based airline is “taking a louder, bolder approach to sustainable aviation.” Explaining its ban, the ASA said the claim “exaggerated the impact that flying with Etihad would have on the environment.” 

Etihad said it was disappointed by ASA’s decision. “Sustainability is a key priority for Etihad,” the company said in a statement, citing its investment in fuel-efficient aircraft, sustainable aviation fuel and carbon offsetting.

Banks can’t leave out their oil work

Finance and banking are at the center of the global systems that fund fossil fuel investment and expansion. Those relationships are often opaque for consumers, and the UK advertising watchdog has taken a tough line on marketing that keeps it that way.

Like many big banks, HSBC has been the target of widespread criticism for its funding of oil and gas projects. A poster advert that ran in 2021 sought to address these concerns by publicizing a goal “to provide up to $1 trillion in financing and investment globally to help our clients transition to net zero.”

Adfree Cities, a network of UK groups campaigning against corporate advertising billboards, complained to the ASA about the ad. The group argued that HSBC continues to fund polluting industries, and the ASA agreed that most consumers wouldn’t know that. The regulator told HSBC to ensure that future adverts mentioning the environment are “adequately qualified.”

At the time, a UK-based spokesperson for HSBC said that “the financial sector has a responsibility to communicate its role in the low-carbon transition to raise public awareness and engage its customers, so we will consider how best to do this as we deliver our ambitious net-zero commitments.”

The bank has argued that its net-zero emissions plan is in line with guidelines set by the United Nations, and that it’s aligned with the approach recommended by the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero. HSBC also noted that International Energy Agency estimates show that there will still be a need for some oil and gas in 2050, making a full withdrawal from financing unrealistic.

Kinder cleaning products 

Even consumers with a vague sense of laundry’s environmental impact might not understand the specifics: Washing machines and clothes dryers use significant energy and water, and excessive washing and drying degrades fabric quality, which can lead to more fashion waste and clothing fibers polluting waterways.

Last year, British consumer goods company Unilever Plc touted its Persil laundry detergent with the slogan, “Tough on strains, kinder to our planet.” The detergent works well in a cold, quick wash, according to the ad, and the bottle is made from 50% recycled plastic (excluding the cap and label).

The ASA told Unilever that “kinder” was an unclear claim, because the ad offered no basis of comparison. The ASA said Unilever also failed to explain the impact of the entire life cycle of its product, from manufacturing to use to disposal. 

A spokesperson for Unilever told the BBC that is was “disappointed” with the ASA’s conclusion. “We are committed to making ongoing improvements to all our products to make them more sustainable and will continue to look at how we can share this with our shoppers,” Unilever said. 

Plant-based promises 

Two different claims that non-dairy milk is environmentally superior to cow’s milk have resulted in action from the ASA.

In 2020, a bus advert for almond and soy milk from Alpro (part of Danone SA), claimed the beverages were “good for the planet.” The ASA called the claim “ambiguous” — what did Alpro mean by good? The company countered that consumers would understand it was comparing plant-based milk and dairy milk. “We are disappointed about this outcome given that plant-based drinks… have a significantly lower environmental impact than dairy products,” Alpro said in a statement at the time. 

In a series of ads, Swedish company Oatly Group AB also made claims about its products’ environmental benefits, including that its oat milk generated “73% less CO2e vs. milk,” and that the “dairy and meat industries emit more CO2e than all the world’s planes, trains, cars, boats etc. combined.” 

Oatly based its claims on good sources, including UN research and scientific studies. But the ASA banned its ads, saying the company wasn’t being explicit enough in its comparisons. (For example, the ASA said Oatly hadn’t made clear that it was comparing plant-based milk to whole cow’s milk.) At the time, an Oatly spokesperson told The Guardian that the company “could have been more specific in the way we described some of the scientific data.”

How green is your lawn?

Using plastic grass instead of the real thing may seem like an obvious environmental hazard. But last year two companies got in trouble with the ASA when they tried to reassure consumers that making such a switch would have environmental benefits.

One company, Evergreens, claimed its plastic grass was “eco-friendly,” with benefits comparable to “the air-purifying effects of one mature tree.” The ASA said the grass being plastic overruled any benefits from transporting it in a more efficient way or exploring recycling options, adding that Evergreens did not have enough evidence to make the “mature tree” comparison. 

A second company, Perfectly Green, said its “Soul Eco-grass” plastic grass was “recyclable,” a claim referred to the ASA by the campaign group Plastics Rebellion. The ASA said the grass was made from two types of plastic that had to be separated for recycling, and noted that the UK did not have the right infrastructure to process it. It also called the name “eco-grass” misleading. Perfectly Green said it would adjust future marketing communications. 

Clean as you drive 

Hydrogen cars may mean cleaner air, but do they clean the air? That distinction tripped up the Korean car company Hyundai Motor Co. in a 2021 advert for its NEXO car, which is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. On its website, the automaker claimed its car was “so beautifully clean, it purifies the air as it goes.” 

The NEXO has an onboard air filter, designed to produce cleaner air to allow the fuel cell to work properly. But the ASA said the car still created pollution; specifically, tiny particles from its brakes and tires. The advert might make consumers think, incorrectly, that the car didn’t leave any impurities behind in the air. In the UK at least, Hyundai couldn’t run the ad again.

©2023 Bloomberg L.P.

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Seed of Simon by Michael Goings – World News

A faithful servant of God who travel expensively to share his testimony and teaching the words of God.

Know more about this compelling book.

DILLON, SOUTH CAROLINA, USA, May 25, 2023/ — Editors: For review copies or Interview requests contact, Glasslink Solutions
Tel #: 888-457-2570

Michael E. Goings attended American International College in Springfield, Massachusetts, and served three years in the Army. He has been a pastor, noted author, and historian for more than forty years. Goings and his wife, Dr. Louise Goings, lived in Dillon, South Carolina. They have two adult children, Jennifer (Demetrius) Rouse and Michael Goings II, and two grandchildren, Elisha and Demetrius Rouse Jr.

I get my inspiration to write from the Lord, from reading other writers’ work, and from my years of traveling and interacting with people in diverse cultures around the world. I also do a lot of reading, being observant, and, by all means, just continue to write because practice makes perfect. I’ve been satisfied and enjoyed having a radio author interview with the veteran broadcaster, Mr. Ric Bratton, on his radio program. His questions both challenged and inspired me to briefly expound on what my book is all about.

Seed of Simon is the story of a young African American man named Rafael Smith who keeps having recurring dreams about the way of suffering and of Simon of Cyrene being compelled to carry the cross of Jesus Christ, unbeknown to Rafael Smith, who has a historical lineage to Simon.

Simon discovers that a man was healed from an incurable disease by his blood donation. Simon is forced to go undercover to protect himself from being taken hostage by pharmaceutical companies that desire to merchandise his blood because of the healing agent it contains. Simon meets two men who team up with him and who serve and assist him in his mission of utilizing his miraculous blood to heal people from sickness and disease. Simon and his comrade rescue some children kidnapped and scheduled to be sacrificed to Satan by occultists on Halloween night. Simon and his team are rescued from being held hostage by a group hired by a big pharmaceutical company because of his girlfriend Rachel. The reporter notifies the police.

Rafael Smith must find a way to utilize and share the gift of God and give it to him to as many people as possible, or he would have failed to complete the mission of God to give it to him.

For more details about Michael Goings, click the link below to visit his website

You may also grab a copy of his book from Amazon, just click the link:

Michael Goings
Glasslink Solutions
+1 888-457-2570
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15 Best Drugstore Eyebrow Pencils That Are

Written by

Sayantani Deb

Updated on May 26, 2023   | 


best drugstore eyebrow pencil

The products curated for this article are independently chosen by the
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Eyebrow pencils are one of the most important makeup products that all makeup enthusiasts swear by for a seamless look. They fill in the sparse areas of your brows, and shape, define, groom and sculpt them to perfection. But, investing too much money in these tiny wands makes one’s heart ache. But no, it is not a good idea to knock them off your makeup kitty. Hence, we are here with a list of some of the best drugstore eyebrow pencils that will help you master the art of creating natural-looking strokes in the most inexpensive way possible. Well, if you ask us, there is nothing more satisfying than giving the arch of your brows the definition that they need. 

We bet, in our inventory, you will find the exact shade to imitate your hair color. In tandem, ahead is the list of the best drugstore eyebrow products that you should add to your makeup vanity without any second thoughts.


Our top picks

Best Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil

Best Angled Precision Tip

15 Best Drugstore Eyebrow Pencils to Accentuate the Beauty of Your Eyes

Our very first recommendation is Maybelline New York’s eyebrow definer. What we really loved about this mechanical pencil is the fact that it comes with a teardrop tip to help you draw natural-looking strokes seamlessly. Plus, you can also blend it for a feathery effect with the help of a spoolie brush given at the other end. Trust us, this arc-defining tool is all that you need to accentuate the beauty of your eyebrows within seconds! 



  • Waterproof
  • Very easy to use
  • Highly-pigmented
  • Available in 3 color options

  • 2

    Best Color Range

    NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Micro Brow Pencil – Chocolate

     NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Micro Brow Pencil - Chocolate

  • The next on our list is this Micro brow pencil introduced by NYX Professional Makeup. The reason why we recommend this pencil is because of its flawless features. To begin, this pencil amps up your eyebrow game with only a few strokes. Its micro-precise skinny tip, easy-to-tame spoolie, and cruelty-free formula make it a sheer winner. Plus, with this pencil in your makeup vanity, you can draw soft strokes, fill your brows, shape them as desired, and make them look as natural as possible. Yes, the product is this good!  



    • Vegan
    • Matte finish
    • Wide range of colors
    • Ultra-creamy formula


    • Might flake if applied too much

  • 3

    Best Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil

    L’ORÉAL PARIS Brow Stylist Definer – Brunette

    L’ORÉAL PARIS Brow Stylist Definer - Brunette

  • While researching for the best drugstore brow products, we came across this one from L’Oréal Paris. Out of all the budget-friendly picks, this product got us hooked due to its goof-proof results. Firstly, its ultra-fine self-sharpening tip made us go ga-ga. It beautifully fills sparse areas and aids in defining the shape of the brows to perfection. What further  left us impressed was its soft spoolie brush at the other end that instantly makes eyebrows look well-groomed, thicker, and voluminous. 



    • Waterproof
    • Available in 10 shades
    • Ophthalmologically tested
    • Suitable for sensitive eyes & contact lens wearers

  • 4

    Best Applicator

    iMethod liquid Eyebrow Pen – Dark Brown

     iMethod liquid Eyebrow Pen - Dark Brown

  • Sculpt your eyebrows seamlessly with this liquid eyebrow pen from iMethod. We bet you will fall in love with the tiny fork-like applicator that allows you to draw soft hair-like strokes with utmost ease. Our team also glanced through the reviews and comments section of this product and discovered that it is indeed the best drugstore eyebrow tool to make the brows look more intense and prominent. The best part? The results imitate the color of your natural hair! 



    • Waterproof
    • Easy to rub off
    • Long-lasting formula
    • Available in 6 color options

  • 5

    Most Affordable

    e.l.f. Instant Lift Brow Pencil – Neutral Brown

    e.l.f. Instant Lift Brow Pencil - Neutral Brown

  • While looking for the best drugstore brow pencils, we came across this instant lift eyebrow essential from e.l.f. We really liked its dual-sided construction, which helps one ace their eyebrow game in a jiffy. Plus, with this one pencil and its outstanding fine tip, you can shape, define, fill, contour, tame, as well as comb your eyebrows. Yes, you read it right! This product is extremely versatile. To note more, after putting it to the test, we found that users just couldn’t take their eyes off their thicker, fuller, and more detailed brows. 



    • Inexpensive
    • Polished finish
    • Long-lasting results
    • Available in 4 shades

  • 6

    Most Versatile



  • Based on our team’s first hand research, we highly recommend this mind-boggling brow definer from the brand Anastasia Beverly Hills. It is an ideal pick for makeup buffs who wish for versatility in every brow product they use. On the other hand, what made it earn more than 12 thousand ratings on Amazon is its triangular tip with three different-sized edges that lend precise control. In addition, the pencil is retractable and of great help to fill, define, groom, and shape brows in the most natural way possible. 



    • Matte finish
    • Easy to blend
    • Multifunctional
    • Create hair-like strokes

  • 7

    Best Angled Precision Tip

    REVLON COLORSTAY Eyebrow Pencil – Soft Brown

    REVLON COLORSTAY Eyebrow Pencil - Soft Brown

  • Leave it on this Revlon eyebrow pencil to create those oh-so-good brows of your dreams within minutes. We glanced through the features of this product and were surprised to know that it has a dual-ended applicator. Addedly, on one end, there is an angled tip promising extra precision whereas on the other, it has a spoolie brush that softens and grooms your brows to make them look realistic from all angles. The plus points — this pencil is water-resistant and ensures longwear for up to 24 hours.



    • Travel-friendly
    • Cost-effective
    • Very easy to use
    • Available in 5 shades

  • 8

    Best Formula



  • Here comes yet another magic wand from the brand, Revlon. Let us tell you that we truly fell in love over its sheer tinted gel formula and dual-sided construction. It is clearly one of the best drugstore eyebrow pencils that you need to invest in to shape, color, and set your brows in an easy breezy way. Our investigation also demonstrated that this product is of great help to fill sparse areas and attain natural-looking eyebrows within a blink of an eye. 



    • Easy to blend
    • Ophthalmologically-tested
    • Available in 3 more shades
    • Safe for sensitive skin and eyes

  • 9

    Most Long-lasting

    wet n wild ultimate brow Micro Eyebrow Pencil – Deep Brown

    wet n wild ultimate brow Micro Eyebrow Pencil - Deep Brown

  • Opt for Wet n Wild’s ultimate brow retractable pencil if you are tired of sharpening your pencil again and again for that precise tip. Our findings show that this pencil is capable of drawing even the finest strokes that mimic your natural brow hair. Secondly, we also noticed how effortlessly one can add depth and definition to thin and narrow eyebrows with this product. Well, to read our minds out loud, we love how this tiny wand helps in lending desirable thickness to your eyebrows and making them look well-sculpted.    



    • Matte finish
    • Cruelty-free
    • Paraben-free
    • Long-lasting formula

  • 10

    Best Creamy Formula

    wet n wild color icon Brow Pencil – Blonde Moments

    wet n wild color icon Brow Pencil - Blonde Moments

  • Defining your eyebrows is just a matter of seconds with this brow pencil from Wet n Wild. Our research indicates that this 2-in-1 dual-ended pencil is a good option to rely on to get the hang of drawing hair-like strokes effortlessly. Why we recommend this product is because of its rich, creamy, lightweight color, and the grooming comb brow attached on one end. Believe us, this is the cheapest brow tool you can ever buy!



    • Cruelty-free
    • Matte-finish
    • Long-lasting results
    • Available in 3 more shades

  • 11

    BURT’S BEES Brow Pencil – Brunette

     BURT'S BEES Brow Pencil - Brunette

  • Fill, define, and shape your eyebrows with this flawless brow pencil from Burt’s Bees. The reason why we picked this for you is firstly due to its 99.9% natural formula that contains jojoba oil. Plus, the usage of responsibly sourced cedar wood makes it a must-have makeup tool. Based on our observations, this is an ideal pencil for those possessing dark brown hair. A worth-noting fact — it is specially formulated without any parabens or phthalates and thus, safe for delicate skin. 



    • Blends well
    • Natural-looking finish
    • Dermatologically-tested
    • Nourishes your eyebrows

  • 12

    HONEST BEAUTY Eyebrow pencil – Soft Black

    HONEST BEAUTY Eyebrow pencil - Soft Black

  • Let us tell you two reasons to add this drugstore eyebrow pencil from Honest Beauty to your cart — firstly, it is blendable and buildable, and secondly, it is EWG-certified, dermatologically and ophthalmologically-tested, and cruelty-free. Thus, it is completely safe for everyday use. The bonus? It is enriched with the goodness of jojoba oil to keep your brows well-groomed and nourished for a longer period of time.    



    • Silicone-free
    • Paraben-free
    • Creamy texture
    • Available in 2 more shades

  • 13

    JOAH Precision BROW DOWN TO ME Brow Pencil – Auburn Brown

     JOAH Precision BROW DOWN TO ME Brow Pencil - Auburn Brown

  • While carrying out an investigation for the best affordable eyebrow pencils, we bumped into this one from Joah. This brow pencil’s ultra-fine tip effortlessly fills in the eyebrows whereas the built-in spoolie grooms and blends the color seamlessly. What left us impressed is its smudge-proof and water-resistant formula that will keep your brows in place and in shape just how you like. Secondly, its wide color palette helps you pick the color that you want.  



    • Last long
    • Matte-finish
    • Retractable tip
    • Gel-like texture

  • 14



  • When you really wish for those long-lasting, well-defined, and filled eyebrows, splurge on this Revlon Colorstay eyebrow product. This pencil comes with an angled tip and a blending brush to keep your brow game to the point straight for up to 24 hours. Hence, there is no risk of smudges, budging, and fading involved. Furthermore, it is waterproof and you don’t need to sharpen it over and over again after every use. 


    • Easy to use
    • Travel-friendly
    • Best for daily use
    • Great for spare and thin brows

  • 15

    MILANI Precision Brow Pencil – Medium Brown

    MILANI Precision Brow Pencil - Medium Brown

  • Lastly, we recommend Milani’s Precision brow pencil for its fail-proof features and natural finish. It comes with a precise tip and a built-in spoolie for ease of application. What we really love is its intense color payoff that helps you craft hair-like strokes in a jiffy. In addition, we give 10 on 10 to this brow pencil for its fabulous bendability to help attain picture-perfect brows. And, if you wish to add the missing oomph to your look, then this is a great pick!    



    • Vegan
    • Cruelty-free
    • 5 color options
    • Ideal for sparse eyebrows

    This was our list of the best drugstore brow pencils that you can think of investing in. Now, scroll down and check out our comprehensive buying guide. 


    How to Choose the Best Drugstore Eyebrow Pencil?

    Here are a few aspects that you should consider before purchasing the best drugstore eyebrow pencil – 

    Color: The color of the pencil is the most important aspect to consider because it is highly responsible in making or breaking your look. There are an array of colors to choose from. But all you need to do is pick the one that mimics your hair color, so that your brows and makeup looks even-toned and natural. 

    Formula: Make sure you purchase the best drugstore brow pencil that is dermatologically and ophthalmologically-tested. An ideal pencil should also be waterproof, smudge-proof, and at the same time, easily blendable. Secondly, it is good to invest in a pencil that is infused with natural ingredients like jojoba oil. 

    Type And Tip: The shape and the type of the pencil are the next crucial things that you need to pay heed to while vouching for any drugstore waterproof eyebrow pencil. Some of them have angular, triangular, or fork-like tips, whereas the rest come with an ultra-fine precision tip. All of them are good and capable of creating natural-looking hair-like strokes. It is advisable to pick a retractable mechanical pencil to prevent the loss of the tip. Secondly, ensure that you pick a pencil that comes with a spoolie brush to make your brow look well-groomed and realistic. 

    After taking note of the above aspects, snatch a glimpse of the steps to use a drugstore eyebrow pencil appropriately.

    How to Use a Drugstore Eyebrow Pencil?

    Following are the steps to use a drugstore brow pencil in the correct manner – 

    Step 1: Start by defining your eyebrows with the narrow end of the pencil. 

    Step 2: Next, use the tip’s base to fill from the eyebrow anchor to the brow arch. 

    Step 3: Begin filling in the remaining tail of your brows with the help of the narrow end of the applicator. 

    Step 4: For a natural-looking and soft-defined finish, blend it with a fluffy spoolie brush.


    Tada! This was all about the best drugstore eyebrow pencils that will not only help you save your hard-earned penny but also spruce up your brow game by several notches. With just one pencil in your makeup vanity, you can seamlessly master the art of creating fluffy, well-shaped, and filled brows with high arches. After all, eyebrows are the unsung heroes that play a major role in uplifting your facial features. So, look no further and get your hands on the best pencil ever! Happy Shopping! 


    Author BIO

    Sayantani is a certified hair and makeup professional turned writer with 2+ years of experience in the same genre. Ap More


    Which brow pencil is the best?

    Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer is the best brow pencil.

    Is a pencil or powder better for mature eyebrows?

    A powder is better for mature eyebrows, as it lends a more natural finish.

    How do you fill in sparse eyebrows?

    Use a brow pencil or powder to create hair-like strokes that look as natural as possible.

    How do you fill in your eyebrows over 50?

    Seek the help of pads or a small brush to fill in your thin eyebrows over 50.

    How do you fill in your eyebrows but still look natural?

    You may fill in your eyebrows using a pencil in an upward direction to make it look natural.

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    Our product experts study the specifications of every product we suggest and try them out to bring what’s proven worthy of your money, time, and energy. We also have subject matter experts from various fields like Fashion, Skincare, Haircare, Home Decor, and Health & Fitness onboard to make sure our suggestions are credible and trustworthy. You can trust select to be your faithful shopping guide for all the right reasons!


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    Chic Hong Kong Grand Opening At COCO Park Shenzhen

    Bringing together 130+ stylish Hong Kong brands,
    showcasing the city’s charm

    HONG KONG, May 26, 2023 –
    (ACN Newswire) – Consumers in the Greater Bay Area (GBA) can
    look forward to experiencing three days of fashion and
    stylish shopping with the opening today of the Chic Hong
    Kong shopping festival. Jointly hosted by the Hong Kong
    Trade Development Council (HKTDC) and the Shenzhen Municipal
    People’s Government, and held at the COCO Park shopping mall
    in Shenzhen’s Futian District, the event is the first
    large-scale promotion of Hong Kong consumer goods in the GBA
    following the complete lifting of border-crossing

    Nearly 80 exhibitors with over 130 Hong
    Kong brands, will be showcasing “Hong Kong style” across
    food, lifestyle, and fashion.

    The event is organized
    by HKTDC GBA Centre, China Council for the Promotion of
    International Trade Shenzhen Municipal Committee, Commerce
    Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, and The People’s Government
    of Futian District, with the support of Cyberspace
    Administration of Shenzhen Municipality, PRD Council of
    Federation of Hong Kong Industries, Hong Kong Chamber of
    Commerce in Guangdong, Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce
    Qianhai, and GBA-IDA.

    New opportunities in GBA;
    Shenzhen-Hong Kong join forces to boost

    Among the distinguished guests attending
    the grand opening of the Chic Hong Kong shopping festival
    were Mr John Lee, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special
    Administrative Region; Mr Qin Weizhong, Mayor of the
    Shenzhen Municipal Government; Mr Zeng Pai, Standing
    Committee Member of the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee; Mr
    Gao Shengyuan, Secretary General of Shenzhen Municipal
    People’s Government; Dr Peter K N Lam, Chairman of the
    HKTDC; and Ms Margaret Fong, Executive Director of the

    In his welcome address, Dr Peter K N Lam
    highlighted the council’s long-standing commitment to
    helping Hong Kong enterprises expand their presence in the
    Chinese mainland.

    “With the complete lifting of
    border-crossing restrictions earlier this year, the economic
    recovery in the Greater Bay Area has gained strong momentum,
    and the two-way passenger flow between Shenzhen and Hong
    Kong continues to increase, demonstrating the new progress
    in their integration. Seizing the favourable momentum, the
    Chic Hong Kong shopping festival was conceived and chosen to
    be held in Shenzhen, a city with a robust fashion consumer
    market, to promote Hong Kong’s high-quality brands and
    product designs to consumers in the Greater Bay Area and
    mainland cities, and to drive the development of the
    domestic circulation economy and intra-regional exchanges
    within the Greater Bay Area.”

    The HKTDC also plans to
    assist Hong Kong enterprises in connecting with new media
    and new retail channels through the GoGBA one-stop platform
    and the Mainland Development Support Scheme, enabling them
    to establish their brands through innovative models and
    expand their domestic sales market.

    Explore the best
    of HK brands in one place.

    The Chic Hong Kong shopping
    festival comprises three themed exhibition areas: Chic
    Living, Chic Style, and Chic Taste. These areas are situated
    in the Outdoor Star Plaza on Floor B1, the indoor atrium on
    L1, and just outside the venue. Products on show encompass a
    wide range, including consumer electronics and technology
    products, smart home goods, fashionable clothing and
    accessories, as well as food, beverages, and health
    products. Among the nearly 80 exhibitors, 40% are making
    their debut in the mainland market, using this event as a
    springboard to establish business ties.

    The event
    features Hong Kong brands and “chic” items based on
    innovation, sustainable design, green and healthy living,
    original design and other trendy elements, like Hong Kong
    food technology startup Allklear’s drinkable nutritional
    salad, Koofy Development’s Surfwheel smart electric
    skateboard, sustainable brand iFarmaissance’s plant-based
    vegan leather handbag series, and KIBO’s eco-friendly
    leather casual shoes.

    Hong Kong’s highly-rated fashion
    design prowess is also on display with fashion clothing
    brand SPARKLE COLLECTION, home furnishing brand JARDIN DES
    FONTAINES, and professional ceramic tableware brand
    Loveramics showcasing their creativity. The shopping
    festival also gathers a collection of widely recognized
    classic Hong Kong brands, like Chow Sang Sang, Chow Tai
    Fook, Kee Wah, Kampery, Four Seas, Lee Kum Kee, and Pat
    Chun, all exhibiting iconic products and newly launched

    During the festival, the HKTDC will
    concurrently host the Hong Kong Masterpiece Gallery.
    Sponsored by Create Hong Kong of the Hong Kong SAR
    Government, the exhibition will feature 13 emerging Hong
    Kong designers and over 20 exceptional or award-winning
    products to emphasise the strengths and benefits the city’s
    design and creative industries can offer.

    and influencers join for a spectacular on-site

    At the opening ceremony, Hong Kong’s
    rising star Gigi Yim Ming-hay delivered a passionate
    performance, setting the stage for three days of fun, music,
    magic and much more.

    Altogether, over 100 activities
    will be open to the public including the grand finals of the
    “9+2” street dance competition, a surprising demonstration
    of KamCha Hong Kong Style Milk Tea brewing, acapella
    performances, freestyle basketball displays, close-up magic
    shows, a parade featuring stilt-walking magicians, flash
    mobs, energetic hip-hop performances, and portrait

    HKTDC has invited a number of social media
    influencers from Guangdong and Hong Kong to join and support
    the event with daily live-streaming about what the event has
    to offer consumers and features on their personal favourite
    products. Renowned Hong Kong vegetarian expert Elvis Chan
    and ketogenic diet expert Hayden Leung will also be there to
    share some ideas on how to prepare healthy

    There is also a not-to-be-missed immersive
    space at the venue where visitors can surround themselves in
    Hong Kong’s vibrant culture through light and shadow using
    the latest projection-based technology.

    offers and prizes

    The Chic Hong Kong Shopping Festival
    has also lined up a host of enticing offers and prizes to
    make sure everyone enjoys a memorable and rewarding
    experience. HKTDC has launched a city-wide promotional
    campaign to attract as many people as possible to the

    Shenzhen residents can take part in topic
    discussions on Dianping (a popular review platform) and use
    the hashtag #HongKongNewTrend to have a chance to win a 50
    RMB e-voucher.

    There will also be exciting perks at
    the show like check-in rewards and shopping incentives.
    Consumers who spend 100 RMB or more at the Chic Hong Kong
    booths can enter a daily lucky draw, where an impressive
    array of rewards awaits lucky participants.

    Chic Hong
    – Date: 26-28 May, 2023 (Friday to Sunday)

    Location: COCO Park, Futian District, Shenzhen (the Outdoor
    Star Plaza on Floor B1, the indoor atrium on L1, and
    – Opening hours: 10:00 to 22:30 (May 26-27);
    10:00 to 22:00 (May 28)
    – Entrance Fee: Free
    – Scan
    the mini-program QR code for more information:

    WeChat Store:

    Hosts: Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC); the
    Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government
    – Organisers:
    HKTDC GBA Centre; China Council for the Promotion of
    International Trade Shenzhen Municipal Committee; Commerce
    Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality; and The People’s Government
    of Futian District
    – Support Units: Cyberspace
    Administration of Shenzhen Municipality; PRD Council of
    Federation of Hong Kong Industries; Hong Kong Chamber of
    Commerce in Guangdong; Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce
    Qianhai; and GBA-IDA
    – Executive unit: The Shenzhen
    International Chamber of

    © Scoop Media


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    In A First, Up Fair Price Shops To Also Stock

    Lucknow: In an effort to increase the income of fixed price shops as well as ensure availability of the items of basic household needs in the remote areas, these outlets for ration will also be stocked with baby products, like diapers and milk powder besides dry fruits and several other items of daily use.
    In an order issued by the department of food and civil supplies, a list of 35 items of daily use and another four related to health and wellness which will be available at ration shops, has been released.
    An official said the sale of the newly listed products will only be permitted if they are FSSAI certified, certified as per requirement and at shops where the main road permits entry of heavy vehicles.

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    NI experts on the icon’s love of beauty products:

    The ex-footballer’s bringing back metrosexuality for a new generation of men. By Gillian Halliday and Aine Toner

    Former footballer David Beckham

    Aine Toner and Gillian Halliday

    Men wearing makeup has always been present in popular culture: David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust phase, the heavily-kohled peepers of Marc Bolan and the bold eyeshadow worn by Boy George, musical artists since the birth of rock ‘n’ roll and pop music have always deployed cosmetics to enhance their artist persona. Flash forward to the Met Gala and male celebrities like Pharrell Williams and Little Nas will regularly deploy a little ‘guyliner’ and more for the star-studded red carpet. Off the stage, and silver screen, however, the average Joe has typically shunned makeup.

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    Beauty Industry: Up Close and Personal

    In spite of rising prices and a complex and uncertain economy, consumers are shopping and, in many cases, increasing their spend.

    Inclusive Not Exclusive

    Yes, the economy is uncertain. Yes, we are still experiencing inflation. Yes, in many cities, and business sectors, discrimination against age, race, religion, and sexual preferences not only remains but grows. Today, many shoppers are directing their cash to what is joyful and beautiful.

    Joy in Spending

    Worldwide, the beauty industry is predicted to exceed $716 billion by 2023 and $784.6 billion by 2027 (NPRD/IRI data). What is motivating shoppers to shop? What are they buying?

    The beauty industry embraces what is unique, exceptional, different, and special, and because it employs an “inclusive” business model it could become a winning template for all industries losing market share.

    The beauty segments are steeped in emotion as beauty brings joy (a universal aspiration) providing experiences that can be classified as play; activities that do not have a purpose other than helping us feel relaxed and happy, keeping our minds focused in the present. The present is where joy lives (

    A key part of the beauty industry is the human touch. From a beauty consultant helping shoppers find the perfect color in a crowded display, to the retail buyer who acts as an editor selecting an assortment for the tastes and interests of customers, this is a people business. The human interaction is one of the most compelling reasons consumers continue to frequent shops (i.e., Sephora), roam the cosmetic counters at department stores and pharmacies (i.e., Macy’s and Duane Reade), attend pricey cosmetology classes, and applaud and follow makeup artists (i.e., Sarah Tanno/Lady Gaga, Gucci Westman/Reese Witherspoon, and Jennifer Anniston).

    Every product and retail success has a human in the front or side of the item; someone who has discovered, refined, and/or created an OMG beauty item or look or created a captivating retail environment. Industries have been overrun with algorithms and data; however, there continues to be a need and a want for the human touch.

    The industry is a platform for executives who are willing to take a leadership position. Many owners/managers are making bold moves, including adding services to a drug store dominated by household necessities, or heading into the unknown with an innovative product that is counterintuitive, bucking conventional wisdom.

    Is It Worth It?

    Larissa Jensen, vice president and beauty industry advisor to the NPD Group determined that 70 percent of consumers who indicate they are watching their spending are NOT reducing beauty purchases. On average, Americans spend between $244 and $313 on cosmetics every month.


    In makeup, lip gloss is the fastest-growing sector, outperforming lipstick. Body skin care products grew at more than three times the rate of facial products while fragrance sales increased in the areas of eau de parfum, parfum, and high-end artisanal fragrance juices. 

    Searching for Fresh and Hygienic

    Clean is a driving factor in the beauty buying decision. With no clear definition of clean, shoppers are doing their own research; however, 40 percent rely on retailers to classify products for them. Clean was supplanted during the pandemic by CLINICAL – but clean is rebounding.

    Vegan and cruelty-free are keywords consumers spot when looking over reviews. Social responsibility percolates to the top of a shopper checklist with 34 percent of consumers indicating that this attribute is important (NPD).


    Women do not want products that contain animal-derived ingredients, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, gluten, or dyes. Multicultural consumers look to well-established brands of skin care products with natural, certified organic, and ethically sourced ingredients.


    In the USA, the female beauty shopper is multi-dimensional and multi-cultural; this is good news for the beauty industry. According to estimates, 129 million multicultural consumers now represent 40 percent of the population and these consumers are responsible for driving nearly all of the US population growth over the last five years. Over 120 million strong and increasing by 2.3 million per year, multicultural populations are the growth engine of the future in the U.S.

    Black and brown women already spend approximately $7.5 billion annually on beauty products and the number is projected to grow. According to research from Packaged Facts, the buying power of African Americans has surpassed $1 trillion.

    Hispanics, African Americans, Asian Americans, and all other multicultural groups already make up 38% of the U.S. population, with Census Bureau projections showing that multicultural populations will become a numeric majority by 2044.


    Multicultural women, especially Hispanic women, are more committed to beauty routines and trying new products than other women. Acknowledging this fact, brands are responding by introducing new skincare, putting less emphasis on lightening skin tones with a higher priority on products and services that help users achieve a healthy, clear complexion. Latino women in the US report creating complex makeup looks compared to 51 percent of all women, while African American women trend toward embracing a natural beauty appearance (Mintel). In the near future, people of color will represent a majority in America and the beauty industry is positioning itself to capitalize.

    Manly Makeup

    A research study supports the hypothesis that subtle cosmetics make male faces look more attractive (Batres, C., & Robinson, H. 2022). The men’s makeup market is estimated to reach $276 billion by 2030. The growing trend toward skincare, haircare, and fragrance products among men is thanks to significant brand endorsements by celebrities, encouraging men to purchase cosmetic brands.

    Danny Gray, Founder of beauty brand War Paint claims that men, “feel ashamed about using make-up” and studies find that only one in a hundred men wear makeup on a daily basis.

    A significant challenge is the small number of specific male-dedicated products. Makeup is frequently designed to be inclusive and education is needed for male consumers to learn why they should select a male-specific product rather than something viewed as unisex. Studies should highlight the fact that men’s testosterone (on average) makes their skin 25 percent thicker than females. In addition, men’s skin produces more sebum resulting in it becoming more acne-prone and oily.

    Start Early

    Research suggests that 42 percent of men first started practicing skin care between 15-17 y/o; however,

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