Elf Cosmetics Launches New Digital Series ‘Vanity Table Talk’


The social-first show is a playful mashup of popular formats, including the late-night talk show and the TikTok-native Get Ready With Me.


Actress Jennifer Coolidge pulls up a seat and shares more comedic quips at the Elf vanity, which inspired the Vanity Table Talk series. Viewers can watch as Coolidge shares funny insights into her relationship with makeup, including her daily routine and ideal lipstick name. 


Animal Rights Advocate

Coolidge is an outspoken animal rights advocate and longtime fan of Elf’s cruelty-free products and purpose pillar. To celebrate the debut of the series inspired by the award-winning actress, Coolidge was the genesis and empowered the brand to make a $100,000 donation to Rise for Animals, a national animal rights organization on a mission to end animal experimentation.


TikTok Style

Much like TikTok’s viral “GRWM” format, guests can it solo at Elf’s vanity and apply products while storytelling and reacting to questions flying in from off-camera.

Vanity Table Talk aims to inspire viewers to celebrate their own unique beauty, using makeup and skincare as a tool for self-expression and empowerment. Expect to see some of your favorite Elf holy grail products, as well as exciting new launches within each episode, including expansions to Elf’s viral primer portfolio, lip products, summer skincare essentials and more.


Summer 2023 Plans

This summer, Elf will release two new episodes featuring actress and singer, Ashley Park, and comedian, writer, and musician, Ziwe. Ashley’s signature fashion and beauty choices have encouraged legions of fans to get bold and playful with their looks, while Ziwe champions an unapologetic and unfiltered approach to both beauty and life. Each will share insights into their respective worlds, while giving glimpses into their favorite beauty trends, and application tips and tricks.


“Elf has been engaging with culture through the lens of entertainment for years, so a bonafide content series was a natural and fun progression for the brand,” says Patrick O’Keefe, vice president of integrated marketing communications, Elf Beauty. “We want Vanity Table Talk to bring a smile to every eye, lip and face that watches it. Jen, Ashley and Ziwe all align with the spirit of the show, and each represent the very best of beauty – they’re confident, authentic and beautifully unique.”


The Vanity Table Talk series was conceptualized, casted, produced, directed and scripted by Shadow, Elf Beauty’s long-term creative marketing and communications agency.


“As we continue to grow the Elf cinematic universe, we explore every opportunity to entertain,” says Brian Vaughan, executive creative director & partner, Shadow. “The uniquely customizable Vanity Table Talk format allows us to build concepts with specific talent and partners in mind. Everything from set design to scripting to each episode’s strategic product launches are tailored for the guest, allowing each to play, perform and shine in their own distinct way.”


New exclusive episodes will be released each month through August on Elf social channels, including YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

Check out a clip below:


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