Luxury Hair Care Products That Meet Clean Beauty Standards


When it comes to clean beauty, non-toxic hair care products can be harder to find—especially when it comes to salon-quality. While there are plenty of clean hair care brands at the local grocery store, the performance of these products is often lacking. And, knowing which high-end brands to buy online can be a guessing game. The following hair care products meet clean beauty standards and offer the luxury feel you’d expect from salon products.

Heat Protectant Shield by rahua, $38

For leave-in heat protection that doesn’t weigh down hair or feel greasy, Heat Protectant Shield by rahua is plant-based and protects hair from heat treatment up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Simply spray hair before blow drying, flat ironing, or curling to help prevent breakage and hydrate hair with nourishing ingredients including avocado, castor seed, almond, and rahua oils. Rahua oil is the shield’s star ingredient—an oil sustainably harvested from the Amazon rainforest with hair strengthening properties. And, perhaps best of all, rahua is committed to sustainable and restorative practices.

Smoothing Hair Treatment by Grown Alchemist, $50

This multi-faceted Smoothing Hair Treatment by Grown Alchemist helps to protect hair from heat treatment, UV, and chemicals, while also controlling frizz and hydrating hair. The formula is surprisingly lightweight and wears well even on day two after washing and is formulated to not leave build-up over time. Made with clean ingredients like vitamin A, cationic guar gum, and hydrolized milk protein, the results are stronger, more resilient hair that looks smoother without becoming weighed down.

Cold Processed Scalp Detox by Act+Acre, $48

Appropriate for all hair types and for dry to normal scalps, this Cold Processed Scalp Detox by Act+Acre helps to cleanse the scalp in order to eliminate dandruff, remove product build-up, and encourage hair growth. Made from clean ingredients including basil leaf blend, baobab oil, and moringa oil, study participants reported less dryness, itching, and flaking after four weeks of weekly use, as well as feeling both refreshed and soothed as an added bonus. And, the oil washes out easily, which is always a plus.

Shampoo by Grown Alchemist, $50

Featuring Damask rose, black pepper, and sage, this Shampoo by Grown Alchemist makes a good regular hair cleansing option. With non-toxic ingredients and a pleasant, gentle fragrance, the shampoo leaves hair feeling clean and ready for styling. Moreover, the shampoo is formulated to be soothing to the scalp, which is a nice touch for those who suffer from dry, itchy, and/or irritated skin. The shampoo also has a conditioner to match, featuring many of the same soothing ingredients like chamomile and lavender.

Anti-Frizz Conditioner by Grown Alchemist, $50

Every shampoo needs a good conditioner to follow suit and this Anti-Friz Conditioner by Grown Alchemist does a solid job of moisturizing hair without weighing it down. The conditioner helps to protect against heat damage and fly aways while absorbing well enough to leave hair feeling simultaneously light and smooth. Made with ginger CO2 gingerols, behenic acid C22 fatty acids, and abyssinian oil, the unique formulation has a subtle, fresh aroma.

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