Amid Uptick in Railway Crossing Deaths, Rail Aware, LLC, Releases Guidance on Grandparents’ Role in Railway Safety – World News Report

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Volunteers RAT Pack Nevada Trail Safety

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Rail Road Safety Classes RAT Pack Nevada

Grandparents can offer potentially life-saving railway safety lessons to their grandchildren

As a grandparent, you have the unique opportunity to impart this essential safety knowledge to your grandchildren in an engaging and memorable way.”

— Rich Gent

RENO, NEVADA, USA, April 27, 2023/ — Rail Aware, LLC, has released new guidelines designed to help grandparents teach their children valuable lessons in railway safety.

According to the National Safety Council, there were 893 railroad deaths in 2021. Fatalities at highway-rail crossings has increased, drawing concern from people across the country. Rail Aware, LLC, a Nevada-based small business offering railway safety and security solutions, has released new guidelines uniquely designed to help grandparents teach their grandchildren how to stay safe at railway crossings.

Grandparents are uniquely involved and invested in the lives of their grandchildren and play a vital role in shaping their grandchildren’s lives. According to Rail Aware, LLC, grandparents can set the scene for railway safety discussions by starting with a casual conversation, using relatable examples and visuals, and teaching key safety points such as staying off the tracks, observing warning signs and signals, and keeping a safe distance.

According to Rail Aware, LLC, grandparents can also reinforce these lessons with repetition and practice. Some of this reinforcement might include watching a video ( on railway safety together, signing up for training through, and practicing safe behaviors near railroad tracks in real life.

“By teaching the importance of railroad safety, grandparents can contribute to reducing accidents and saving lives,” said a spokesperson for Rail Aware, LLC. “With a casual approach, relatable examples, and consistent reinforcement, grandparents can effectively instill a lifelong safety awareness that leaves a lasting impact on their grandchildren’s well-being around trains and tracks.”

In the state of Nevada, organizations such as Rail Aware, LLC, and the Rail Auxiliary Team serve to ensure railway safety and security. One major mission of both organizations is to prevent trespassers, a major source of railway deaths, and to prevent acts of terrorism. Through due diligence, technology, and teams of railway experts, these organizations are working to reduce railway deaths using integrated strategies including outreach. Learn more by visiting


Rail Aware, LLC, is a Nevada-based disabled, veteran-owned small business offering various solutions for railway safety and security concerns.


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