Cancer Expert Now, NoeticInsight and PRIMO announce formation of new holding company, Onviv, Inc. – World News Report

We are Onviv. Onviv is shown as the holding company for three sub-companies: Cancer Expert Now, NoeticInsight and PRIMO

Shows the Onviv holding company and the 3 brands which support it Cancer Expert Now, NoeticInsight and PRIMO

Due to exciting growth of business, the 3 companies which previously fell under Cancer Expert Now, Inc. will be a part of a new holding company, Onviv, Inc.

Over the past three years, our business has continued to experience exponential growth. We are so excited to continue our trajectory with the launch of Onviv.”

— CEO, Jeff Meehan

MORRISTOWN, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, April 26, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Today, we are thrilled to announce that Cancer Expert Now (CEN), NoeticInsight (NI), and Practical Recommendations in Immuno and Molecular Oncology (PRIMO) are now under a new holding company, Onviv.

We have grown tremendously since beginning our journey in 2017. Cancer Expert Now first started to connect patients and global community physicians with renowned disease experts in oncology, to enable them to make informed decisions and proceed with their treatment plans with confidence. Since then, we have expanded our brand further to service our life science clients. There was tremendous, rapid growth in our life science business, and traction beyond an oncology only focus, which led us to develop a unique company identity, NoeticInsight, in 2020. Our founders also saw an additional unmet need in garnering these leading minds for an in-person conference to share practical recommendations that can be applied to every day clinical practice, and with that, in 2017, PRIMO (Practical Recommendations in Immuno and Molecular Oncology) Annual Meeting was formed.

“Over the past three years, our business has continued to experience exponential growth. We are so excited to continue our trajectory with the launch of Onviv. Our goal is to advance our business capabilities and provide further clarity in our delineation of services and overall communications strategies—this will push us forward with a greater focus on our mission than ever before. These changes are focused on the cosmetic blueprint of our organization which will allow us to better service our stakeholders with the same ownership, leadership, and employees.” Said CEO, Jeff Meehan

“It is humbling and gratifying to see a kernel of an idea grow into reality and as a clinician, the ability to impact patient care indirectly and directly without geographic barriers is the culmination of a dream I have had for long time” said Co-founder and CMO, Sanjiv Agarwala, MD

One of the largest changes users will see in this rebrand is our refreshed and optimized portal experience. Our new discussion list organizes previous, current, and future discussions into separate categories, while our re-invented search engine ensures that users can quickly find specific discussions with precision and accuracy. Members will find everything they need on our brand-new dashboard, with a smart layout that ensures users can navigate the entire portal with ease by placing key portal capabilities front and center on the homepage. We provide our stakeholders with the most innovative, intuitive platform for continued access to top insights—whenever and wherever needed. Onviv and its brands will continue to grow and enhance all our offerings, delivering the best service to our partners and members.

Our name was born from our combined mission: to help individuals around the world. The word Onviv comes from the latin root -viv- meaning “life; alive; lively” and represents our commitment in working collectively to better the lives of others.

Our members and partners move our mission forward. We offer insights from our world-renowned expert network to patients, doctors, employers, health plans, and life science companies. Together, we will continue to improve care around the globe by providing worldwide, rapid access to the leading clinical experts. Read more about Onviv by clicking here.

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We are excited to introduce, Onviv, Inc.

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