Honouring Earth Day with eco-actions

Celebrating with the theme “Invest In Our Planet”, Earth Day on April 22, is upon us once again for the 53rd anniversary to remind us of the importance of preserving the planet we call home. Guru By Bangkok Post has some ideas to spark your green conscience while reconnecting with Mother Earth.

Give trash another chance

Trash Lucky

Trash Lucky knows exactly what Thais need to motivate their recycling habits: A lucky draw. From plastic and paper to glass and metal, turn trash into treasures by submitting recyclable trash and earning a point, which can be converted into a raffle ticket to win prizes, such as a smartphone or a cash voucher. To find out more about the addresses and drop-off locations, as well as recycling guidelines, visit trashlucky.com. 

Paper Ranger

Paper Ranger makes a positive impact on the environment and society. They accept one-sided used A4 paper and upcycle it into handmade notebooks for underprivileged children from the hill tribes. You can be a part of this good cause by volunteering in a notebook-making workshop. Visit fb.com/wearepaperranger.


Don’t throw away your plastic waste just yet, as they are seen as a diamond in the rough by the locals of the Ban Phai community. Tayla, a social enterprise of the Ban Phai community in Rayong, accepts unused or cleaned plastic straws and bottle caps with the HDPE No.2 and PP No.5 plastic signs as craft materials for their side hustle — where they transform them into upcycled items. Pillows, keychains and cushioned seats are among the eco-friendly crafts selling at their souvenir shop. Visit fb.com/TAYLABYBP.

Chula Loves The Earth

If you’re not interested in the safe disposal of small electronic devices and accessories (besides peddling them for the best price possible in MBK Centre’s IT Mall), look no further than Chula. Deposit your pre-loved mobile phones, tablets, laptops, headphones and chargers at the Chula Loves The Earth site on the 8th floor of the CU Research Building for a non-hazardous waste disposal procedure. Each donated electronic waste item will contribute B10 to Chulalongkorn University’s Cancer Immunotherapy Fund. Visit fb.com/ChulaLovestheEarth. 


If you’ve gone on an online shopping spree on an “auspicious sales day” (who hasn’t?), Won gives gives unwanted delivery packages a new lease on life. As the name suggests, Won, meaning “circular” in Thai, breathes new life into leftover stretchable plastics, such as plastic parcel bags and bubble wrap, as well as handle bags and plastic film for water bottle packs, by reusing and repurposing them. All you have to do is follow a few easy steps to prepare your plastic scraps before delivering or dropping them off at a Won box: clean and dry them out and pack them tightly into a bag. Above all, every kilogramme of plastic waste you send to the project is worth B5, which will be donated to local environmental organisations. Visit fb.com/wontogether.

Get crafty and inspired

Earth Day Workshop / Little Stump / April 22

Looking for a fun and educational way to celebrate Earth Day with your kids? Rama II’s playground/daycare centre, Little Stump, is hosting an Earth Day celebration where you and your little ones can learn about sustainability through nature-inspired activities. From recycling games to seed-planting and upcycling workshops, there are plenty of ways to spark your children’s creativity and eco-friendly mindset. An all-day pass costs B1,500 per person for kids above the age of two. Save your spot at fb.com/littlestumpbkk. 

Today at Apple: Earth Day Edition / Precious Plastic Bangkok and Apple Thailand / April 22

Don’t miss out on this special Apple event hosted in collaboration with Precious Plastic Bangkok, if you’re not convinced about the potential of turning trash into treasure yet. Apple Thailand marks Earth Day with an enlightening talk and hands-on workshop, intending to shift your perspective towards plastic waste and explore creative ways to give it a new lease of life. Register for free at apple.co/3TLkux3.

Earth Day: Botanical Candles Workshop / Baan Dusit Thani / April 22

Join Baan Dusit Thani on Sala Daeng Road for an eco-friendly workshop on Earth Day. For B850 per person, the class will cover candle making made with natural ingredients, such as soy wax and essential oils. An array of dried flowers will be available to add an aesthetic touch. Not to mention, you will be working from the poolside Garden Bar amidst a tropical ambience. Book a seat at the workshop via Line: @baandusitthani. 

Re-fill up!

ZeroMoment Refillery

ZeroMoment Refillery on Ramkham­haeng 24 offers an extensive range of products to fill up your containers, from household cleaning products and personal care items like laundry detergent, scrubs and housemade soap to spices and herbs like sea salt and cinnamon sticks, to dried food and superfoods like pasta, cornflakes, goji berries and cacao nibs. Don’t worry if you come here empty-handed because they provide reusable containers for purchase. Visit fb.com/zeromomentrefillery.


This refill/unpackaged store on Phet Kasem 46 is where you can refill your empty containers of shampoo, shower gel, detergent and more importantly, they are all organic. Lessplasticable also carries an array of lifestyle products such as tote bags, silicone food holders and beeswax wraps, as well as housemade food and seasonal fruits sourced from local vendors. The place is occasionally home to a pop-up restaurant where Charlie “Uncle Lee” Boonvinit from the earthworm Uncle Lee Farm hosts his wholesome chef table. Visit fb.com/lessplasticable.

Refill Station

Plastic gallons line the walls of Refill Station on Sukhumvit 77/1, where you can fill up your empty containers with all manner of detergents, including hair, body, facial and home products. Also, expect a starter kit for eco-friendly living with an array of low-waste lifestyle products, such as silicon straws, a wheat straw cutlery set, silicone lunch boxes and reusable sanitary pads. Visit refillstationbkk.com.

Smarter taps

Green Card

Are you trying to go green but finding it tough to know the right eco-friendly products or services? Download the Green Card app by Thai Eco-Products of the Federation of Thai Industries. Designed to encourage eco-conscious consumers to make informed decisions regarding their purchases, Green Card has gathered eco-label products and services and divided them into categories, such as food and beverages, clothing and cosmetics. Scan the barcode of your purchased items to see why they’re less harmful to the environment and each good shows a green point you can collect to redeem rewards and discounts by submitting a receipt. Visit thaiecoproducts.com.


Say no to single-use plastic while collecting points and redeeming rewards on the Ecolife app. Whenever you have refused single-use plastic utensils or purchased eco-friendly products from its partner shops, you earn an eco-point. What’s more fun than getting freebies by redeeming your eco-points is that you also get to build your own eco-land within the app, which will grow according to your frequency of taking action on eco-activities. Find Ecolife’s eco-allies with shops, refill stations and recycle hubs near you via ecolifeapp.com. 


Yindii combats food waste by selling surplus food at discounted prices. From leftover vegetables in good condition from supermarkets to excess food from restaurants and cafes, all the unsold delicious items are listed in the app or sold as a Yindii Bag as a savoury surprise! Visit yindii.co.

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