Who are the members of K-Pop group Astro?


K-POP sensations Astro were struck by tragedy when one of their members died aged just 25.

But who is in the band and where are they in the aftermath of the tragedy? Here’s everything you need to know.

Astro formed as a six-man group in 2016


Astro formed as a six-man group in 2016Credit: Getty

Who are the members of K-Pop group Astro?


MJ is the lead singer of the group


MJ is the lead singer of the groupCredit: Getty

Kim Myung-jun, known by his stage name MJ, is Astro’s main vocalist.

Aged 29, he is the oldest member of the group.

MJ won a scholarship from Seoul Arts College after competing in the JYP Entertainment X HUM Audition.

He also attended Global Cyber University.

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Like the other members of Astro, he was involved with iTeen, a talent development programme run by the band’s future record label Fantagio.

The group’s participation in the programme led to the nickname ‘iTeen Boys’ before they debuted as Astro.

The singer and model has also had roles in a number of dramas and travel shows as well as hosting season two of Insane Quiz Show in 2019.

He made his solo debut in November 2021 but remains with the band.

MJ briefly paused his career in February 2022 due to illness, before enlisting in a military band as part of his mandatory service in May that year.


JinJin has had roles in acting and podcasting outside of music


JinJin has had roles in acting and podcasting outside of musicCredit: Getty

Born Park Jin-woo, JinJin attended Hanlim Multi Art School, focussing on practical dance.

He then attended NY Dance Academy in Ilsan and regularly competed for them.

The 27-year-old was a trainee talent with Fantagio for two years before Astro was formed.

He was part of a sub-unit of the band as a duo with fellow star Rocky, before the latter left the group.

In 2021, he started a podcast called UNBOXING and he had a role in the 2023 stage adaptation of the popular Korean TV series Dream High.

Cha Eun-woo

Cha Eun-woo is a brand ambassador for Burberry


Cha Eun-woo is a brand ambassador for BurberryCredit: Getty

Cha Eun-woo, real name Lee Dong-min, was at Hanlim Multi Art School around the same time as JinJin.

He then achieved a degree in performing arts from Sungkyunkwan University before joining Fantagio.

Cha Eun-woo also had a minor role as an actor in the film My Brilliant Life, which was a hit in South Korea.

Now 26, he works as an international ambassador for clothing brand Penshoppe and luxury fashion house Burberry alongside his music career.

He donated 10million Won to support the victims of a major fire in 2019 and another 30million to those affected by Covid-19 in South Korea.

In 2018, he was named as one of GQ Korea’s Men of the Year and was named as the Top Male Influencer in Fashion by Lefty.

Yoon San-ha

Sanha is the youngest member of the band at just 23


Sanha is the youngest member of the band at just 23Credit: Getty

Yoon San-ha, also known simply as Sanha, is the youngest member of the group at just 23 years old.

Like Cha Eun-woo and JinJin, he attended Hanlim Multi Multi Art School, though he graduated three years after Astros debut.

He was just 12 when he was signed by Fantagio as an iTeen trainee and 16 when he debuted with the band.

He formed the group’s first sub-unit, Sanha and Moonbin, before his duet partner tragically died in 2023.

Sanha joined the cast of KBS drama Crazy Love in 2022 and was cast in the South Korean adaptation of hit musical Altar Boyz the year before.

He renewed his contract with Fantagio in December 2022.


Rocky left the band in 2023


Rocky left the band in 2023Credit: Getty

Park Min-hyuk, known as Rocky, was one of the original six-member lineup of Astro.

He also attended Hanlim Multi Arts School and was also a contestant on Korea’s Got Talent in 2011, aged just 12.

He debuted with Astro in 2016 as a dancer and rapper and formed a sub-unit with JinJin.

However, in February 2023, Fantagio announced that he had decided not to renew his contract and would be leaving the band, but did not confirm the reasons behind the decision.

Away from music, he played the role of D’Artagnan in a Korean remake of The Three Musketeers in 2022.

Rocky was announced to be in a relationship with actress Park Bo-yeon in October of that year, but her management denied Fantagio’s claim and said that the pair were “good colleagues”.

His younger brother, Jeonggeun, is also in K-Pop with boy band Haww.


Moonbin tragically passed away in April 2023


Moonbin tragically passed away in April 2023Credit: Getty

Moonbin, real name Moon Bin, was another graduate of Hanlim Multi Art School before debuting with Astro.

He was previously a child model in 2004 and a child actor in 2009, when he appeared in Korean drama Boys Over Flowers.

He took a brief hiatus from November 2019 to February 2020 due to unspecified health issues.

Upon his return, he formed a sub-unit with Sanha and also made numerous TV appearances, including on eco-friendly cooking show Food Avengers.

Moonbin renewed his contract in December 2022, but in April 2023 was found dead at his home in Seoul.

He was discovered by his manager after failing to show up at rehearsals.

His cause of death has not yet been confirmed, but a statement from Seoul Gangnam Police released in Yonhap News and translated by Soompi said: “It appears that Moonbin took his own life.”

Fantagio released a statement of their own, saying: “On April 19, Astro member Moonbin suddenly left us to become a star in the sky.

“Although we cannot compare our sorrow to the grief that the bereaved families are feeling, losing a beloved son and brother, the Astro members, fellow Fantagio artists, company executives and employees are mourning the deceased in great sadness and shock.

“It is even more heart-breaking to deliver this news so suddenly to the fans who have supported Moonbin and sent him their love.

“We are heartbroken because we know the feelings of the deceased, who always loved and thought of his fans more than anyone else.”

They added: “We sincerely ask you to refrain from speculative and malicious reports so that the bereaved families, who are in a state of great sadness and sorrow due to the sudden news, can honour the deceased.”

Moonbin is survived by his sister, Moon Sua, who is a member of K-Pop girl group Billlie.

How many albums has Astro had?

Astor have released three studio albums.

Their first, All Light, hit the charts in 2019, followed by All Yours in 2021 and Drive to the Starry Road in 2022.

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These were accompanied by single albums Winter Dream in 2017 and One & Only in 2020.

All their albums have been released through Fantagio.

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