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Muslim Pakistani Woman Liaison, Atia Shahbaz

Atia Shahbaz with Mayor Eric Adams

Organizers with Mayor Eric Adams

Ammwec president, Anila Ali, speaking at the NYC Mayor’s first-ever Muslim women iftar en iftar

Anila Ali thanking Mayor Eric Adams for Empowering Muslim Women of New York

After appointing the first ever Muslim woman liaison, Atia Shahbaz, Mayor Eric Adams hosts the first ever Muslim Women Iftar of New York City

WASHINGTON DC, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2023/ — Eric Adams started his career in public service as a New York police officer, a senator, a borough president and then ran for the highest office in the state and became the 110th mayor of New York City. His story is one of adversity and resonates with the community he represents. Raised by a single mother, he grew up understanding the struggles and challenges that women face due to economic inequality. Atia Shahbaz, a Pakistani American, worked to empower many Muslim women groups and nonprofits that are home to New York. Eric Adams had told her that if he won, he would appoint t her as the first ever Muslim woman Liaison. Mayor Eric Adams lived up to his promise and that’s the story he shared at the first ever Muslim women iftar by the New York City Mayor’s Office. In a room packed with Muslim women and their families, Mayor was praised by women civil society leaders for his outreach and inclusion of diverse Muslim communities.

“It gives me great pleasure and joy to see all of you here and this is what we can achieve in this great country. To stand here next to an amazing Muslim Pakistani leader, Atia Shahbaz, I am feeling so proud of Atia Shahbaz,” said AMMWEC president, Anila Ali, who flew all the way from Los Angeles just to speak at the iftar.

“This is what we are all capable of doing, but our job as Muslims is to help each other, give a little helping hand to each other as women, irrespective of color, race, or religion.” Ali recalled how AMMWEC was formed 15 years ago to provide a platform for women to advocate for themselves, to be their own voice. “Muslim women cannot be token representative of male-dominated organizations,” she said. She said, “Islam is a religion of peace. But how do we live that peace?” she said. She said Muslims needs to walk that peace, talk that peace, and speak that peace. Serve Allah by serving humanity, that is the responsibility of a Muslim American. Ali reiterated that Allah doesn’t differentiate, and the Quran says, “pious women, pious men, believing women, believing men,” and not Muslim women and Muslim men, Allah includes all his people and urges Muslims to serve and take care of all his people. She said, “Get to know “each other” as Allah has created us all differently for that very purpose,” said Ali. Heba Khalil, Emgage NYC Metro chapter and Shaheen Khokhar of the PASWO Pakistani American Skilled Women Organization spoke at the iftar.

“There are 40 Muslim women nonprofits doing great work here in NYC,” said Atia Shahbaz.

AMMWEC is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering and elevating Muslim women voices so that they can be the next generation of responsible elected leaders, interfaith leaders, peacemakers, and role models for the world.

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