How Aussie mum Asia Penelope turned $50 into thriving shapewear brand hailed for ‘flattening tums’

A fan of Kim K’s Skims? For those interested in the benefits of shapewear with sculpting, moulding and compression abilities, there’s a new name on the block – Asia Penelope.

The Aussie mum is responsible for creating her own popular shapewear brand – Asia Penelope Collection – from scratch, and fans are going wild for its extensive range of styles and sizing.

Inspired by the new mum-of-twins’ postpartum journey and body – and fuelled by her long-standing passion and commitment to advocating for cultural and body diversityAsia Penelope Collection was born from an investment of just $50.

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The brand’s AP Primal Waist Trainer – a garment that works to define your waistline, improve posture, support the lower back and aid abdominal separation healing – was the first creation.

The ‘newbie trainer’ being modelled by Asia Penelope. Credit: AP Collection

“In 2020, following the birth of my twins, Roman and Royal, I created the Primal Waist Trainer to aid post-birth healing and increase my own body confidence,” Penelope tells 7Life.

“The positive results I experienced motivated me to want to launch it as a product for others.

“To pursue this dream, my family and I relocated from Melbourne to Sydney where I established the brand from my lounge room floor in a small two-bedroom apartment.

“I had worked for fashion brands before but this ended when I had the babies, leaving me with limited funds.

“With the support of my partner, who sold his car so we could get by, I chose to take the risk and refine my sample, which cost me $50, all I had in the bank at the time,” the mum explained.

The AP Primal Waist Trainer remains the brand’s top-selling product.

Asia Penelope created the waist trainer to aid her own body confidence. Credit: AP Collection

Its design – which features compression fabric, seven spiral steel bones, adjustable four-row hooks, and thick velcro straps to comfortably support the body and sculpt it into the perfect hourglass silhouette – also set the tone for the innovation, inclusivity, and high-performance offerings that have defined the brand.

In addition to their signature Waist Trainer, the extensive product range also includes bras, underwear, bodysuits, rompers, dresses, leggings, sportswear, and belts.

As stylish and high-performing as it is affordable (prices range from $50 to $200), Asia Penelope Collection has become the go-to brand for body shaping, tummy control, and improved posture (their comfy stretch and compression fabrics support your back and spine, encouraging you to stand up straighter).

The brand also has shapewear options for maternity, bridal, workout, and special event dressing, as well as post-pregnancy, pre-and post-surgery support and healing.

The brand has shapewear options for maternity. Credit: AP Collection

“Our best-selling product is still the Primal Waist Trainer, followed by our Core Vest and Shapewear Dress, which is a game-changer that has shapewear built inside of our dress,” Penelope says.

“The fashion industry has been shifting towards more inclusive and sustainable practices, and our brand is aligned with that trend as we continue to expand our range of sizes and styles to cater to a wider audience and further promote inclusivity and incorporate more eco-friendly and sustainable materials.”

Fans of the products have shared their reviews online.

“Love my new waist trainer. I can definitely feel the difference. It looks great under clothing, you can’t really notice it and it flattens my ‘mum tum’,” one fan of the Primal Waist Trainer wrote.

Another mum raved about the AP BellyBounce Maternity Belt.

The brand offers shapewear in a range of sizes Credit: AP Collection

“I absolutely love it. It provides excellent support for my growing belly and has helped alleviate my lower back pain.

“The belt is comfortable to wear and doesn’t roll down like some other maternity belts I’ve tried.

“I also appreciate that it’s adjustable, so I can continue to wear it as my belly grows.”

Another satisfied devotee was sold on the AP 2 & 1 Shapewear Dress which comes in long-sleeve and slip dress styles and has a shaping bodysuit underneath.

“I need it in every colour. It fits like a glove. Thank you AP Team.”

To learn more about the Asia Penelope Collection and shop the best shapewear product for you, click here and enter the exclusive discount code ‘AP15’ at checkout to enjoy 15% off your first purchase.

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