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Scientists Develop Method For Sequestering CO2 By Killing Toxic Algal Blooms

To meet aggressive and necessary climate goals we must clean up our oceans, lakes, and wetlands…”

— Eyal Harel

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — BlueGreen Water Technologies (BlueGreen) is celebrating Earth Day by taking action to remove tons of greenhouse gas emissions choking our planet while healing Earth’s most precious natural resource, water.

“Saving the planet requires diving into uncharted waters. Water is the very foundation of life on Earth and it must be protected and optimized for the good of humanity,” said Eyal Harel, CEO, BlueGreen. “This is why we have launched Net Blue, the first deep water, nature-based climate solution for atmospheric carbon removal that is regulatory approved, scientifically validated and now, verifiable by industry standards.”

Social Carbon Foundation, manager of international greenhouse gas (GHG) standard SOCIALCARBON®, approved BlueGreen’s methodology to scientifically quantify greenhouse gas emissions removal from the elimination of harmful algal blooms. The Net Blue methodology is the first of its kind in the world to eliminate harmful algal blooms and sequester carbon dioxide in freshwater bodies.

“Our vast oceans, coastal ecosystems, and lakes are the most powerful natural carbon sinks on the planet and serve as a new frontier in carbon removal. By cleaning up water bodies and ridding them of toxic algal blooms, we can remove gigatons of sequestered atmospheric carbon,” said Moshe Harel, CSO, BlueGreen. “We are excited to be playing a role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and addressing the climate crisis.”

BlueGreen deploys its technologies across multiple continents to aid the fight against climate change while improving water quality and availability and restoring the health and biodiversity of aquatic ecosystems.

“Net Blue taps up to approximately 115 gigatons of potential offsets in water bodies worldwide, with the aim of redefining the targets in the fight against climate change from Net Zero to Net Negative, to stop and even reverse the effects of global warming,” said Eyal Harel.
The rapid growth of cyanobacteria produces toxic blooms that can harm people, pets, and wildlife, and damage livelihoods and local economies.

“When all of that carbon-rich toxic algal biomass is treated and killed, it sinks to the bottom of the water body along with the carbon it has sequestered,” said Eyal Harel. “That carbon remains locked away in the sediment for millions of years. The removal of a bloom and the carbon within allows beneficial, non toxic species to retake the ecological niche, reestablish biodiversity, and reactivate the natural carbon pump that is intrinsic to their subsistence.”

BlueGreen’s carbon removal technology is immediately deployable, economical, and scalable and does not require energy-intensive carbon capture machinery. The company has already removed an estimated 3.3 million tons of carbon from the atmosphere.

“Let’s invest in what will work now, before more irreversible damage is done to our climate,” said Eyal Harel. “To meet aggressive and necessary climate goals we must clean up our oceans, lakes, and wetlands. Our window for action is narrowing, and the very health of our planet is at stake.”

About BlueGreen Water Technologies:

BlueGreen Water Technologies is leading the charge in helping preserve and promote life on Earth. We are restoring, safeguarding, and optimizing the health, safety, accessibility, and biodiversity of waterbodies worldwide – including their wildlife, aquatic life, ecosystems, and economies – by pioneering and applying proven scientific ingenuity and deep tech solutions. BlueGreen is the first and only company in the world to develop, obtain regulatory approval for, and commercialize a technology suite that reverses the effects of climate change in water bodies and drastically reduces greenhouse gas levels. The multidisciplinary team of BlueGreen experts is exposing the secrets of lakes and oceans – detecting, analyzing, preventing and remediating some of the most complex and dynamic problems that plague the world’s water systems.

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