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SAN DIEGO — There are three business in San Diego that are considered among the “top eco-friendly” in the nation, according to Yelp.

As a way to celebrate Earth Day and highlight environmental stewardship, Yelp has compiled a list of highly-rated businesses that are doing their part to build a more sustainable future.

The crowd-sourcing business review company utilized the platforms eco-friendly business attributes while creating this list. These attributes, according to Yelp, make it easier for people to find and support shops that align with their values.

Some of these attributes include reusable tableware, plastic-free packaging, compostable containers and ‘bring your own’ containers to name a few.

From recycled clothing and reused book stores to vegan and locally sourced restaurants, Yelp’s list of eco-friendly businesses showcases a variety of industries.

So what establishments are keeping San Diego and the nation on track for a renewable outlook?

City Farmers Nursery

Located at the corner of Home Avenue and Euclid Avenue in City Heights, this 1.5 acre nursery specializes in gardening products and edible plants, according to its website.

City Farmers is an organically maintained nursery that offers a full line of organic seeds, along with an exceptional line of vegetables, rare fruit trees, water-conserving plants and alternative growing media, the business owners explained on Yelp.

Tranquil Home

This cleaning service specializes in eco-friendly housekeeping for residents in San Diego, according to its website. Tranquil Home say its housekeepers use a holistic, environmentally responsible approach with eco-friendly and non-toxic products.

The company goes as far as cross-referencing all their products on EWG.ORG, an environmental group, to make sure their products are the safest products possible, the company explained.

Sew Loka

This Barrio Logan-based business is ran by Chicana fashion designer Claudia Rodríguez-Biezunski. On Yelp, the designer explained that her clothing and accessory line is creating using recycled fabric and materials.

Rodríguez-Biezunski, who creates items for women and men, says her goal is to be “100% sustainable by July 2023.”

Sew Loka clothing
Barrio Logan designer Claudia Rodríguez-Biezunski uses recycled fabric and materials to create Sew Loka clothing and accessories. (Photo released by r Claudia Rodríguez-Biezunski/ Sew Loka)

Looking for a fun way to honor the plant this Earth Day and Earth Month? It’s as easy as supporting these local eco-friendly businesses.

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