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To counter the increasingly negative climate news Click A Tree launches an innovative Arbor Day campaign with the goal to plant thousands of free trees.

HEIDELBERG, GERMANY, March 13, 2023 / — To counter the increasingly negative climate news Click A Tree, the holistically sustainable reforestation company, has come up with a unique idea to plant trees for you in honor of Arbor Day. The best part? They’re paying for it.

For the last three years, Click A Tree has celebrated Arbor Day with giveaways, competitions, and special tree deals to raise awareness of the importance of trees. This year, they’re asking their networks for their favorite first names that will be an integral part of their 2023 Arbor Day campaign.

Starting on the 1st of April, structured like an advent calendar, people can open one of the 26 virtual doors of the Arbor Day calendar to see which name gets to plant a free tree. People who carry this chosen first name can then plant their free tree through Click A Tree’s Universal Impact Platform, which also allows them to follow the impact of their tree.

Even if your name wasn’t chosen for this Arbor Day campaign, you can still help reforest the planet by forwarding the Arbor Day calendar to a person with this name. Helping the Earth heal is a job for all of us. That’s why Click A Tree started the #freetree4you campaign.

By planting these trees, you not only fight climate change but also create jobs, habitats for wildlife, a safe food source by using the technique of syntropic farming, and more.

To be the first to know which names get to plant free trees, follow Click A Tree’s Instagram page.

What is Arbor Day?

“Arbor” is the Latin word for “tree”. Hence “Arbor Day” literally means “Tree Day”. It’s a day to let out your inner tree hugger and raise awareness of the importance of trees.

Who’s Behind This?

Click A Tree exists to implement doing good in our everyday lives. By developing self-sufficient ecosystems through planting trees, they make Earth more hospitable for all living beings.

With their holistically sustainable approach to planting trees, they create jobs with full-time income for local communities, build habitats for endangered animal species, and actively fight climate change.

Their mission is to create a healthy ecosystem for all living beings because it makes our planet a healthier, fairer (and better) place for everyone inhabiting it.

Because trees are more than just a CO2 number. In the end, we’re all sharing the same planet – and it’s the only one we’ve got.

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