Beauty Norms Motivate Use Of Toxic Beauty Products Among Women Of Color: Study


Evidence suggests chemical straightener use has declined among Black women, but skin lightener use by Asian woman remains steady.

Christine Esposito, Managing Editor01.20.23

Authors of are a new study say their work sheds light on racialized beauty norms that motivate the use of chemical hair straighteners and skin lighteners linked to poor health outcomes.

Findings have been published in the journal Environmental Justice. The article is entitled: “Beauty Inside Out: Examining Beauty Product Use Among Diverse Women and Femme-Identifying Individuals in Northern Manhattan and South Bronx Through an Environmental Justice Framework.”

The researchers surveyed 297 women and femme-identifying individuals in Northern Manhattan and the South Bronx through the WE ACT Beauty Inside Out campaign.

Data analysis was led by researchers at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health in close partnership with en

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