30 Best facial masks of 2023


Sometimes our skin requires a little more love than the standard daily wash or basic skincare routine. Facial masks offer a relaxing and pampering way to give your skin a little extra attention, including providing it with all it craves and bringing it back to life. The vast skincare world offers facial masks for different skin issues and skin types. We have gathered up a list of the best facial masks of 2023 to try out in the list below.

1. Blu Atlas Face Mask

(Blu Atlas) | Purifying Face Mask.

Blu Atlas is known for its all-natural approach to formulating its skincare products. Their products are scientifically proven to work and are free of harsh chemicals. We were excited when we saw that they also carry a face mask. This mask contains a unique combination of ingredients that consists of kaolin clay, goji berry extract and microalgae.

Together, these ingredients provide a deep, nourishing cleanse for the skin. They also protect the skin from aging and give it a healthy appearance. Overall, we recommend this as the best facial mask of 2023 to try for yourself!

2. AZIMD Skincare Detox Masque

(AZIMD Skincare) | Detox Masque.

This detox mask from AZIMD is a fantastic facial mask to try out in 2023, especially for those who struggle with sensitive, oily or acne-prone skin. This mask was developed by Dr. Azadeh Shirazi, a board-certified dermatologist.

Using medical-grade ingredients such as sulfur, white charcoal powder and kaolin, Dr. Shirazi created an effective mask that will help remove excess oil, as well as buildup of dirt and grime. The sulfur in this mask contains natural antibacterial properties and aids in fighting breakouts.

3. Artistry Signature Select Firming Mask

(Artistry Signature Select™) | Firming Mask.

Sometimes facial skin tends to look limp or dull. This firming mask from Artistry is just what will help bring life back into the skin and help it look and feel firmer. The powerhouse ingredient in this mask is pomegranate, which is highly beneficial for firming, fortifying and renewing the skin.

This mask is refreshing and hydrating to the skin while providing the anti-aging and nourishing benefits your skin craves. Every ingredient in this mask is sourced from a plant from the Nutrilite gardens. Simply apply this product on clean, damp skin, and remove it after seven minutes to use this mask. This beneficial and easy mask is one of the best face masks in 2023.

4. New York Biology Dead Sea Mud Mask

(New York Biology) | Dead Sea Mud Mask.

Dead Sea minerals in skincare are prevalent because of their rich benefits. This Dead Sea Mud Mask from New York Biology is a superb mask suitable for all skin types. In addition to the Dead Sea minerals, this mask is also infused with aloe vera, calendula, vitamin E and jojoba oil. These ingredients melt into your skin to deep clean the pores and nourish the skin to help it look healthy, young and vibrant.

Dead Sea mud is beneficial for removing excess oil and minimizing the appearance of pores. As an added cherry on the top, this mask doesn’t have any harmful ingredients and hasn’t been tested on animals.

5. BRIGHTMUD™ Dual-Action Exfoliating Treatment

(BRIGHTMUD™) | Dual-Action Exfoliating Treatment.

Now and then, the stresses of everyday life and multiple days of applying makeup can cause dull-looking skin. To bring it back to life, GlamGlow formulated an excellent exfoliant and facial mask in one to gently remove all dead skin and impurities to help your skin glow with life and health.

Use circular motions to gently exfoliate your skin with this product and keep it on your face for 20 minutes to reap these benefits. You will immediately notice a beautiful, revitalized glow to your skin after rinsing this mask off.

6. Mario Badescu Super Collagen Mask

(Mario Badescu) | Super Collagen Mask.

Mario Badescu is a top-rated skin care company, and their Super Collagen Mask justifies this overwhelmingly positive customer sentiment. Collagen supplements have been gaining much traction in the skincare and beauty communities. Collagen is an essential protein that supports the structure of the skin.

As we age, our protein production decreases, which is shown through signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines. A mask that contains collagen, like this one from Mario Badescu, will boost the collagen under the skin. This mask will tighten and firm the skin since this is a hydrating mask, perfect for dry, sensitive and combination skin types.

7. Superfood Face Mask by Plantifique

(Plantifique) | Superfood Face Mask.

For the perfect purifying and nourishing treatment, we recommend that you look no further than to this Superfood Face Mask by Plantifique. Superfood Face Mask is a clay mask formulated with seven natural plants: avocado, blueberry, spinach, aloe vera, tea tree, spirulina and kaolin clay.

These ingredients function like the skin’s superfood. While it is suitable for all skin types, those with sensitive and acne-prone skin will significantly benefit from this mask because it contains tea tree oil. This excellent oil contains natural antibacterial properties to help treat and prevent breakouts. The skin will have a beautifully cleansed, rejuvenated and younger appearance.

8. Freeman Clearing Peel-Off Clay Facial Mask

(Freeman) | Clearing Peel-Off Clay Facial Mask.

A good quality facial mask doesn’t have to be expensive, and this Clearing Peel-Off Clay Facial Mask from Freeman does a fine job to prove this point. The active ingredients are lemon and sweet tea. They cleanse and absorb excess oil while providing an even skin tone and removing blemishes.

This peel-off clay mask will refresh the skin and protect it against aging with its high antioxidant content. For an affordable price, you will get an authentic pampering experience and the satisfaction of peeling off this mask. Best of all, your skin will get the nourishment it craves and will love you for it.

9. Turmeric Face Mask for Sensitive Skin by Honeyskin

(Honeyskin) | Turmeric Face Mask for Sensitive Skin.

Many people who have sensitive skin often hesitate to use facial masks in fear of further irritating the skin. However, we found this Turmeric Face Mask by Honeyskin that is very soothing and gentle to sensitive skin. Turmeric is beneficial to the skin because its natural properties aid in removing blemishes and dark spots. Your skin will glow naturally and beautifully because of its bright color.

Along with the turmeric, manuka honey, kaolin clay and bentonite clay work together to deep clean the skin and nourish and moisturize it. The combination of the clays will remove all the impurities. Manuka honey is excellent for healing any irritations or breakouts. With this facial mask, the skin will receive many health benefits and will once again have a glowing, youthful appearance.

10. Watermelon Sleeping Mask – Glow Recipe

(Glow Recipe) | Watermelon Sleeping Mask.

This Watermelon Sleeping Mask by Glow Recipe is just what you need to take full advantage of your beauty sleep. This mask is a lightweight overnight mask that you would apply before bed and wash off in the morning. While you sleep, it will deeply hydrate and soften your skin. The morning after this mask, you will have glowy, supple and vibrant skin. It is rich in vitamins from watermelon, hyaluronic acid and amino acids.

You will get all of the benefits of a spa-quality facial during your sleep. This mask is relatively simple: just apply an even layer to your skin right before bed, and wash it off in the morning.

11. LAPCOS Pearl Sheet Mask

(LAPCOS) | Pearl Sheet Mask.

Sheet masks have been gaining popularity in the last decade, as have Korean beauty and skincare products. This LAPCOS sheet mask is made with probiotics and white flower extract. With the help of this mask, your facial skin will be brightened, moisturized and revitalized. This sheet mask is suitable for all skin types and is made with the highest quality ingredients.

Spread a single sheet over your cleansed and toned skin for the ultimate pampering session. Leave it on for 10-20 minutes, allowing the skin to absorb the product thoroughly. After removing the sheet, gently pat the remaining serum onto your skin. This sheet mask will make your skin hydrated, nourished and brightened like a luminous pearl.

12. Aliceva Black Mask

For acne-prone or oily skin, this Aliceva Black is a quick-fix to give you some control over the excess oil and blackheads. This charcoal-based mask is perfect for absorbing all extra oil, sweeping away impurities and deeply cleansing those clogged pores. It is also a great mask to help reduce the size of pores and minimize the signs of aging on the skin.

The application of this mask is made easy with the included brush, which feels soft and luxurious on the skin. After peeling off this mask, you will instantly see a cleansed, oil-free skin complexion.

13. HIME SAMA Led Face Mask

(HIME SAMA) | Led Face Mask.

Facial masks vary in formulation, presentation and the benefits they offer. This LED face mask by HIME SAMA is a higher-end product and one of the most expensive face masks. However, because LED lights power it, it offers a variety of treatments that target various skin issues. This mask is an LED lamp built and molded to fit the face and neck structures. It also comes with an additional cover to protect the eyes for your safety.

The LED lights have seven settings to address rough patches, loose skin, skin discoloration and blemishes, wrinkles, enlarged pores and dull-looking skin. This LED face mask is an investment that offers so many benefits with just one product. This mask has been clinically tested and is safe for most skin types.

14. Bliss Pumpkin Powerhouse Resurfacing and Exfoliating Enzyme Face Mask

(Bliss) | Pumpkin Powerhouse Resurfacing and Exfoliating Enzyme Face Mask.

This facial mask from Bliss will exfoliate and remove all the excess dead skin from your face to reveal a healthy, glowing complexion. For that ultra-pampering experience, the pumpkin in this mask gives off a beautiful scent and provides the nourishment that your skin craves.

The fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that make up the ingredients of this mask will help hydrate the skin and minimize the signs of aging. This Powerhouse Resurfacing and Exfoliating Enzyme Face Mask for gentle exfoliation and younger-looking skin is just what you need to look fresh and renewed.

15. 24K Gold Anti Aging Men Sheet Mask

(24K Gold) | Anti Aging Men Sheet Mask.

This sheet mask from Mooyam is a 24K gold mask that has anti-aging benefits and functions as an acne treatment, as well as helps with oil control. Gold has long been used in skin care for its rich antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

This mask is especially perfect for those men who often deal with red and irritated skin due to shaving or excessive sun exposure. This mask will soothe, hydrate, cleanse and renew the skin to give it a more vibrant, youthful and comfortable appearance. Best of all, it is easy to use and isn’t infused with any parabens or artificial fragrances.

16. Artistry Signature Select™ Purifying Mask

(Artistry Signature Select™) | Purifying Mask.

Artistry is known for its high-quality skincare products that offer impressive results for skin. This purifying mask is part of the Artistry Signature Select series. It is perfect for controlling oil and shine, diminishing the appearance of pores and deeply cleansing the skin of all impurities.

The formulation contains antioxidants that protect the skin from aging and pollutants that tend to damage the appearance of the skin. It is very soothing to irritated skin and has a beautiful, refreshing fragrance. All of the ingredients used in this mask are safe, natural and cruelty-free.

17. BRO MASK: Korean Face Mask for Men

(BRO MASK) | Korean Face Mask for Men.

This Bro Mask is another facial mask targeted toward men, and it’s one of the best facial masks from Korea. It is rich in vitamins C and E, as well as collagen and hyaluronic acid. This combination of ingredients targets four major skin concerns: acne, as well as dry, dull and aging skin. The vitamins will nourish and hydrate the skin, while the hyaluronic acid will work to brighten the skin complexion.

Collagen will help smooth out any fine lines and wrinkles and fight off blemishes. Overall, this sheet mask is an excellent choice for a man who wants a one-stop-shop to care for multiple needs at once.

18. Hydrating Sheet Mask by Wolf Project

(Wolf Project) | Hydrating Sheet Mask.

This Wolf Project Hydrating Sheet Mask is the perfect, natural option for men who struggle with oily, sensitive or dry skin. The ingredients that make this mask special are bamboo, charcoal, ginseng and tea tree extracts.

Together they hydrate the skin and remove excess oil, dirt and grime. The bamboo will soothe irritated and inflamed skin, and the tea tree will help fight off blemishes and acne. In just 15 minutes, this mask will provide you with a renewed, youthful and healthy skin complexion that will exude radiance and confidence.

19. Peel-Off Face Mask by JVR

(JVR) | Peel-Off Face Mask.

This peel-off face mask by JVR offers a bouquet of benefits that target concerns such as blackheads, whiteheads, acne, oily skin and enlarged pores. The charcoal in the mask will dry out excessive oil production and pull out debris and blemishes, cleansing the pores and controlling oil.

If you get satisfaction from peeling off a mask, this is just what you will get to do when the mask is done doing its job. This face mask will reveal cleaned and rejuvenated skin. It will give you the confidence and self-assurance to go about your day with a refreshed and youthful complexion.

20. 2% Salicylic Acid Mask by Admire My Skin

(Admire My Skin) | 2% Salicylic Acid Mask.

Acne and blemishes can be a real nuisance, but thanks to Admire My Skin’s 2% Salicylic Acid Mask, these problems will become much easier to handle. This anti-blemish formula is designed with kaolin clay, salicylic acid and centella asiatica. It will help clear out dirt, excess oil and dead skin while banishing blemishes.

The texture of this mask is rich, soft and creamy and is consistent with 97% natural ingredients. The calming effects of this mask make this a great, spa-like pamper session to revitalize and clear your skin for a natural glow.

21. Janssen Cosmetics Purifying Mask

(Janssen Cosmetics) |0 Purifying Mask.

Janssen Cosmetics produces a great Purifying Mask explicitly geared toward oily skin. This mask is specially formulated to refine pores and decrease inflammation. It will remove excess oil and mattify the skin while providing a silky soft and clear complexion.

With the help of white china clay, this mask will also work to reduce the size of pores and control oil production. The Dermatest Institute dermatologically tested this mask, and it is clinically proven to reduce oil production by 18.2% in just four weeks of consistent use.

22. Turmeric Vitamin C Clay Mask

(SHVYOG) | Turmeric Vitamin C Clay Mask.

For those of us who prefer to minimize the number of products we use and address multiple skin issues at once, this Turmeric Vitamin C Clay Mask by SHVYOG will be the perfect solution. This mask is ideal for dark circles, acne, oily skin and blackheads. It brightens up and revitalizes dull and dry skin while diminishing the appearance of dark circles and other discoloration.

This mask offers the gift of a glowing, healthy appearance with a deep cleanse and treatment of sore spots. It has anti-aging properties and provides a deeply hydrating and refreshing pampering session within the comfort of your own home.

We believe that these benefits are truly promising with the formulation of superfoods like turmeric, calendula, aloe vera, citrus and kaolin. With the help of this mask, you will say goodbye to dull, dry and aging skin and welcome hydrated, youthful and revived skin.

23. Freeman Anti-Stress Clay Facial Mask

(Freeman) | Anti-Stress Clay Facial Mask.

A tired and dull complexion often evidences a stressful day at work. This anti-stress clay mask from Freeman is the perfect way to escape those stressors and relax at the end of the day. The combination of clay, sea salt and the Dead Sea minerals nourish and balance the skin. They will clear out the pores and renew the skin. The aroma of this mask is one of the sea, mixed with lavender and bergamot.

These scents will help you relax and take your mind off the day’s troubles. This destressing treatment helps you have beautiful, balanced skin and makes this mask perfect for unwinding after a long week in the office.

24. Alana Mitchell Anti-Aging Collagen Facial Mask

(Alana Mitchell) | Anti-Aging Collagen Facial Mask.

Many people covet a youthful, radiant complexion, and Alana Mitchell made that dream a reality with this Anti-Aging Collagen Facial Mask. This mask is a peel-off mask that will hydrate, firm and cleanse the skin. It will help support the skin’s structure to keep it looking young and hydrated. This mask is also great for firming up the skin and preventing it from looking droopy.

25. New York Biology Bentonite Clay Powder

(New York Biology) | Bentonite Clay Powder.

This Bentonite Clay Powder developed by New York Biology offers premium healing benefits for oily and acne-prone skin. Bentonite is an Indian healing clay that is naturally packed with calcium and plays an instrumental role in detoxifying the skin of all impurities and excess oil. Being rich in vitamins and minerals, this clay powder will deeply nourish the skin and reveal a cleansed and vibrant complexion.

To use this powder as a mask, simply mix equal parts clay and apple cider vinegar or water in a small bowl. Stir it until it forms a paste consistency, and apply it generously to the skin. After 15-20 minutes, remove the clay mask gently with a damp cloth. And there you have it—beautiful, clear and soothed skin at a fraction of the price and treated in the comfort of your own home.

26. Aztec Secret – Indian Healing Clay

(Aztec Secret) | Indian Healing Clay.

If your skin is long overdue for a cleansing facial, the much-beloved Indian Healing Clay by Aztec Secret is the answer to that dilemma. It will save you money and a trip to a beauty spa, providing the most effective, deep pore-cleansing treatment. It will draw out all the impurities and unclog your pores. Its healing properties will soothe any inflammation and redness and rehydrate the skin.

To use this clay powder, mix an equal amount of powder with apple cider vinegar to achieve a paste-like consistency. Apply to the skin and leave it on for 15-20 minutes if you have normal skin or 5-10 minutes for sensitive skin. This clay powder is multipurpose and is safe to use as a face mask or on other body parts.

27. LA PURE Korean Face Mask

(LA PURE) | Korean Face Mask.

Korean beauty products often have an element of surprise to them that adds immense benefits to the health of our skin. This facial mask from LA PURE surprised us because the main active ingredient is snail secretion.

We understand what an “ick!” reaction this causes for some people, but this ingredient has many hydrating and anti-aging benefits. Snail secretion contains properties that rejuvenate and repair the skin from possible irritations, breakouts and dryness.

In addition, this mask includes elements that offer natural aid in reducing inflammation and reducing the signs of aging. Your skin will be renewed, softened and moisturized. Gone are fine lines, wrinkles, and tired and dry skin days. This sheet mask will address many of these issues and is one of the best facial masks on the market.

28. Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Pore Refining Face Mask

(Sand & Sky) | Australian Pink Clay Pore Refining Face Mask.

Much like Korea, Australia is also well known for the high quality of skincare products that it exports. This Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay is a pore-refining mask that targets acne, blemishes and dull skin. Over the years, it has become a cult favorite and a topic of conversation on social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok and Instagram.

The reviews state that with just one application, the skin will receive a visible detox, glowing skin and decreased pores. Many fans rave that this is a wonder product for their acne issues and that they have seen real improvement in the appearance and feel of their skin.

The genius formulation that includes Australian pink clay, Kakadu plum, kelp, witch hazel and pomegranate contributes to the incredible transformation that your skin craves. What more can we say?

29. Versed Doctor’s Visit Instant Resurfacing Face Mask

(Versed) | Doctor’s Visit Instant Resurfacing Face Mask.

We know that dermatologists are the true experts when it comes to skincare. As a result, we are always eager to try products developed specifically by dermatologists. This resurfacing face mask is both an exfoliant and a show in one. It will provide a spa-quality facial at home by removing dead skin cells, eliminating hyperpigmentation and hydrating the skin.

Though this face mask is powerful, it won’t irritate or burn the skin. This mask isn’t suitable for sensitive skin but will work for those with normal to oily skin types.

30. MAJESTIC PURE Moroccan Red Clay Facial Mud Mask with British Rose

(MAJESTIC PURE) | Moroccan Red Clay Facial Mud Mask with British Rose.

Our Earth is beautiful and has a lot of natural resources that are healthy and beneficial to the skin. This mud mask is made with Moroccan red clay and a British red rose. Like charcoal, the red clay is rich in vitamins and minerals and is the perfect agent to deep clean the skin. The red rose is an anti-inflammatory and hydrating ingredient. It opens up the pores to remove debris, excess oil and dirt. This mask will help clear out breakouts and blackheads, leaving the skin beautiful and vibrant.

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