15 Best deep conditioners for natural hair (2023)

If you’re ready to let your hair down and revel in all its natural beauty, it’s time to consider your next great deep conditioner. Don’t overlook the benefits of a standout conditioner that can restore damage, prevent breakage, detangle, tame frizz and deeply hydrate your hair.

Smack that giant Suave bottle off your bathroom shelf, because it’s time to replace it with products that are actually worth the cash. You don’t need filler-filled conditioners when there are natural products out there that use healthier ingredients to condition hair.

Let’s get started on the best deep conditioners for natural hair in 2023.

1. Blu Atlas Conditioner

The most talked-about hair-care and skin-care brand of the year, Blu Atlas has yet another all-star creation for perfectly groomed hair. Blu Atlas Conditioner is a chart-topping product that treats frizz, flyaways, breakage and dehydrated natural hair, and is this year’s best deep conditioner for natural hair. A lightweight cream, it applies effortlessly and encourages great volume and shine.

Why does natural hair soak up this conditioner? Made from the best of nature’s ingredients, it only includes compounds natural hair loves. Natural humectants bring hydration to your hair and scalp, and barley protein works to strengthen hair from the inside out. You never have to worry about damaging substances when you go with Blu Atlas because their products are always free from sulfates, parabens and phthalates.

2. Olaplex No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner

(Olaplex) | No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner.

Trusted by hair salons and other beauty professionals, Olaplex No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner works for all hair types. Their patented hair treatment system, the Bond Builder, restores damaged, broken hair and boosts hair health. Healing hair from the inside out is the goal of this deep conditioner.

The conditioner is always gluten-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, phosphate-free, sulfate-free, nut-free and pH balanced. Olaplex cares about the planet as well as your hair: The company focuses on reducing its carbon footprint and helping the environment heal and minimize waste.

Olaplex’s No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner is a salon-trusted deep conditioner that takes care of hair.

3. Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Conditioner

(Shea Moisture) | Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Conditioner.

An explosion of hydration awaits in this oil conditioner. It is made for natural hair with low porosity that struggles to absorb moisture. This is a multipurpose conditioner that detangles, hydrates and repairs hair. It is suitable for all hair types, but is especially effective for those who need a thick, deep conditioning treatment.

The nourishing ingredients blend to create a luscious liquid. Organic shea butter is a powerful moisturizer, manuka honey works as a mighty antioxidant, and mafura oil protects and hydrates. Coconut and baobab oils add extra shine and tame troublesome flyaways.

This is an ideal conditioner for natural hair.

4. Mielle Babassu Oil & Mint Deep Conditioner

(Mielle Organics) | Babassu Oil & Mint Deep Conditioner.

An organic deep conditioner that can tackle any hair concern, this is a beloved hair-care product. Mielle’s Babassu Oil & Mint Deep Conditioner is a potent treatment for men and women with low-porosity hair. It cuts down on breakage, restores split ends, and deeply nourishes and hydrates hair. This organic hair-care brand uses only certified organic ingredients that are safe for color-treated hair and work for even the densest hair. Star ingredients rosemary extract, peppermint oil and babuso oil do the work of hydrating and restoring, and helping hair retain moisture.

The affordable price makes it an excellent option for anyone who wants to save money on their hair products.

5. It’s a 10 Miracle Deep Conditioner Plus Keratin

(It’s a 10) | Miracle Deep Conditioner Plus Keratin.

Sometimes natural hair needs a serious protein boost. It’s a 10′s deep conditioner is a high-protein mask full of restorative proteins to heal hair from the inside out. Whatever your hair concerns, the ingredients in the Miracle Deep Conditioner will work to nourish the hair and scalp. Say goodbye to tired, frazzled strands and hello to your luscious natural hair pattern.

Key ingredients work to heal damaged hair. Glycerin and aloe leaf juice hydrate hair and moisturize. Keratin, amino acids and hydrolyzed keratin penetrate the hair and strengthen from the root to the tip.

This is a great deep conditioner for monthly use.

6. DevaCurl Heaven in Hair Moisturizing Deep Conditioner

(DevaCurl) | Heaven in Hair Moisturizing Deep Conditioner

You asked, and Deva Curl delivered. This is a heavenly deep-conditioning treatment for natural hair, especially those who experience frizzing, dryness and tangled locks. Curls for the girls takes on a whole new meaning with this luxurious treatment that can leave curls moisturized and healthy. This product is silicone-free, gluten-free, phthalate-free, paraben-free and always cruelty-free. It’s the best deep conditioner for super-curly hair that needs some TLC once a week.

7. Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask

(Briogeo) | Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask.

This is a high-protein product full of everything your hair needs. Briogeo’s deep conditioner delivers high protein in one conditioning mask. It’s ideal for all hair types and any hair that has been chemically treated, relaxed or recently bleached. For best results, apply to hair once per week, leave on for 10 to 15 minutes, and rinse off for incredible results.

The conditioning treatment is chock-full of B vitamins to nourish the hair, algae extract to prevent damage, and rosehip oil to tame frizz and hydrate hair with fatty acids. It’s also sulfate-free, silicone-free and paraben-free, so no extra stress is applied to hair.

This is the optimal treatment cream for frizzy, stressed, dry hair.

8. Lush Glory Conditioner

(Lush) | Glory Conditioner.

You’ve likely passed by a Lush in the mall, airport terminal, or other large shopping space and smelled their over-the-top scents. It’s a bit like a scent bomb explosion for your nose. Treat your curls or coils with Lush Glory Conditioner to deeply nourish the hair and scalp after shampooing. This is a thick conditioning treatment that you apply to hair after shampooing and leave on as long as desired.

The decadent formula melds coconut cream with fresh okra and macadamia ethyl to protect hair from environmental factors. It’s perhaps not the most affordable deep conditioner, but it is certainly worth the money. We recommend Lush’s Glory Conditioner to anyone who wants a fresh, clean product.

9. Creme of Nature Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning Treatment

(Creme of Nature) | Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning Treatment.

This is an intense deep-conditioning treatment that will make you purr with delight. Suitable for all hair types, it can be used as a conditioning treatment and a quick rinse-off conditioner whenever you shampoo your hair. It’s affordable, delivers excellent results and can be found at most groceries or drugstores. The most powerful ingredient is argan oil, which is the ultimate moisturizer for dry, brittle hair. This is the best drugstore deep conditioner for all natural hair types.

10. Wakati Water Activated Detangling Conditioner

(Wakati) | Water Activated Detangling Conditioner.

Detangle those locks with your nimble fingers, and finally let your natural hair be free. Wakati’s Water Activated Detangling Conditioner is a blessing for tangled hair, tight coils and dehydrated hair. As it is developed with high slip, you can work the product all over your hair and scalp without worrying about tight kinks and coils. It works especially well for curls and natural hair between types 3C and 4C.

For pros and anyone transitioning hair to its natural state, this deep conditioner is a simple, easy-to-use product that makes taking care of hair a breeze. It is the best multifunctional finger detangler and deep conditioning treatment for men, women and children.

11. Aubrey GBP Balancing Protein Conditioner

(Aubrey) | GBP Balancing Protein Conditioner.

When in doubt, opt for a safe organic deep-conditioning treatment. Aubery’s GBP Balancing Protein Conditioner is a seriously satisfying formula for natural hair. Harnessing 75% organic ingredients, it’s a safe, clean option to repair damaged hair. Milk protein, aloe, glycoprotein, essential oils and shea butter are some of the highly effective organic ingredients in this premium product. It’s the perfect way to treat split ends and tired, damaged hair.

12. Fekkai Shea Butter Intense Mask

(Fekkai) | Shea Butter Intense Mask.

If smooth, soft hair is what you seek, Fekkai’s Shea Butter Intense Mask supplies hair with frizz-free, nonstop hydration. You can use this multifunctional intense deep-conditioning mask as more than just a deep conditioner treatment. Of its many uses, it can be utilized as a leave-in conditioner to treat frizz, an overnight mask, or a leave-in treatment to protect hair from environmental factors. The conditioner works best for wavy to tight, kinky curls.

A bevy of ingredients supports hydrated, healthy hair. Monoi oil and shea butter nourish and hydrate the hair. Phospholipids refresh and restore hair, while ceramides restore hair’s protective barrier. Murumuru seed butter restores natural hair movement and strength. This is the best multipurpose deep conditioner for natural hair.

13. NaturAll Fresh Froze Hair Treatment

(NaturAll) | Fresh Froze Hair Treatment.

The Froze Hair Treatment is a product that you keep in the freezer! But don’t eat it; it’s for your gorgeous hair. Its unique avocado formula restores hair and encourages growth. It’s also cruelty-free and vegan, and free from harmful chemicals like parabens, sulfates, silicone phthalates, and preservatives.

Made for every type of natural hair, coils and curls, the dynamic ingredients work to treat hair issues. Carrot is a rich antioxidant that encourages hair growth while hydrating the hair and scalp. Jamaican black castor oil provides vitamins C and E to deeply hydrate the hair. This is a unique hair treatment that makes the deep-conditioning process joyful!

14. Cantu Intensive Repair Deep Treatment Masque

(Cantu) | Intensive Repair Deep Treatment Masque.

Cantu’s Intensive Repair Deep Treatment Masque is a trusted brand for natural hair treatments. This product is free from sulfates, mineral oil, parabens and silicones, so you can rest assured that you’re only putting nourishing ingredients on your scalp and hair.

This deep conditioner is excellent for use as an overnight treatment or a deep-conditioning treatment after washing hair. Your hair will love this basic yet restorative deep conditioner. It’s the ideal conditioner for men and women looking for an affordable, strengthening product.

15. Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Deep Conditioning Protein Pack

(Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula) | Deep Conditioning Protein Pack.

Coconut oil can do it all, including bringing ultimate hydration to stressed, broken and dry hair. The Deep Conditioning Protein Pack can hydrate hair once a week as a weekly deep conditioner after shampooing. Or you can leave it in your hair for an overnight treatment. Whichever method you choose, the powerful natural ingredients will restore shine, hydration and luster. Coconut oil, monoi oil and raw flower petals work deep into the hair to recover natural hair structure.

This product is always free from sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, gluten, dyes and phthalates, so you never have to worry about stressing out the hair with synthetic chemicals.

How to use a deep conditioner

Before using your glorious new deep conditioner, you’ll want to lather up and get those hair follicles clean. Clean your whole head of hair, ensuring it is free from dirt, grime and dead skin cells. Always read the directions on your deep conditioner, though; while we recommend shampooing your hair, some deep conditioners state that you do not need a fully washed head of hair to use their product.

Here are a few simple steps to follow to get the most out of your deep conditioner.

Step 1

With clean, freshly washed hair, start by parting your hair into different sections. Spread an ample amount of deep conditioner on your wet hair. Apply the conditioner from root to tip (don’t be stingy) and make sure the product covers your hair fully. Always apply your product to completely wet hair so your hair can soak up all the goodness from a deep conditioner.

Step 2

Grab a wide-toothed comb or brush made for curly hair, and comb out the hair from the base of the hair to the end, then twist each section, so it doesn’t get stuck to another area of hair. This detangles each section of hair and evenly distributes the deep conditioner over your hair. It also takes care of any knots, tangles or sections that need to be brushed out.

Step 3

It’s time to wrap up those gorgeous locks. You can use a shower cap, plastic cap or even go old school and wrap it up in a little bun using a hair tie. For deep penetration, use a plastic cap and a heating device (steamer, hooded dryer or blow dryer) to heat the outside of the cap. Taking this extra step to make it nice and warm will help hair absorb the product even better.

Step 4

Rinse off all the deep conditioning products with the coldest water the showerhead or sink provides. Once it’s dry, you should immediately notice how shiny, full and vibrant your hair is.

How to choose the right deep conditioner for natural hair

Product type

You have options when it comes to deep conditioning. A rinse-off deep conditioner is a quick conditioning treatment, and you’ll rinse off the product while still showering. A leave-in conditioner is a lighter conditioner that remains in the hair until the next wash.

Hair type

Knowing your hair type is just as important as knowing your skin type. Luscious curls, sleek straight hair, or dry, wavy hair all have different hair-care needs, meaning each hair type will get the most benefits from different products.

If you have thin hair, choose a light conditioner that doesn’t leave your hair greasy and stringy. Women and men with dense, heavy hair with tighter curls will want to find a thick conditioner with nourishing emollients. Anyone with oily hair should search for non-greasy formulas that aren’t thick and don’t feel heavy on the hair.

Ingredients we love


Emollients are your hair’s best friend. They add a protective barrier that helps take care of your hair from root to tip. This multifunctional nutrient moisturizes, detangles, softens and smooths hair, ensuring you look put together and well-groomed.


Is dry hair the bane of your existence? You’ll need a deep conditioner with humectants to attract moisture and hydration. Humectants help pull in extra moisture and keep it locked into place. Common hair-care humectants are aloe vera, glycerin and honey.

Hydrolyzed proteins

Not the protein you’ll see in the health-food store, hydrolyzed proteins are a superfood for the hair. Hydrolyzed proteins are protein molecules that go deep into the hair to nourish and strengthen. There are several different kinds of hydrolyzed proteins, including hydrolyzed baobab protein, hydrolyzed silk protein and hydrolyzed wheat protein.

Ingredients your hair will love include argan oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, monoi oil, vitamin E, vitamin C, aloe vera, rosehip oil, sunflower seed oil, almond oil and shea butter.

Ingredients to avoid

Like other hair- and skin-care products, there are ingredients to be wary of. These ingredients can be harmful and ruin any of the benefits you may get from a product. Toxic chemicals or ingredients can dry out your hair and strip it of natural oils. Some ingredients you should avoid are parabens, sulfates, mineral oil and phthalates.

The benefits of a deep conditioner

Treatment for damaged hair

Chemical processing, heat exposure and medication

Do you have damaged hair? No problem – the right deep conditioner can help with that. Whether the damage stems from hair color, chemical straightening, perming, curling or damaging effects from the sun, the right deep conditioner can help restore hair health from the hair follicle and deep into each segment of hair.

Results after one use

After one application, you’ll immediately see the benefits of your deep conditioner. You may notice a difference in how your hair feels and looks. Your hair will feel nourished, moisturized, silky, smooth and strong. If your hair has suffered serious damage, dryness or breakage, it will take time for your hair to recover. Consistent use of a deep conditioning product will help hair recover after a few months.

Tips to get the most out of deep conditioning

  • Make time in your self-care or grooming routine to deep condition your hair; one to two times per week for men or women with dry, damaged, or brittle hair, and one time per week for anyone with average breakage or hair damage.

  • Turn on the cold water full blast when rinsing off your deep conditioner. Cold water will close up those open hair cuticles and seal in all the nourishment and moisture you want to be trapped in your hair.

  • Most deep conditioners take between five to 40 minutes. If you don’t have time to apply it during your shower, apply your conditioner and place a shower cap over your hair. You can let your hair deeply condition while completing household tasks, working or even getting ready in the morning.

  • Always apply your deep conditioner to wet or dry hair. When hair is wet, the product can fully penetrate the hair.

  • Don’t apply too much deep conditioner to your hair. If you use too much, it can make hair feel greasy and heavy, and you may not end up with the results you want. Find a happy medium.

  • Try an overnight hair repair and deep conditioner for an even stronger and more intense nourishing hair treatment. While we don’t recommend using a standard deep conditioner, an overnight repair cream can cure dry, damaged and brittle hair.

  • Turn deep conditioning into a weekly ritual. Adding a deep conditioner to your weekly routine will elevate your hair.

Frequently asked questions

How often should you use a deep conditioner on hair?

You should use a deep conditioner every two weeks at a minimum. If you have dry or brittle hair, you should do a deep conditioning treatment one to two times per week. Yes, hop in the bath and apply your deep conditioner, leaving it on for 20 to 40 minutes to get the full benefits from your conditioner. If you don’t have time to spend relaxing in a bath, apply your deep conditioner during your morning or evening routine, throw on a shower cap, and get stuff done.

What should I use if my hair is still dry after using a conditioner?

If you use shampoo and conditioner to clean and moisturize your hair, it should be healthy and full after your wash. If your hair is still dry, it’s time to switch to a deep conditioner. A deep conditioner will be able to nourish the hair from root to tip and penetrate more layers of the hair. You can add a deep conditioner when dealing with dry, damaged or stressed-out hair. It may take a few months to see the results you want.

Can I use my deep conditioner overnight?

Unless your deep conditioner was made for overnight use, it’s not recommended to leave it on your hair overnight. You will achieve the results you want from a deep conditioner during the 20 to 40 minutes you keep the product on your hair. Read your product label to see how results are best achieved.

If you love using a deep conditioner for overnight use, find a product specifically created for nighttime use. Overnight products should be gentle and not irritate your scalp while they soak into the hair during the night.

Can I use curly hair products if I have natural wavy hair?

Absolutely! Whatever natural curl type you have, products made for curls will help your natural curl come through, even with wavy hair. You may be surprised to find that your hair is more than “just wavy” with the correct curl products! Sometimes all your curls need is a helping hand and the proper treatment methods to shine through.

What’s the difference between a leave-in conditioner and a deep conditioner?

They are two different hair-care products that work toward the same goal of nourishing hair and helping it stay strong and vibrant. Leave-in conditioners are applied to fresh, clean hair. You can use them after your shower or before stepping out for the day if your hair needs a little boost. Leave-in conditioners have nourishing ingredients but are not heavy on the hair.

On the other hand, deep conditioners are meant to deeply nourish the hair from root to tip with powerful, potent ingredients. They repair dry, damaged and brittle hair that needs an intense wake-up call to be revived and restore its glory. Deep conditioners are only used one to two times per week for those with severely dry or brittle hair, and one time per week for anyone with minimal hair damage.

What’s the best deep conditioner for natural hair?

The best deep conditioner for natural hair is Blu Atlas’ Conditioner. We love their botanically based deep-conditioning formula that treats most hair concerns. A veritable greenhouse of all-natural ingredients is packed into the bottle for your hair’s strength and shine. It’s suitable for natural hair and every hair type, shape and texture.

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