35 best deodorants for men of 2023

Deodorants are key to every man’s personal care routine. Deodorants can reduce sweating, take care of irritated underarm skin, and keep you smelling fresh at the same time.

There are two main types of deodorant: antiperspirant and natural. Antiperspirants contain some form of aluminum. Aluminum actively blocks sweat glands and literally reduces the amount of moisture that you perspire.

Natural deodorants, on the other hand, focus on neutralizing the bacteria that cause body odor. Both products can be unscented or impart an attractive fragrance.

We have compiled the ultimate guide to the best deodorants for men in 2023. Our list of 35 products combines natural deodorants with functional antiperspirants. We cover every level of the market from the most expensive to the easily affordable. Whatever it is you’re looking for, we have a great recommendation for you.

1. Blu Atlas Deodorant

(Blue Atlas) | Blu Atlas Deodorant

Blu Atlas makes quality grooming products that are packed with natural ingredients and free of chemical nasties. As Men’s Journal points out, their deodorant provides reliable protection from odor, that is totally free of aluminum, parabens, sulfates, and other toxic additives. The formula’s inclusion of volcanic ash helps to keep you dry by absorbing excess moisture and neutralizing impurities. Our favorite part is the product’s masculine and woody scent, characterized by notes of sage, bergamot, and patchouli.

You’ll love their no-fuss packaging and chemical-free formula. This product is ideal if you want a quality deodorant that doesn’t damage the planet or your skin. As an added bonus, Blu Atlas is offering all of their products subject to a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you absolutely cannot go wrong with this top-rated option.

2. Salt & Stone | Santal & Vetiver Natural Deodorant

(Salt & Stone) | Santal & Vetiver Natural Deodorant

This natural deodorant from Salt & Stone is formulated without baking soda or aluminum, making it suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. We appreciate their use of hyaluronic acid, a powerful humectant, to reinforce the skin’s natural barrier and maintain moisture levels.

The innovative formula even includes natural probiotics, which will balance the microbial flora of your skin and reduce the odorous overgrowth of bacteria and fungi. You’ll smell great thanks to the complex scent of warm sandalwood, inviting vanilla, and deep amber.

3. Clinique for Men | Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick

(Clinique) | Clinique for Men, Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick

Clinique For Men is a reliable mark of quality in the personal grooming world, and this straightforward antiperspirant deodorant delivers protection you can trust. This deodorant is formulated with aluminum to reduce perspiration, alongside castor oil to deeply condition your skin.

We found that the formula was easy to glide onto the skin and comfortable to wear all day. Protection lasted until sundown, and we did not note any post-application stickiness or stains.

4. Kiehl’s | Body Fuel Antiperspirant and Deodorant

(Kiehl’s) | Body Fuel Antiperspirant & Deodorant.

This antiperspirant deodorant from cult-favorite company Kiehl’s provides 48-hour protection against sweat and odor. Ideal for morning use, the formula smells fresh, energizing, and zingy. The key ingredients include caffeine, vitamin C, and zinc, all to soothe your skin and promote skin healing. Aluminum reliably reduces sweating and will help keep you dry.

We loved the look of the packaging but found it wasn’t very functional. Although it still deserves a spot on our list of the best deodorants for men, Kiehl’s has received a number of complaints about leakage and will need to address this lingering issue to do justice to their product.

5. Oars + Alps| Natural Deodorant

(Amazon) | Oars + Alps, Natural Deodorant

This all-natural deodorant from Oars & Alps comes in a wide range of enticing scents. We tried out the Mandarin Woods fragrance, which was zesty but also raw and woody, thanks to the use of dry cedar and juicy red currant. This fragrance is ideal for sensitive skin and is allergen-free.

All the natural deodorants for men in this range apply smoothly and promise not to leave pit stains on your crisp white shirts. The deodorant comes in a 2.6 fl. oz. tube, so it’s travel-friendly and will accompany you through your wildest adventures.

6. Myro | Solar Flare Deodorant

(Target) | Myro, Solar Flare Deodorant

This bright little package contains the all-natural, plant-powered deodorant from Myro. Inspired by orange groves found on the Canary Islands, the signature Solar Flare scent is bright and energizing, with hints of orange, juniper, and sunflower. The fragrance is 100% natural and smells amazing.

We loved the small and dynamic packaging, as it made the deodorant easy to pack and even easier to find in our washbags. Free of parabens, aluminum, and even baking powder, this zingy formula was surprisingly suitable for even more sensitive skins.

7. Dior | Sauvage Deodorant Spray

Dior | Sauvage Deodorant Spray

This irresistibly slick little can is a deodorant spray featuring the iconic scent of Sauvage by Dior. The formula is not designed to act as an antiperspirant or odor-minimizer. So, if you want to reduce sweating, we recommend you pair it with an unscented roll-on.

But, there’s no denying just how good this deodorant smells. The scent is fresh, subtle, and masculine. We appreciated the newly reduced-size canister, which contains the same amount of product as less eco-friendly versions.

8. Ursa Major | Forest Fix Deodorant

(Ursa Major) | Forest Fix Deodorant

This minimalist package from Ursa Major brings the forest to your bathroom. This is a warm yet fresh woodsy scent, laced with bright citrus and subtle spice that is sure to impress. Packed with active botanical ingredients, this formula goes beyond smelling good.

Hops are there to neutralize unwanted odors. Kaolin clay absorbs excess moisture. Aloe vera soothes and cools heated skin. Free from pretty much any chemical nasty you can name, this product really is one for forest lovers.

9. HERMÈS | Terre d’Hermès Deodorant Stick

(Sephora) | HERMÈS, Terre d’Hermès Deodorant Stick

This understated deodorant stick from Hermès carries the incredible fragrance of Terre d’Hermès, so your deodorant won’t interfere with your aftershave. Terre d’Hermès is a masculine and complex scent, designed to connect man with the Earthly origin of his creative power. A big promise, but we certainly thought it smelled great.

Designed by master perfumer Jean-Clause Ellena, the highly-acclaimed fragrance opens with notes of orange and grapefruit, before revealing a heart of pepper and pelargonium and ending with a warm, masculine base of vetiver and patchouli.

The deodorant itself was comfortable to wear and left underarm skin soft and smooth. Protection lasts all day, and the stick is available in a travel-friendly 75mL tube.

10. Schmidt’s | Natural Deodorant for Sensitive Skin

(Sephora) | Schmidt’s, Natural Deodorant for Sensitive Skin

This fragrance-free natural deodorant stick from Schmidt’s is ideal for sensitive skin. The brand is decidedly against the use of aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens, and phthalates in their products, and the formula is safe for your body and the environment.

The sensitive version of Schmidt’s stick deodorant contains magnesium and essential oils to fight odor. The unscented nature of this product makes it perfect for men who enjoy eau de parfum, and don’t want their deodorant to conflict with their cologne of choice.

If, on the other hand, you would opt for a scented version, Schmidt’s has you covered with energizing scents like Bergamot and Lime and earthy iterations like Hemp Seed Oil and Sage. This certified natural brand has thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon, and at an affordable price point is well worth a try.

11. Aesop | Déodorant

This innovative pump spray from Aesop is aluminum-free and tiny, but packs a powerful odor-fighting punch that lasts a long time. Zinc Ricinoleate, a component of castor oil, works as an odor-absorbing agent. Vetiver root imparts a masculine scent reminiscent of wood, earth, and leather, but doubles as an antiseptic agent to protect your skin from blemishes.

Aesop is an Australia-based brand that has taken the world by storm with its expert fusion of botanicals and research-grade source materials. If you enjoy their pump spray deodorant be sure to check out their award-winning personal care line, which features a top-quality toothpaste and mouthwash.

12. Jack Black | Pit Boss Antiperspirant & Deodorant

(Jack Black) | Pit Boss Antiperspirant & Deodorant

Pit Boss by Jack Black was the number one men’s deodorant in the US in 2020. The quality formula packs a sweat-fighting punch with 20% aluminum to fight sweat all day. We were impressed by the use of aloe vera juice, vitamin E, and castor oil, which work to improve skin condition and moisturize deeply.

The product is fragrance-free and promises to provide daylong odor protection. Dermatologist-tested the formula is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and has been carefully designed to avoid leaving white stains on clothing. Jack Black is a trusted name in men’s skincare, so you can rest assured that you’re getting premium ingredients at a fair price with this deodorant.

13. Corpus | Santalum Deodorant

(Amazon) | Corpus, Santalum Deodorant

This minimalist deodorant stick from Corpus Naturals was a big hit with our team thanks to the ultra-modern packaging and incredible fragrance. The Santalum scent incorporates sandalwood, Texas cedarwood, and earthy amber to create a warm and wild smell that proved hugely popular.

The deodorant formula forgoes synthetic fragrances and preservatives and doesn’t contain sweat-blocking aluminum. Baking soda has also been left out, to ensure that sensitive-skinned men can enjoy this product too.

14. Yves Saint Laurent | Y Deodorant Stick

(Sephora) | Yves Saint Laurent, Y Deodorant Stick

Yves Saint Laurent has created many iconic fragrances and quality deodorants, but this iteration is a little different. Formulated without alcohol, it is non-stinging and ideal for sensitive skin. The deodorant stick carries the unmistakable fragrance of “Y”, designed to capture the essence of the modern man. An authentically bold scent, Y incorporates woody, earthy base notes with key high notes of ginger and bergamot.

15. Grown Alchemist | Roll-On Deodorant

(Grown Alchemist) | Roll-On Deodorant

Grown Alchemist created this aluminum-free deodorant with advanced active botanicals to fight odor naturally. We were impressed by the intelligent formula that ensured an optimum microbial balance for our underarms.

Icelandic Moss Extract Polysaccharides neutralize odor through their anti-bacterial and anti-fungal capabilities, while also soothing skin. Sage is also anti-microbial and smells great to boot. Glycyrrhizinic acid is a key ingredient derived from licorice root. It’s a powerful anti-irritant that soothes skin while fighting bacteria that cause odor.

16. Le Labo | Deodorant

(Mr. Porter) | Le Labo, Deodorant

Le Labo Inc. of New York has created this stylish sweat-blocker using a harmonious blend of plant-based ingredients. The formula is entirely vegan, natural, and cruelty-free.

Enriched with alum-stone, this formula neutralizes odors and leaves skin feeling clean and repaired. Clove oil works hard to fight microbial infections and masks odor with a subtle, clean, spicy fragrance. We loved the classy presentation and how easy the formula was to apply.

17. Nécessaire | The Deodorant Gel

(Sephora) | Nécessaire, The Deodorant Gel

The Deodorant Gel from Nécessaire is an innovative and multifunctional product for your underarms. It’s free of both aluminum and baking soda, so it won’t leave stains or cause irritation.

Niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3, works to feed the skin and improve its condition. 5% AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) gently clears away dead skin cells to leave your underarms bump-free and breathing easy.

18. Bravo Sierra | Deodorant

(Amazon) | Bravo Sierra, Deodorant

Bravo Sierra’s glide-on deodorant stick is all-natural and free of aluminum, baking soda, parabens, silicones, PEGs, phthalates, and phenoxyethanol. It’s also vegan and cruelty-free, which makes it a great choice for your skin and the environment alike.

Available in a range of scents inspired by nature, Bravo Sierra deodorant utilizes aromatic botanicals including juniper berry, cedarwood, tangerine, and Tonka bean. Reviewers were impressed that this natural deodorant could keep odor at bay all day, making it one of the best deodorants for men this year.

19. Jack Henry | Natural Deodorant

(Jack Henry) | Natural Deodorant

It’s hard to imagine a more subtly-packaged deodorant than this one from Jack Henry. The sleek packaging belies a clean and refreshing natural deodorant designed to keep you smelling fresh.

Bentonite clay absorbs excess moisture, while hinoki, juniper berry, and eucalyptus fight bacteria that cause odor. Even Olympic gold medalist Kevin Love is impressed by this formula, which promises to keep odor under wraps for up to 48 hours.

20. Triumph & Disaster | Spice Deodorant

(Amazon) | Triumph & Disaster, Spice Deodorant

This sleek black bottle contains Triumph & Disaster’s answer to sweat. They say “it’s good to sweat”, and have left out aluminum in order to work with the body’s natural flow.

Instead, Triumph & Disaster employs sodium bicarbonate to fight bacteria and neutralize unwanted odors. Aloe vera is there to soothe and condition heated skin. Manuka oil calms irritation and feeds the skin with nutrients. Reviewers love that it smells great and doesn’t block pores.

21. Mario Badescu | Deodorant

(Mario Badescu) | Deodorant

Mario Badescu’s natural deodorant is free of irritants, including baking soda and aluminum. It’s also packed with natural ingredients that care for your delicate underarm skin and fight odor. The roll-on formula is dry to the touch and absorbs quickly.

We liked the use of vitamin E alongside shea butter and aloe vera. This combination deeply nourishes the skin and leaves it well protected. This product is ideal if you suffer from sore underarm skin, and don’t want an overpowering scent to your deodorant.

22. Hawthorne | Stain-Free Deodorant

(Hawthorne) | Stain-Free Deodorant

This natural deodorant from Hawthorne looks super sleek and offers odor prevention that won’t stain your clothes. It is entirely aluminum-free and goes on clear. The scent of mint and eucalyptus is fresh and clean, making this product ideal for mornings.

We appreciated the inclusion of soothing with hazel to treat inflamed underarm skin, as well as nettle, which soothes, firms, and fights blemishes. You’ll love this deodorant if you want a natural product that smells clean and looks great.

23. Art of Sport | Victory Men’s Antiperspirant & Deodorant

(Art of Sports) | Antiperspirant Victory.

This antiperspirant deodorant from Art of Sport promises all-day protection from sweat and odor. The formula relies on aluminum to reduce perspiration, paired with eucalyptus oil to fight odor-causing bacteria. Glycerin and castor oil condition and moisturize your skin.

Reviewers rave about this product’s longevity, claiming it keeps them feeling fresh all day and smelling great. Apart from this Cool Eucalyptus version, the formula is also available in Energizing Citrus and Deep Sandalwood iterations. Art of Sport deodorants are dermatologist-tested, vegan, and carefully engineered without the use of parabens, phthalates, or talc.

24. Primally Pure | Charcoal Deodorant

(Primally Pure) | Charcoal Deodorant

This sleek deodorant stick from Primally Pure utilizes charcoal, a multifunctional natural ingredient. Activated charcoal absorbs excess moisture and is naturally antibacterial and odor-fighting.

Baking soda and kaolin clay are added to further reduce excess moisture, and battle bacteria. Zinc oxide soothes irritation. Beeswax and coconut oil condition sore skin. We liked the inclusion of peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils, which smell great, keep us cool, and fight bacteria that cause blemishes.

25. Native Deodorant

(Amazon) | Native Deodorant

Native natural deodorants have been massively popular in the USA and are slowly but surely taking over the rest of the world as well. The range of scents is incredible, and the formula is impressively effective at fighting odor.

Native deodorants are aluminum and paraben-free. The charcoal formula utilizes charcoal and baking soda to neutralize odor and fight bacteria. The scent is light and subtle, reminiscent of the ocean air with a hint of citrus.

26. Agent Nateur | Uni(sex) No. 5 Natural Deodorant

Nordstrom | Agent Nateur, Uni(sex) No. 5 Natural Deodorant

This all-natural deodorant from Agent Nateur could not look more intriguing and was a big hit with our team. Surprisingly well-priced and beautifully packaged, the deodorant inside smells just as good as it looks.

The botanical ingredients, including vetiver, Damascus rose, cedarwood and sandalwood combine to create a complex scent with woody base notes. Citrus cuts through with a tangy top note. Coconut oil and beeswax moisturize and condition the skin. Reliable baking soda combats unwanted odors.

27. Every Man Jack | Aluminum-Free Cedarwood Deodorant

(Every Man Jack) | Cedarwood Deodorant

Every Man Jack’s aluminum-free deodorant has proved unbelievably popular with reviewers and holds a full five stars after hundreds of reviews. The cedarwood scent is warm and rich, but if that doesn’t work for you there are plenty of other fragrances to choose from.

The aluminum-free deodorant is made of 99% naturally derived ingredients. Witch hazel and cotton extract soothe the skin and absorb wetness. Lichen extract fights odor-causing bacteria, while aloe vera soothes.

28. Dove Men+Care | Extra Fresh 48-Hour Antiperspirant & Deodorant

(Amazon) | Dove Men+Care, Extra Fresh 48-Hour Antiperspirant & Deodorant

Dove Men+Care is a go-to product range for many men around the world, known for being reliable and affordable. The deodorant formula is alcohol-free, so you don’t need to worry about stinging. It also contains ¼ moisturizing cream to care for delicate underarm skin.

The Extra Fresh Deodorant contains aluminum to reduce perspiration. The scent is clean and invigorating. Some reviewers felt that the newer formula was less effective and scented than older iterations.

29. Harry’s | Odor Control Deodorant

(Amazon)| Harry’s, Odor Control Deodorant

Harry’s Odor Control deodorant is packed with quality natural ingredients, as we’ve come to expect from the brand. Stone is an invigorating scent that brings together cool minerals and fresh citrus.

Charcoal absorbs excess moisture and fights bacteria. Bergamot and yuzu elevate the complex fragrance. The deodorant is formulated without parabens or other chemical additives and is ideal if you have sensitive skin.

30. Old Spice | Swagger Refillable Antiperspirant

(Target) | Old Spice, Swagger Refillable Antiperspirant

The fantastic look of Old Spice Swagger deodorant caught the eyes of many of our team. The packaging is worth investing in, as this deodorant is in fact refillable! The bright red metal canister and buccaneer-esque design bring to mind pirates and adventure.

Don’t worry though, you won’t be left smelling like a pirate, thanks to sweat-fighting aluminum. The fragrance includes subtle notes of cedarwood and lime that work well for the summer months.

31. L’Occitane | Eau des Baux pour Homme Stick Deodorant

(L’Occitane) | Eau des Baux Stick Deodorant.

Eau des Baux deodorant from L’Occitane carries a complex and masculine scent, in keeping with its attractive glass packaging. It is woody and smoky, yet hints of cypress trees keep it fresh. Free of alcohol, the deodorant uses natural ingredients to fight bacteria and keep you smelling fresh. The star component here is cypress essential oil, which is renowned for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Reviewers loved that they could use this highly effective formula without staining their shirts. Apart from this Baux scent, the French brand also offers an Eau de Cedrat iteration, which features citron essential oil for a more energizing and summery scent.

32. Method Men | Deodorant

Method Men’s deodorant is aluminum-free and comes in a range of exciting scents. Of the original scents, we were most partial to the cedar & cypress—a woody, masculine fragrance that evokes treasured camping trips out in the wild. Offering 12-hour protection, this deodorant has even picked up a host of awards from Men’s Health magazine.

Odor control is entirely plant and mineral-based. Sodium bicarbonate neutralizes odors. Tapioca starch absorbs excess moisture. We appreciated the coconut oil and sunflower seed wax, which deeply nourished our delicate underarm skin. The formula is wholly free of aluminum, phthalates, and parabens, so you can readily use this product on a daily basis.

33. Taos AER | Citrus Vetiver Extra Strength Deodorant

(Taos AER) | Citrus Vetiver Extra Strength Deodorant

This innovative stick deodorant from Taos is all-natural and even formulated without water. As a result, it glides on smoothly and immediately transforms into a soft powder formula. Essential oils are released in response to heat and exertion, so the attractive scent lasts all day. You’ll be impressed by how long this super-concentrated product lasts.

We also loved the warm and woody scent based in vetiver and lifted by citrus top notes. Taos AER takes its obligations to our planet seriously: the brand puts out only highly organic, plant-based products, and follows sustainable sourcing practices with minimal processing to reduce its carbon footprint.

34. Lululemon | Anti-Stink Black Pepper Sandalwood Deodorant

(Lululemon) | Anti-Stink Black Pepper Sandalwood Deodorant

As one of the few truly unisex options on this list, this all-natural, anti-stink deodorant from Lululemon does what it says on its attractive tin. Free of aluminum, this chemical-free formula relies upon zinc, tapioca starch, and sodium bicarbonate to neutralize odors.

Aloe vera soothes the skin, while sandalwood and black pepper give it a warm and spicy fragrance. We love that yogurt powder and prebiotics are included to fight bacteria and maintain optimum skin microbial flora. The product is available in both a 4.2 oz and a travel-friendly 2.4 oz size, you can smell fresh regardless of where life takes you.

35. Carpe | Antiperspirant Underarm Lotion

(Carpe) | Antiperspirant Underarm Lotion

Carpe’s Antiperspirant Underarm Lotion is clinically proven to reduce perspiration. The brand even offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not impressed. Created with dermatologists, this formula combines clinical and natural ingredients to help men overcome excess sweating. Clinical-strength aluminum combats sweating, while natural moisture-absorbing powders increase the efficacy of this formula.

This product is ideal for guys who have tried other deodorants for men and still feel that they would like to stay drier.

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