I’m a Walmart super shopper – my hidden clearance hack will help you get more than half price off beauty products


A WALMART super shopper has shared a hidden clearance hack to help you get more than half price off beauty products.

TikToker Mike Lorenzo, who posts under the handle @lorenzofamilydeals, said he was “risking it all” taking his family into his local Walmart to find the hidden deals in a recent video.

Mike Lorenzo shared the Walmart hack in a recent TikTok


Mike Lorenzo shared the Walmart hack in a recent TikTokCredit: TikTok/@lorenzofamilydeals
Mike scanned multiple clearance items using the Walmart app


Mike scanned multiple clearance items using the Walmart appCredit: TikTok/@lorenzofamilydeals

“Check out the deals. We found at Walmart today using only the free Walmart app,” Mike captioned his video.

“All these prices are incorrect,” Mike said in the video, pointing to a bunch of products in the Clearance section.

He picked up one item, a Phillips brand shaver, that had a price tag of $59.96.

But when he scanned the bar code with his Walmart app, the product was actually only $35.98.

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Another product, a Phillips brand face and head groomer, was tagged as being $27.96 on clearance.

However, when Mike scanned the bar code in the app, it rang up as $13.98.

A third product, a Braun brand trimmer, was labeled as being $20.23 on clearance.

But in the app, the trimmer came up as only $12.48.

Mike then pulled a Gillette brand styler from clearance for $25.77.

When scanned in the Walmart app, the product is only $14.98.

Mike’s video revealing the Walmart app hack has been viewed more than 11,000 times.

Some commenters were supportive of Mike sharing his app hack.

“Great deals!,” one person said.

Others were shocked to see prices that low.

“Some of those razors are really cheap. Lots of clearance In cosmetics but nothing that low yet. Cover girl and NYX and Maybelline so far,” another person wrote.

“I swear my Walmart doesn’t have anything marked down AT ALL they can’t even get stuff on the shelf,” someone else said.

At the end of his video, Mike pointed out an in-store scanner, which many viewers noticed.

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“You guys still have the price checkers? All of the Walmarts in our area took out the in store price checkers almost 2 Years ago!,” one person said.

“You’re about to make us all so jealous you still have a scanner,” another wrote.

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