Best Valentine’s Day gifts for her 2023: Gift ideas for women


Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Cookware, jewelry and more

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Valentine’s Day is a day for chocolates, Hallmark cards, romance and paying surge prices at packed restaurants. Instead of braving the storm in crowded eateries why not spend the scratch you would on reservations on a flashy gift? Even if she insists she doesn’t want a gift, nothing hits quite like a happy surprise. 

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Below are 20 of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her of 2023, including the popular Kate Spade initial pendant necklace, our experts’ favorite bath bombs and the coziest Ugg slippers. Also, please note that if something needs to ship, order it sooner rather than later, as shipping times may be delayed.

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More gifts for her50 best gift ideas for women in 2023

1. Le Creuset L’Amour soup pot 

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Le Creuset L'Amour soup pot

Le Creuset cookware is a fantastic gift for any holiday, but this pot is perfect for the holiday synonymous with romance. The charming design blends a heart pattern on the outside of the pot with a signature gold handle on its lid. It’s an absolute stovetop workhorse and unlike lesser pots it’s designed to last for decades.

$275 at Amazon

2. Blue Nile jewelry

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Blue Nile jewelry

Blue Nile makes some of the most imaginative and ethical jewelry on the market and there’s never been a better time to treat your special gal to a new necklace, bracelet or ring than right now. When you use coupon code VDAY at checkout, you can save up to 50% off select pieces. 

From $27 at Blue Nile

3. Eternity Rose

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Eternity Rose

Roses and romance go hand in hand but these expensive flowers die quicker than May-December relationships. That is unless it’s an Eternity Rose. These roses come in 25 different colors and are stored in a rose quartz crystal vase. If properly maintained, it should last until next Valentine’s Day. 

$159 at Venus Et Fleur

4. Sage Aroma Om

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Saje Aroma Om

People are obsessed with essential oil diffusers, and why wouldn’t they be? They transform your home with good smells and good vibes. If you’re shopping for someone who loves good smells and good vibes, bring peace and happiness into their life with our favorite oil diffuser. We tested the most popular models and found the Sage Aroma Om to be the best thanks to its powerful performance and soothing scents.

$98 at Saje

5. Dash Heart Mini Waffle Maker

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Dash Heart Waffle Maker

If you’re looking for an adorable Valentine’s Day-themed gift that will be useful year-round, look no further than Dash’s heart-shaped waffle maker. We tested the regular version of the mini waffle machine, and unless you’re looking for a more intense and bigger waffle maker, we recommend it. This is the exact same as the one we tested, but it’s shaped like a heart. It has more than 190,000 rave reviews, and it sells out quickly around the holiday, so don’t hesitate to scoop one up while you can.

$10 at Amazon

6. SOI handbag light

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: SOI handbag light

No matter how tidy your love may be, there’s a good chance that the inside of their purse is less than tidy. The SOI handbag light is an accessory made to shed light on every messy purse or backpack to find everything quickly and easily. It activates via a sensor and can even double as a bedside nightlight. 

$29 at Amazon

7. Glamor Riki Skinny Smart vanity mirror

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Glamour Riki Skinny Smart Vanity Mirror

A great vanity mirror is a priceless thing and the Glamor Riki Skinny Smart vanity mirror lives up to its name. Premium-grade LED lights provide perfect reflectivity and clarity whether its 8 a.m. or 8 p.m. Our reviewers loved the way it exceeded all expectations, making it more than worth the price. 

$225 at Amazon

8. Ivation Foot Spa

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Ivation Foot Spa

If you want to give the gift of a spa day—without the trip to an actual spa—consider the Ivation Foot Spa Massager. It’s the best foot spa we tested, and with over 3,100 rave reviews on Amazon, we aren’t the only people who are obsessed with it. The device offers a spa-like experience at home with adjustable heating and massage features, and it was one of our top-selling gifts this past holiday season.

$90 at Amazon

9. Ugg Slippers

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Ugg Scuffette II Slippers

Whether she’s always been a homebody or she’s been home more than usual this year, you can’t go wrong with the gift of slippers—especially Ugg slippers, many of which are extremely trendy right now. We tested slippers recently and the Ugg Scuffette II Slipper took the top spot for the best slipper money can buy. 

$95 at Amazon

10. S’well stainless steel water bottle

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: S’well stainless steel water bottle

The easiest way to get your daily eight glasses of water is by taking this attractive insulated bottle with you everywhere you go. The S’well stainless steel water bottle keeps water cold for up to 36 hours. Hot drinks stay hot for 18. It’s a fantastic year-round to-go bottle that makes an excellent Valentine’s Day gift for her.

$24 at Amazon

11. Eberjay Gisele Tuxedo Robe

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Eberjay Gisele Tuxedo Robe

For Valentine’s Day 2023, our favorite robe would make for a cozy gift. After testing robes at Reviewed we crowned the Eberjey Gisele Tuxedo women’s robe the best. Our testers loved everything about it—the length, how warm it was and even the material. A super soft, luxurious robe would be a welcome addition to any at-home wardrobe. 

$89+ at Amazon

12. Kate Spade Pendant Necklace

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Kate Space Pendant Necklace

If you want to give the classic Valentine’s Day gift that is jewelry without spending a fortune, this Kate Spade pendant necklace is perfect. It can be dressed up or down and is personalized with the initial of their first name displayed in the pendant. This necklace has 890 rave reviews on Nordstrom and is a top seller with our readers, so people clearly love it. Not to mention, necklaces with initials on them are very much on-trend right now.

$58 at Nordstrom

13. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer

The Revlon hair dryer brush is arguably the most popular product people bought in the last year. With 350,000 rave reviews on Amazon (yes, 350,000!), it has achieved cult status in the world of beauty products—and it’s approved by our own experts. Reviewed’s beauty editor tested it and found that it absolutely does live up to the hype. It is the ultimate gift for anyone who spends time blow-drying their hair.

$40 at Amazon

14. Minted Custom Puzzle

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Custom Puzzle

If you’re a couple that is into puzzles, consider getting creative and making your very own puzzle to complete this year for Valentine’s Day. At Minted, you can use any picture and all designs come in 12, 60, or 252 pieces. If you’re looking for more of an activity, I’d suggest the 252-piece option.

$42 at Minted

15. Dash My Pint electric ice cream maker

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Dash My Pint electric ice cream maker

Ice cream science isn’t terribly complicated and the Dash My Pint electric ice cream maker is proof positive of this. It lives in any freezer and can whip up 1.6 cups of ice cream, frozen yogurt and even cocktails in less than half an hour. This portable ice cream maker takes up almost zero space and perfect for dorm or RV kitchens where space is limited. 

$25 at Amazon

16. Nordstrom Moonlight Eco Pajamas

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Nordstrom Moonlight Eco Pajamas

Pajamas are always a great gift for people who are always treating other people and rarely buy luxurious things for themselves. Nordstrom’s Moonlight Eco Pajamas are a great option if you’re looking to treat someone to pajamas this Valentine’s Day. They come in five prints and colors and are equal parts cozy and breathable.

$75 at Nordstrom

17. Minted Photo Heart Frame

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Minted Heart Photo Frame

For the person who loves memories and hanging them on the wall, consider creating adorable custom photo art at Minted as a gift they can hang for all to see. If you fill the frame with photos of the two of you, along with other family members, it will make for a sweet and romantic gift they will truly appreciate for years to come.

$31+ at Minted

18. Cratejoy Date Night Box subscription

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Cratejoy Date Night Box subscription

If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, finding new stuff to do with your partner can be a Herculean task. Cratejoy does the heavy lifting with boxes filled with challenging and hilarious puzzles and games to solve together. Each game is built with togetherness in mind and will likely strengthen bonds and build new memories.

$25 at Cratejoy

19. Always Pan

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Always Pan

The influencer-approved kitchen item is not only stylish, but it does the job of eight pieces of cookware. It’s a frying pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan and non-stick pan, and even has a spatula and spoon rest. If you’re shopping for someone who loves to cook—especially if you love to cook together—this gadget could certainly be an enhancement to your at-home date nights in 2023.

$99 at The Place

20. Capri Blue Candles

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Capri Blue Candle

While a candle might seem like a boring gift I promise you a trendy one that doubles as home decor is not. Not only do Capri Blue candles smell amazing but they come in chic jars that look amazing in any room. For Valentine’s Day this year, you can score one of these jars in a pretty pink color if you’re really looking to be on-brand. However, they come in a variety of colors and scents, so choose wisely. 

$24 at Nordstrom

21. Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Throw Blanket

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Barefoot Dreams CozyChic blanket

The parade of comfort gifts continues, now with one of our favorite throw blankets. Throw blankets are always a great gift and especially for Valentine’s Day if they enjoy cuddling under them. Barefoot Dreams sells a CozyChic blanket that we love here at Reviewed and we believe are worth the splurge. The blankets come in trendy prints and solid colors. 

$180 at Nordstrom

22. La Mer moisturizing cream

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: La Mer moisturizing cream

La Mer is an expensive moisturizer with a cult following—and also a perfect gift if you want to ball out on someone. La Mer moisturizing cream is a longtime cult favorite, so why not spread more of it this Valentine’s Day?

$100+ at Sephora

23. Godiva Chocolatier Patisserie Dessert Truffle Flight gift box

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Godiva Chocolatier Patisserie Dessert Truffle Flight gift box

Don’t overthink it. If you absolutely can’t think of what to buy your significant other a box of chocolates is an excellent Valentine’s Day gift—provided it’s not some third-rate box bought in a panic at CVS. This Godiva Dessert Truffle gift box packs seriously luxurious truffles with flavors like chocolate lava and vanilla dulce de leche in a box that screams “I paid a good chunk of change for this.”

$20 at Amazon

24. Renpho foot massager

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Renpho foot massager

Show how much you love them by giving them a self-care gift. A foot massager makes for a great Valentine’s Day gift and it’s the perfect substitute to gifting a day at the spa. In fact, it’s better because they can use the foot massager any time they want, whether they’re sitting in their home office, relaxing on the couch or reading in a chair. We tested foot massagers at Reviewed and found the Renpho foot massager to be the best.

$130 at Amazon

25. Bath Bombs

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Bath Bombs set

Give her the gift of relaxation with a set of deliciously scented, colorful bath bombs. Of all the ones we’ve tested at Reviewed, we found these from Amazon to be the best. They’re fragrant without being overly so, and are made with natural ingredients. Even better? They’ll moisturize your giftee’s skin while they soak.

$29 at Amazon

26. Bouqs Flower Subscription

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Bouqs flower subscription

If you want to go the traditional gift route this Valentine’s Day with a twist, consider a flower subscription service this year. If the person you’re shopping for loves having fresh flowers at home, this gift is a bit more thoughtful than a one-time bouquet you picked up at a local grocery store. They’ll get beautiful blooms—from red roses to whimsical wildflowers—delivered right to their doorstep throughout the year.

$44+ at Bouqs

27. A plant from The Sill

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: The Sill plants

Plant parents could always use another pot of something to take care of. If you’re not keen on going to a florist to find the perfect plant, let us introduce you to The Sill, an online shop where you can purchase live plants and faux plants. If you’re shopping for someone who loves greenery, a plant from The Sill would make a great gift, whether they have a green thumb or not. One of our experts reviewed the service and loved it. 

$30+ at The Sill

28. Alaska Bear silk pillowcase

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Alaska Bear silk pillowcase

A better night’s sleep is one of the best gifts you can give someone by gifting them a luxurious Alaska Bear silk pillowcase. This pillowcase is both user-friendly and affordable which is why our reviewers rank it among the best silk pillowcases available right now. It’s also available in 28 different colors to match any bedding set.

$26 at Amazon

29. Nordic Ware Floral Heart Bundt Pan and Devils Food cake mix

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Nordic Ware Floral Heart Bundt Pan

Nothing says “I love you” like a heart-shaped cake. The Nordic Ware Floral Heart Bundt pan makes charming and ornate desserts. Its non-stick coating ensures that cakes slide out easily with minimal cleanup. This pan comes with a box of Devil’s Food cake mix so it can be used seconds after unwrapping. 

$60 at WilliamsSonoma

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